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  • iniyavalsree 52w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Vast

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    Eyes with tears.

  • iniyavalsree 53w

    என் காதல் ஓர் கொண்டாட்டம் ❤️

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    என் தங்கமே...... 

    இந்த வின்வுலகமே அசந்து பார்க்கும் இந்த அழகிமேல என் மூச்சு காத்துக்கூட படாத தூரத்துல நான் நிற்க. கண்டிப்பா ஒரு நாள் காடு, மலை, மேடு தாண்டி வந்து உன்ன சந்திப்பேன், உன்ன பாக்ர அந்த நொடி உன்ன அல்லி அனச்சு மௌனத்தால முத்தமிட சொல்லி என் இதயம் தத்தளிக்கும், ஆனாலும் நிதானமா உன்ன ஒரு கப் காபிக்கு அழைக்கும் என் உதடு. பரபரப்பான சூழ்நிலையில் கூட  பிழை செய்ய எங்கும் என் இதயம். யாருக்கும் தூரா இந்த மரம் , உன் விழியில கைதியாக, சில மணி நேரம் மௌனத்தால நிரப்ப, கப்பு முழுக்க சூடான காபி வந்தவுடனே, உன் இதழ் மெதுவா அந்த கப்ப வருட , அந்த காபி போதையில் களவு போவேனடி.... 

  • iniyavalsree 55w

    என் காதல் ஒர் கொண்டாட்டம் ❤️❤️❤️

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  • iniyavalsree 58w

    Juggling between the classic & modern attires��, we find it hard to wider our perspective towards our life. The main crux of being educated �� is the power to behold the contemporary thoughts.
    The nub of the problem lies elsewhere , being intellectual & beholding contemporary thoughts has nothing to do with our education, It lies in the ability of processing our thoughts, analysing the issue , implementing the driven knowledge & bringing out insightful solutions. Knowledge is power�� having been said breaking down the preconceived thoughts & widering the perspectives towards life is the real essence of 14 years of basic education.
    Being ignorant reduces the power of acceptance. Being constructive towards our perspective helps to wider our thoughts. Knowing A-Z of life is much more important than knowing A-Z of a language.

    Before leading a perfect classic life....
    question yourself.... ❓❓❓❓
    make mistakes .... ❌❌❌
    unlearn the lessons.....��️��️��️
    bash your fears .... ������
    focus on growing ....������
    relearn the ways to process thoughts... ✨✨✨

    If in case you possess different perspective towards life donot feel hard on yourself , assure yourself that you are different & it's absolutely okay������. Breaking the preconceived myths & expanding your boundries is the real victory������ of the education you accquired.


    #modernthoughts #contemporary #art #life #world #dream #thoughts #action #grow #knowledge #education #wealth

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    Unleash your modern thoughts

  • iniyavalsree 61w


    When my inner heart tears,
    My external eyes bleed.....

  • iniyavalsree 84w

    The most overrated word
    The most underrated emotion.

  • iniyavalsree 88w

    இரு புருவத்தின் வெறுமை தீர்க்கும் சிவப்பு பொட்டு

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    சிவப்பு சாந்து

    அவள் வெறுமையின் துணையோ நீ

  • iniyavalsree 89w

    Everyone out here long for a simple validation for the tireless efforts we make, for the art form we perform, for the hard work we put in, for the continuous persistence we follow, for being kind to others, for being compassionate with every creature, for giving a helping hand, for supporting people, for giving shoulders to lean on, for being there at needs, & so on.
    All we wish for is a simple appreciation for our work.

    Here I am sending you all the validations or appreciations you have ever longed for������.
    Before receiving mine.....
    Just think
    Why don't we validate ourselves???
    Aren't we the first priority to ourselves????

    From taking first baby steps, we witnessed our growth. We faced downfalls with hope, we passed our hectic days with a smile, we crossed every hardships with strength, even at the event of having zero energy to move forward we still headed towards it. We knew the long travel we have crossed. Having been known every fact why don't we validate ourselves?

    We are never the same as yesterday, today we are the best version of ourselves. Let's focus on the better version of ourselves with the perfect validation for the heights we have reached.
    We are worthy of being validated.

    Here I validate myself for the strength I have endured to put myself in this large crowd.
    I am worthy of living ❤️.

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    Self validation

  • iniyavalsree 89w

    Who else love watching films in company with yourself ????.....

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    I miss
    Being in the theatere
    On a solo date
    With best cappuccino
    & a flavoured popcorn.....