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  • inara__ 15w

    Shaking a leg, you hatched.
    Pearly smiles covered their teary delight.
    Raptures of flowers bloomed in their garden.
    Impeccable nexus turned idyllic.
    Nifty junctures became protuberant.
    Giggles and grins were only heard around.

    Sojourner of shrewd toddler to a novice juvenile you became.
    Ubiquitous you flattered in a while.
    Merrinent encrusted your tan,
    Mirth became your favorite pill.
    Eagerness to grow up was all you wanted, With
    Radiant and rakish sunshine beside.

    Altering your happiness, adult you became.
    Unbidden responsibilities knocked your door.
    Time left your home in slighter interval.
    Unnatural swaping of esteem took palce,
    Mincing the jouissance, crops you mowed.
    Naive vexations ruled your head.

    Wearing snowflakes at your head, carrying burden of dreams
    In your flimsy and frothy heart.
    Next day you became decrepit and suddenly
    Taboo on puerile fantasies cropped up.
    Etched with all the memories and reminiscences, there you laid
    Right in front of your frame with a garland you made.

    There is a close corrrespondence between the seasons and the stages of life from birth to death. In this sense, Spring represents birth while summer represents youth, autumn adulthood and winter old age and death.
    Source: google.

    Another piece of

    #acrostic #cees_soj_chall

    @poeticgirl here you go with a 5(-2) petal leaf. Sorry.

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  • inara__ 15w

    Below is an oddquain butterfly with some literary rules mentioned in @sangfroid_soul 's latest post, under #sang_chahxd (not right now xddd)

    The poem is then followed by a concrete and then an acrostic. Idk what is this. SERIOUSLY. DK.

    2:59 AM.

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    Christ walked on
    water , transmuted
    the dulcet liquid, rich wine.
    Like the water vindicates
    your immaculate
    and unsullied


    tiny d
    riblets in
    the form of
    sweat , repres
    ent y o u r assi
    duous quintessence.
    "from the sweat of yo
    ur brow you shall eat b
    read",said the almighty
    to connote the reperc
    ussion of sturdy


    Transient salty drops descend from the curves.
    Erodes the grime from one's eye with the mind.
    Abstruse droplets get disguised by a hoax smile.
    Reduces the emotional turmoil and wreak havoc.
    Slowly ebb from the dermis and again displace with
    a tickled pink smile.


  • inara__ 16w

    @my_cup_of_poetry Here you go!
    And sorry, a bit busy schedule so couldn't write something good��
    Anyway, thank you so much :")


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    ~Untamed firedrake~

    With a Pyrrhic victory, you defeated the beast with occult brawn.
    Even if it's conked out, its holocaust jeopardizes your purrs.

    You stifled the guardian to attain the treasure tove
    but at the end, you'll get maledictions of the sacred avifauna.

    The totem has pledges with the depths of unmapped seas and the heights of mountaintops and clouds.
    As it is the incarnation of mayhem and brutish evil, the custodian of life.

    The talismanic blood can clinch ethical fortuity, vigour and mozzle and can foist chronic gashes when munitions dipped.

  • inara__ 16w

    Ophelia is a painting by British artist Sir John Everett Millais, completed in 1851 and 1852 and in the collection of Tate Britain in London. It depicts Ophelia, a character from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, singing before she drowns in a river in Denmark.
    Source: Google.


    Thank you for the repost, WN.
    4th one. Hehe(._.)

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    Oppulent occidental geezer hobnobed
    obscured abstractions with august facade,
    objectified his perceptions and unsheathed the
    overt brush on vellum. The depiction
    overlaid the eye of beholder in reverence. The
    oblong strokes portrayed ancestral paragons or martyrs with
    odorous motifs of burgeoning and perishing biota.

  • inara__ 16w

    “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”
    Source: Google.

    Another piece of-
    TsjxbejakajedhdbesRASH :3

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    ~Fo(u)r Givings~

    The Tithe

    He vouchsafed you the whole nine yards,
    you are at loss giving one tenth to him without any regards?

    The Offerings

    "The more seeds you drill, the more plants you reap",
    Don't you think the fount of your aliment, you should recur it without any threap?

    The First Fruits

    You share your happiness in distinct guises with your beloved ones afar.
    Isn't it your onus to serve him first? Just to prevent any portant scar.

    The Alm s

    Leave three of them aside. Will you even shower clemency on the indigent artists?
    Even an iota of fortunes you have can bring rapture in penurious's doleful lists.


