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  • imladyart 29w

    Still Setting

    The Sirah sat still and thick in the stout glass. The humming of the a.c. vibrated the floor as the young lady and her cats sat still while the shadows moved closer into the room. There was no stop to the brisk air as it slowly devoured the small wooden room.

  • imladyart 29w

    When and if. One day. Yours truly.

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    Souls Collide

    The voice can change the way one thinks
    The vanity of a vibration so exquisite you call it an ultimate man or woman.
    Love and lust when they sync is immediate the only and best thing there is in existent.
    The sight of you is only as deep as our love for one another. Throbbing as our hearts collide. One day you will be mine and I’ll be call yours.


  • imladyart 50w

    Sleep is all I want. The deep rest of darkness I call for a short trip.

    The countless times I’ve sat up at night and wondered why the light shines so bright. Whether it’s the alarm clock, the tv or the little crack underneath the door that shows there is life outside of it.

    The contradiction between the needs of this life. Dangling from the back struggling to shut the front.


  • imladyart 88w

    Say it isn’t so, but I’m losing my grip.

    I must be the one that’s inflicting these fires inside my soul.

    It’s not enough to respond, so quiet as a mouse, I run back into a hole.


  • imladyart 98w

    What are we doing here?
    Rolling and feverishly running high into a distance unknown.
    “Hold my hand,” he said to me as we leaped down the wonder hole.

  • imladyart 98w

    Fading breaths and
    Lips pressed against.
    It burns in the chest.
    The anguishing of tears.


  • imladyart 101w

    Sometimes, I really want to draw
    Mostly something meaningful.
    Usually, nothing comes to mind.
    Although, I’m always thinking, like a restless mind, but the thought to what to draw is never clear...
    If only my thoughts drew and printed out on paper straight from my head, I assume I would have a lot more of my talent to be shown for.
    Until then I seem to be hopelessly looking for meaning in the things I yet to draw.

  • imladyart 104w

    Not Always Sunny

    My body hits hard on the pavement whiplashing my head like a revolving door.
    My throat is swollen in agony, my body is piercing with a nagging heat secreting from my chest, limbs are useless as my legs and feet are no where to be felt. Nobody seems to see my hurt as I cry in the middle of the aisle of my own defeat asking God, " Why me?"
    I'm loosing my voice from puss filled caps, literally, as the burning is hitting me in the middle of my back.
    I soon find myself broken in half.
    One side says to let go as the other desperately tries to pull me together.
    The Ones I know look at me with grieving faces because that's all they're willing to offer for an action shot. Mouthwatering for succulent gore as they scream, "Get up or leave us alone!"
    So I laugh as the Joker inside me confused by the bewildered agony of two moving pieces never finding the right part.
    I've asked for too much Sunny days or maybe I hadn't even asked at all.
    Well it beats me until the day is dark and little honey is left to glue my back two-get-her right.
    Like today, on the pavement, my life doesn't really matter.


  • imladyart 105w

    Stress Free

    The wind blew
    A leaf right underneath me
    I realized the small leaf grew.

    As a tree
    It's limbs and branches sprouts up
    Fairies and berries fell free.

    A leaf has blossomed a tree.
    The wind reminds me to breath.


  • imladyart 105w

    Love Lay Day

    She's hoping today looks brighter as she puffs another.
    Dreary as she wakes up in blankets that barely kept her warm.
    Pouring a cup of coffee and unsure what she thought about it.
    She realized her day has painted it's way sick until she fights through to another tomorrow