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  • imquerencia 9w

    As I open the window in my left side
    The splash of the flashlight appeared
    The rain poured heavily
    I feel like heaven send their grief with me.

    Sounds of sea waves are literally calling me
    As the thunderstorm welcoming of my arrival
    I saw a bird flying on the sky
    They are singing my victory

    Do you think it is Ironic?
    That It's called victory when my death comes
    No, because I waited it fo so long
    Now I'm gone, my shadow will follow

  • imquerencia 9w

    In case I die

    My love, In case I die tonight
    Put my lifeless body in the graveyard
    Let me hug you as my last goodbye
    And kiss you through the wind.

  • imquerencia 9w

    Deep cut of my Soul

    Oh I am here silently drowning
    Listen to my heart it's screaming
    I can feel the pain on my soul
    The wound is deep like a hole in an ocean

    Mind, body and soul, I beg you to be strong
    One last try, please lets hold on
    Let me breath for I bit before I fix you all
    Together, we will end this sorrowful.


  • imquerencia 10w

    My love

    If someday your love for me will fade away
    I hope you tell me and do not lie
    You tell me the reason why
    And I will not force you to stay.

    Even if I love you
    I promise that I will not hold unto you
    Because love is not by holding on
    But it is by letting the one you dearly love.

    Memories of us will stay
    I wish you love and happiness everyday
    My love, if I forget you one day
    Forgive me, but it is what I prayed.

  • imquerencia 11w

    I felt betrayed!

  • imquerencia 11w

    Silently I was crying
    Drowning with my own tears
    My heart is bursting
    Am I gonna explode because of loving?

  • imquerencia 11w

    You told me that you don't care about her
    But why I am not happy to hear?
    Is it because you lied to me?
    Or maybe she's still in to you , dear.

  • imquerencia 11w

    When You Cheat

    Boys, remember that when you cheat to your woman the very first question that they ask is "Am I not enough?"

  • imquerencia 71w

    When you wish you could cry to release some of the deep sadness you’re feeling but you are actually completely numb and incapable of forming tears so you just have to sit and wait for the feeling to pass without feeling any release or comfort whatsoever.


  • imquerencia 72w


    I saw a woman with a peerless beauty
    Unique, peculiar woman who causes my ecstasy
    Remembering your face and your name is uneasy
    I cant hold myself anymore, it driven me crazy

    With the mix of excited and nervous face
    Finally, I am here, meeting my grace
    Her look make me melt on this place
    I kept looking at her, Yes! Im amaze.

    It took me a long time to stare
    Until a brave man came, offered you a life to share
    Its makes me jealous, so I force him and dare
    He accepted it, now you're the prize of this game.

    It's hard to fight fair knowing that you are the prize
    I'll do everything for you my love and I apologise
    I will show you that this man you choose is unwise
    I gonna win this challenge and bring you to paradise.

    This is the life I choose
    Im willing to die, cause I don't want you to be lost
    I know you dont want this game because it worst
    I love you my sunshine , first and foremost.