Are you a human or are you just your gender.

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  • indheevar 16w

    You wanted to rule my heart
    Wearing an ivory crown
    Carved out of my bones
    So you just kissed my ribs
    And told me you love cages

    You dipped your hands in my tears
    Hoped you could paint with them
    You thought lilies and melancholies
    Would bloom together
    Hugging themselves
    as an inflorescence

    You put metaphors under my eyelid
    When I dreamt of you
    You were fluid in the dreams
    And when I woke
    You dripped from every pore
    Of my soul

    You were diluted darkness
    Aqua tofana in a vial
    And all you had to do
    Was kiss my ribs.


    FOR YOU ��

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  • indheevar 17w

    "Boys will be boys" is a popular saying which encourages the Rape culture. It normalises injustice and supports Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Feminity. Victims are created throughout the globe just because people normalise the saying.

    (Rape culture is a sociological theory of a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.
    Toxic masculinity refers to traditional cultural masculine norms that can be harmful to men, women, and society overall.
    Toxic femininity refers to the gender expectations that keep women subservient, quiet, and submissive to men's domination and aggression.)
    {These words or definitions doesn't belong to me }

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    #toxicmasculinity #rapeculture #boyswillbeboys #ceesreposts
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    "Boys will be Boys"

    They taped my tearglands
    And Called me a man
    Taught me to catcall
    And told its a part of it all
    Told I was a boy
    And could make a girl cry
    And all along the way
    They chorused the anthem
    "Boys will be boys"

    Boys were puppets
    In their dirty little hands,
    orphaned puppies
    Who were trained
    Only to bite
    Boys were not just "boys"
    But they never cared
    Boys were humans
    Before you put them
    In chains.

    Thank you very much @miraquill for the EC

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  • indheevar 19w


    They break our hearts
    in the most subtle ways
    When they arch their eyebrows
    Without believing our truths
    Or by not smiling at us
    Like they used to,
    Sometimes they lure with a smile,
    and leave you alone.
    Amidst Sorrow;
    They are like cyclones,
    Taking Our every emotion
    And leaving us so vacant,
    But even when I think vacant of me;
    I can feel the Ocean Inside me;
    And that is how I survive people.

    #heal #wod #Torimodosu #ceesreposts #pod
    #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork #howtosurvivepeople

    Lots of love @writersnetwork for the repost ❤️

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  • indheevar 20w

    #humanity #pod #miraquill @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

    Are you a human or are you just your gender?

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    Just always remember what you are. Are you a human or are you just your gender.Because humanity can never be defined by gender.If you get a chance to become anyone, become a human. The better part is that you don't need banners of -isms to make you a human. You are just like everybody, you are an equal, not above or below anybody. And you don't need to prove it to anybody. If you are a man or a woman or any other gender, it really doesn't matter, if you are a human, well that does matter.

  • indheevar 25w

    Whenever I meet new people
    I see the occasion as
    One human meeting the other
    And that is where
    Everything goes wrong.
    Because people often
    Makes it a point to assert
    their age or gender.

  • indheevar 41w

    Let me have a peek
    At your event horizon
    Let the dilemma
    Take over me
    Whether to fall for you
    Or not...
    Stars fall for you,
    A part of me want too,
    But love,
    I am a black hole too..
    A void left by a star
    An absense of a once lived star,
    And the last time
    I checked,
    Blackholes don't take mates,
    What a forbidden love..


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    We are just two blackholes in love,
    Two voids left by once lived stars

  • indheevar 45w

    #personification #house #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

    He is in his middle ages. Wrinkled and weathered at some corners but still strong and healthy. When all of us are present, I could feel his proud laugh and joy. He would held his head high and protect our smiles, and laugh with our silliest jokes. He would even have a way with our dog. I always knew they were going to be best buddies. Not only the dog, all our pets and plants, he loves them as he loves us. I have seen many a times how the plants and pets caress his walls and pillars. He would pet them and listem to them as he would do to us. He would be the only listener at 3 am's, when you need to cry over some truths and lies, he would let you curl in his corner and hug you with his walls. And when every one of us have to leave him, he waits for us.... only for us, along with our pets and plants. I know what they do at those times, they talk about us.. about how to make us happy and how to make us alive.

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    He always waits for us..

  • indheevar 45w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Family

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    Knowing the person by their footfall.

  • indheevar 47w

    I existed
    Long before I was born
    In the cerulean fires
    coiling your soul
    We merged as one
    By the shores of
    The dusky sun
    And I could see your
    coppery lashes
    Claiming the last fragments
    of my soul
    We bloomed and burnt
    And were moulded by fate
    As clay would do
    And we were
    always one

  • indheevar 50w

    #pod #writersnetwork

    I move like a snake
    Sticking to the darkness,
    Without letting the toxicity of people
    Move near me,
    I move around guarding my poison,
    Moulting wounds in the dark;
    I sense through the skin,
    and speak through the eyes
    I hope people don't mind me,
    Dancing in the dark corners
    For the dark belongs to me,
    And I belong to the dark.

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