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  • infinitae 17w

    You can keep your opinions to yourself

    If you believe that my appearance or parts of my appearance, such as body hair, skin tone, body shape and size, define who I am or who I can be as a person....then I genuinely don't think your opinions are valid enough for me to take into consideration. Thank you.

  • infinitae 44w

    We are not seven with you...

  • infinitae 44w

    Dear Bangtan...

    Happy Seventh Birthday....Today, I want to sincerely thank you for every drop of blood, sweat and tears that each one of you shed to make our lives better...I wasn't there since the beginning and I've only known the seven of you for two years...but I can guarantee that all of you have changed my life more than people that were there with me ever since I was born.
    Without BTS, I wouldn't exist...sounds like exaggeration, but if you think more deeply, it's true...

    BTS made me who I am today...they taught me to love and to cherish...they taught me that it's okay to fall as long as you get back up...I went from always being disappointed at the person looking back at me from the mirror to loving myself with no boundaries only because of BTS...So when I say that I wouldn't exist without them, I mean it....because the 'me' from today, the person that wrote this wouldn't ever be the same without them

    Being an Army was truly one of the best decisions I made....2 years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me that a group of seven people would become one of my biggest reasons to smile everyday..but now I don't even want to know what life is like without them

    Thank you for everything....I was physically alive before I met BTS...but it was only when I met you that I learned how to actually was only then that I opened my eyes and realized that I was never alone...thank you for being my everything and giving me the strength to fight today for a better tomorrow..

    I hope that the seven of you will always be together and this bond between Army and BTS will never break

    My biggest promise in life is that I'll be there till the end...
    Even when the cheers can't be heard no more, even when the seven of you step down from the stage, even when you bid your final goodbyes and leave to lead a normal life...I'll be there, reminiscing the good times and loving you with all my heart until my last breath on this planet.

    "Behind the faint smile that looked at me
    I will draw a beautiful purple shade
    We may not be on the same page
    But I want to walk this path with you
    Still with you"

    I purple you 사랑해요 ❤


  • infinitae 45w

    Oh, it's nothing..

    "Why are you crying? Any problems?"
    "Oh, it's nothing"
    "Okay then..."

    I hoped you would at least try to understand what I meant by 'nothing'....

    Negativity in the form of
    Terrifying, often destructive
    Heart aching
    Ideas and thoughts that
    No one will ever know is
    Gathering in my head, tearing me apart

  • infinitae 46w

    The Past

    Sometimes your scars narrate your past.

  • infinitae 49w

    Hard to lose

    True friends are definitely hard to find, but they are just as hard to lose too...

  • infinitae 49w


    One day we'll all turn into memories in the corner of someone's mind, so make sure that it is a good one....

  • infinitae 49w


    No matter what you do or say, there will always be at least one person that points out your flaws...So if you change yourself in order to please others, you will waste your entire life trying to conceal your imperfections...
    You can never satisfy everyone...and remember that just like the haters, there will always be at least one person that loves you no matter what...

  • infinitae 49w


    Forgive those who hurt you but don't always forget what they did....because sometimes those memories are the only reminders of what happens when you trust the wrong person.

  • infinitae 49w

    Second chances

    You want a second chance?
    Oh, but I don't have a second heart for you to break again...