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  • immense 35w


    You don't realise how much egoistic you are until you gradually start disowning everything and anything about yourself including the sense of you being of some importance in this scheme of things around you. The ego ends, and oneness instantly comes. Either you are one or you are whole universe.

  • immense 36w


    आत्मा के किन्ही भी दो शब्दो के बीच विरोधाभास नहीँ होता।

  • immense 36w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Strange

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    Life exists but it's invisible

  • immense 37w

    Life is about blast of energy which ends up into fulfillment of desires for the time being or may be for forever. Energy made itself possible for you to make a blast of it. Do you understand the fact that you have been given both desires and energy; or that desires and energy were made to be available for you? So you imported both desires and energy and yet you fight for it! That's why universe wants you to calm down. And advice peace. Listen to it.

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    Blast of energy.


  • immense 53w

    Music of life

    It's out there everywhere. Don't rush but rather go slow so that you can feel it. It's your only chance to do so. And, keep in mind, life without it is worthless.

  • immense 53w

    Why we have to be grateful to nature!

    Talking about the nature which is our originator, we have all the reasons to thank her and not a single reason to resent her! She is most Amazing ever we humans would ever know. She gave you everything you needed to be what you are today; and she didn't, doesn't and will not ask anything in return. Except that all she wanted, wants and would want, is that we should preserve her for own our survival!. Now answer where do we stand before her??
    Hence let's be grateful to this beautiful nature of ours. Let's preserve it together.

  • immense 58w

    The Nature.

    Nature is not a machine but a living organism. It's alive and has very smooth connection with life on earth.
    In that connection, One of the bestest attributes of the Nature is that Nature is a disguised-music-lyrics song in the night when everything around is silent and that song has echoes of a calm mind.

  • immense 58w

    Human lockdown

    Yes it's true. And then as a result of that:-
    1. birds are easily audible and visible and they galloping in the sky with joy as no pollution is there;
    2. Also trees are relaxed as lesser dust on their leaves, and also much fresher air for them making them play in sinc with nature;
    3. Sky is too clean and that makes humans behold it dearly, such a sooth feeling!;
    4. Animals are happy. They are not able to digest the fact that suddenly they are so relaxed and humans are not torturing them much!;
    5. Soil is also relaxed as most of the industries are shut and hence lesser poison for it to digest ;
    6. Stars and night sky is more beautiful as we have time to behold the sky;
    7. Somehow common humans also are less interested in harming or hurting others as fear looms in the air (religion and caste ain't making much meaning now);
    8. Etcetera..

    And, for me, personally, music is sweater, flute is dearer, mind is clearer, heart is working with better emotions, and Nature is at the door making me happy.

    I just we were wiser as a race! Think of 7 billion sane and wise Humans and more Buddhas! Amin.

  • immense 91w

    I wish I had just too much money!

    Yes I wish the above mentioned caption! Not because I love money. It's trash. But because if I had it I just would have lived my life traveling and see beautiful things in the world. Not bound by any fictional tag. Just a free bird! As you know it's a world full of non-sense fictions and they screw your life like anything. They just don't let you live! They make you even stupidier than mere animals with no brains! They make you cattle with a brain of no use!!

  • immense 95w

    Time and No-time

    Time exists for people who believe in past, present and future and, then one day they die. Rest are timeless.