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  • inablink 4h


    Drinking a sip from the glass
    I felt like I was walking on the grass
    The sunshine of summer made me warmer
    The beach was full of people with smiles and dimples
    The beauty of nature is far when we look
    But when we feel we get hook
    Another sip took me Atlantic
    You know, it really feel fantastic
    Then the sunshine was so soft
    It felt that every tangled thing got sought
    Then I tried for another sip
    But my bad luck, it got empty
    Then again I was alone in the lovely Day and Night.


  • inablink 1d

    Everyone has a DarkSide in there, somewhere.


  • inablink 3d

    New Day

    I woke up with the sunshine
    For a new day in my life

    Forgot about the world who scold
    Same as the nightmares that fades every single time

    There were possibilities that can put me down
    But I had to fight, However hard that sounds

    I Dared to keep every step ahead
    To tell the world that they have chosen the wrong bait

    They'll have to suffer for their doings
    There means will now have to pay

    They can forget me, But I won't forgive them
    Because I am the damn nightmare whom they'll have to handle


  • inablink 5d

    I am Me

    I am the Light
    I am the Darkness
    I am the War
    I am the Peace
    I am the Partner
    I am the Betrayer
    I am the Pawn
    I am the Queen
    I am Yours
    I am Mine
    You don't know
    'Cause I am Me

  • inablink 2w


    There lies a Ghost within us
    Powering evil and feeding on good
    Suck you like a leech
    And leave you with bare scars
    Nothing you can do, until you run far

    You'll be left with regret
    And the Ghost doing devil laugh
    Worthless intentions, you idly perfect
    Just some devilish joy on his behalf?

    The irony is
    We all fall for it.


  • inablink 2w

    I fell for you really hard
    Even in my dream or in my mind
    I hoped you to be standing there to catch me
    But my unspoken words never reached your heart

  • inablink 3w

    Sometimes it hurts but the tears are Invisible

  • inablink 3w


    Devil but beautiful
    Hidden secrets, strangely magnanimous
    Poisonous, bewitched, unconscious
    Lost in sparkle and glamour
    Pretty decent fragrance
    The wooden structure,
    Many chemicals, antidotes, herbs
    Green valley, waterfall, flowers
    Falling tears, watching paradise
    The door, curiosity to open
    Dazzling and pleasant to mind
    A little of heaven, A little of hell
    A drop to fly above the Sky.


  • inablink 7w

    Sometimes boundaries suffocate you till the end where you just want everything to End

  • inablink 7w

    Don't fall for someone who's beautiful
    Fall for someone who makes you beautiful