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  • infinitely 190w

    "We've got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to action. That's who we really are. "
    ~Sirius Black

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    It takes a lot more than courage to accept that you had been a terrible person at some point in your life.
    All that matters is that you accept it and create a positive change in your life.
    For there is both good and bad in a person.

  • infinitely 190w

    Which is worse?
    Finding the right person at the wrong time
    Finding the wrong person at the right time

  • infinitely 193w

    Photograph - by Ed Sheeran

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    Photograph ~ Ed Sheeran

    I swear it will get easier
    Remember that with every piece of you

  • infinitely 198w

    Cheers to memories!
    Cheers to the good ol' times!
    Cheers to the future us!
    Cheers to the present being , putting back things to its place!

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    I don't know if I'm living in my dreams
    But it's okay , as I'm able to let go
    Of the past which haunted me
    Now it seems like I'm living a new life
    Fresh start and things back on track
    After a span of two years
    Sometimes you just need to talk and get things cleared
    These small things could make you breathe with ease
    When it ached every time you think about it
    Life goes on
    We gotta move on
    Moving on doesn't means forgetting
    As forgetting means erasing the moments which made you smile and which had its own life
    Rather moving on is accepting things what they are
    And just the simple act of accepting and pulling ourselves together
    And get back to our life
    Smile , cheers to the memories

  • infinitely 205w

    Talking to you makes me super happy!

  • infinitely 208w

    Cause I like this one

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    A man of mystery, wit and talent, whose wit and talent are exceeded only by his mystery.

  • infinitely 214w

    I swear I wanted that journey with you to go on and never end.

  • infinitely 214w

    We all have that person :
    "I wish I had met you first."

  • infinitely 225w

    " You are beautiful "

    ~ One of the best things my sister
    had told me and I'd told her.

  • infinitely 228w

    When you are numb ,
    It's your passion
    For your goals ,
    Which drives you to
    Accomplish your Dreams.