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  • inamoratos_voice 7w


    I want to fly high
    Like all of them,
    Touching the blue sky
    And reach HIS realm.

    But life isn't fair to me
    As I can't touch the skies
    These wings of glory
    Are nothing but lies.

    I live like slaves
    Without any personal will
    Do what my owner says
    His orders are what I fulfill.

    But one day I'll surely fly
    With my wings wide open
    And for that I need to die
    As in this life I'm already broken.


  • inamoratos_voice 7w

    Sometimes I Ask My Heart

    Sometimes I ask my heart:
    Why do you fall in love?
    Even after getting so hurt,
    Why do you fall in love?

    Why do you fall in love,
    With people who doesn't care?
    Wasn't the last time enough,
    For unendurable pain you bear?

    Why do you fall in love,
    With selfish, greed and lust?
    Does it make you tough?
    Or just it makes you lost?

    I have a plea for you:
    Please hurl out this serum of love
    Cast out these feelings and bid adieu
    To all the addictions you shove.


  • inamoratos_voice 9w

    Try to get lost
    In the melodious evening,
    Coz it's priceless
    And can get you leaning.


  • inamoratos_voice 12w


    Life is a journey
    Where everybody needs to walk alone,
    As the people you'll meet here
    Have a journey of their own

    This journey isn't easy
    As it is the supreme of all,
    You'll need to face a lot
    And there isn't a second chance at all

    You'll meet many people
    Throughout this journey of life,
    But they'll stay for a certain span
    And leave the moment you strife

    The struggles here are different
    With different ups and downs,
    So stop comparing with others
    As they have different backgrounds

    Life is a journey
    Where everybody needs to walk alone,
    You can enjoy this a lot
    Just learn to enjoy the company of your own.


  • inamoratos_voice 12w


    The morning became alluring
    When that heavenly smile
    Popped up on my Insta feed
    And made me think of it
    For the rest of my day.
    What an exquisite smile it was.
    It was like a sudden beam of light
    Illuminating the darkest corners
    Of my room.
    There was innocence in it
    Just like a child
    Playing carelessly,
    Free from the bondages
    Of this cruel world.
    It was so tender and warm
    That has the potential
    To heal all the maladies
    Of this world.
    And was so radiant
    That will make you shine
    Just like it did to me.
    What a wonderful smile that was.