  • inara__ 16w

    Last night I visited your tombstone, my arcane latibule, with a nosegay of white lilacs. The same white lilacs you made garlands for me with your gentle tips. And embellished my cranium, just like a king surmounts his princess with a crown. But yesterday, the tree we sowed, the last token of your love, was lacerated along with our reminiscences. They dwindled and faded, just like your presence. They tried to outdo our velleities. Teardrops toppled from my eyes and dewdrops from the flowers, forging piquant tarns. Your orenda was a miracle for my cordolium. However, without you my sins and vices are turning wise inchmeal. They are trying to gulp this Minerva. But you can't sell dreams to someone who has walked through nightmares. So, at last, I just look upto the stars, shut my eyes and wish for your soul to live blithely in the the Elysian Fields.

    @jerry_21 @raika_ Thank you, guys!

    4.00 AM,
    Perfect time to post a tombstone. xD

    Ps. A line in between is from a prompt. NOT WRITTEN BY ME.

    #treec #sinc #tombstonec #dewdrops

    Thank you, for the repost WB!(._.)

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    ~ Solus Velleity~

    last night I visi
    ted y o u r tombstone,
    my arcane latibule, with a
    nosegay o f white lilacs. the
    same white lilacs you made ga
    rlands for me with your gentle ti
    ps. and embellished my cranium,
    just like a king surmounts his princ
    ess with a crown. but yesterday, the
    tree we sowed, the last token of you
    r love, was lacerated along with our
    our reminiscences. they dwindled and
    faded, just like your presence. they tri
    ed to outdo our velleities. teardrops to
    ppled from my eyes and dewdrops fro
    m t h e flowers, forging piquant tarns.
    your orenda was a miracle for my cord
    olium. however, without you, my sins and
    vices a r e turning wise inchmeal. they a r e trying
    to gulp this Minerva. but you can't sell d r e a m s to
    someone who has walked through nightmares. so,at
    last, I just look upto the s t a r s, shut my eyes and wi
    sh for your s o u l to live blithely in the Elysian Fields.


  • inara__ 16w

    So much into playing with syllables today. Hehe. Sorry.

    @sangfroid_soul @poeticgirl ♡♡


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    v i o l e t s
    embrace you with
    profuse ardour and escort you with glee.

    i n d i g o s
    reflect savvy
    in sanctities with your equity.

    calm and
    sangfroid b l u e s
    clinch arrant strength
    with a tinge of grasp and allegiance.

    and hale g r e e n s
    bring radiant
    renewal to your envious conduct.

    y e l l o w s clasp
    aptitudes and cataplut your spinelessness.

    o r a n g e s lave
    your enthusiasm
    with the fascinating determination.

    r e d ' s rich rage
    brawl with your seethe and win with fervour.


  • inara__ 16w

    Thank you for the repost, WN.
    Third one, hehe(._.)


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  • inara__ 17w

    Used both of your lines and wrote some- TsjebxsbsbwoabvzbdrRASH.

    Eh! Thank you.
    @wallfl0wer @jerry_21


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    ~A Vagabond Paradox~

    Walking on the vacant road
    solely, I looked up,
    up at the sky,
    the night sky looked like
    tapestry of diamonds,
    fireflies all around,
    It felt like selcouth heaven.
    A deemed opulent urge to
    screech out every abstraction
    in the ether transpired.
    But what if anyone
    heard my secrets?
    What if they tried to
    ascertain my hassles?
    Even my timid shadow
    was enough to petrify the vivacity.
    I clammed up to the demurred night skies,
    and went to my abode.
    Abode which was just
    having a-bod that was,
    solivagant me.
    After disguising the sleep,
    I went to the arms of dawn.
    The melancholic aurora implored me
    to whisper the skeleton in the closet.
    But my psyche knew,
    you live in a world in which
    you can buy bottled emotions.
    So again, I just clammed up
    with the morn sky and continued
    strolling like a lone wolf.
    Cause what if the living corpses
    cast an evil sight at my
    dead fortes?

  • inara__ 17w

    “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

    A rant, bleh. ��

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    ~Perfectly Imperfect~

    Carrying the farcical smile,
    walking in pessimistic quarters,
    Miles of question marks surround your intellect. No?
    Your mind craves for gratification
    and perfection. Ain't it?
    Do you find anything perfect?
    Do you find tranquillity? No?
    Cause anything as such doesn't even exists.
    Are you perfect? You can be the best but "perfect"?
    No, not in grades, looks or race.
    Are you a perfect human with humanity? Eh
    Oh wait. Are you even perfect at your sins?