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  • imgunjan 46w


    The blanket of white surrounds the city
    But despite all that it's quite busy
    People are working & vehicle's blaring horn
    So drink hot cocoa and put some warm clothes on
    Time is always ticking, it's never supposed to stop
    You have to pay your bills you can't just pray and hope
    The sun is on vacation but for your company here's cold breeze
    Sweetheart it's the Winter's Chill, wrap it up or you'll freeze.

  • imgunjan 49w


    There's been a deep-deep hole, since long in my backyard,
    It always made me curious, what might be inside there;
    I woke up every morning and found it tiring and hard,
    To do nothing about it and just merely stare;
    Then one day I caught a rabbit, coming out of its burrow
    I saw its stealth & prudence as he reached in my garden;
    Snatching two carrots mightily without an ounce of sorrow,
    He daily roamed the grounds without caring for pardon;
    Looking like an innocent, the theif wandered in my territory;
    He messed with my saplings and plundered my flower bed,
    And even after watching him whenever I was free;
    He broke my pots and glasses, making me fuming red ,
    Though I had planned to stop it's routine pestering;
    Lest to its greetings I woke and to it's goodbye I slept,
    So I didn't know why his absence kept me bothering;
    When one silent morning I found that the brat has left.

  • imgunjan 50w


    A daughter's life is a journey on its own
    Look mom-dad what a generous seed you've sown;
    A happening event in your monotonous life
    Amidst all strangers a blessing in disguise;
    Breathing innocence with her sweet lisp
    She brings a smile to your stiff lips;
    A tiring day or an energetic one
    Without her mischief its not done;
    Your wisdom see grasp like her favourite recipe
    Even far away from you she is your medical remedy
    Standing tall to gaurd two of her families
    Upholding your values she always appease;
    Lifting you up before you even fall
    A constant nagging love to
    your old soul.

  • imgunjan 52w


    If you want something,
    with every being of your soul;
    then don't wonder about universe,
    just think about your goal.
    We do jump and slip,
    we do climb and fall;
    But we do never quit
    or we don't start at all;
    Remember you will surely get
    whatever is that you seek;
    just don't stop to rest in between
    until you reach that peak
    For fortune favours those
    Who follow their heart's call
    And though there are many talents
    But hard work can beat them all!!

  • imgunjan 54w


    Arise within a bubbling thought
    Asking whether my mind is afloat,
    The power that keeps eye on everyone
    Is here as my eternal mascot.
    The feathers gently tickeling me
    The music lulling me to sleep,
    I am drawn towards that dark abbey
    Trying to reach the secrets deep;
    Both hope and faith are holding my hands
    Urging me to come, they say we are friends,
    Just as I m close I hear a loud knock;
    Moving my attention from this mystery,
    And I open my eyes to find myself;
    Dozing beneath a mango tree.

  • imgunjan 55w

    Just random musings!!!

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    You are such a hypocrite!! Aren't you!?

    How can you ask me to trust you when you keep questioning my truth??

    How can you ask me to be fair when you keep judging me & ask proof??

    How can you ask me for forgiveness when you have been blaming me for a long time??

    How can you ask me to see the real you when you keep claiming that I'm a fake hime??

    I wonder, can you see the unfairness too.....!!!!

  • imgunjan 55w


    It's okay to limit yourself for now, so that you can attain a limitless life later.

    It's okay to compromise for now, for the happiness you will receive later.

    It's okay to settle for small dreams now, so that you can achieve big goals later.

    It's okay to say NO now, so that you can say YES later.


  • imgunjan 56w


    The world gets better day
    by day;
    Believe me we just have
    to pray;
    Hope for the best future
    that lay;
    In our path of happiness
    and gay;
    No hatred or sadness
    would stay;
    When we choose a far
    greater way;
    Conquering our fears,live
    to fullest we may;
    With love in our heart and a hopeful ray.

  • imgunjan 56w

    JOY & WINE

    Live your life with joy and wine
    And you my friend will always be fine;
    It is too short to blame others,
    Or find who in this world is mine!!
    Everyone here is different being
    A lesson better learned now in time....
    Good people bring us happiness &
    Bad ones give experiences divine,
    Best ones leave us memories,
    & last one are the Worst in this line
    They hurt & hit repeat but don't quit,
    Giving lessons that harden our spine...
    So, Live your life with joy and wine
    And you my friend will always be fine!

  • imgunjan 56w


    If I had wings I would fly, till I m tired of this sublime high;
    I would leave all sadness and fears aside and gather all the happiness of the sky,
    Breaking chains of stereotypes, atleast I would try;
    I would fight my way through but I would never cry,
    And though your days are nasty and harsh;
    I would wish sweet dreams every night for thy,
    If I had wings I would fly.......