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  • imao_bliss 1w

    Breathe in, breathe out
    When confronting fear
    A word that came to me
    Is to have a little more strength
    When i'm veiled in fog
    Without a single ray of light
    I was Contemplating and Contemplating again
    For the me of today

    A perspective different from others
    Days where i'm once again falling behind
    On the contrary, i am getting up and running

    Let’s start from now on, keep running forward
    Running running, shouting out to the world
    Even if a dead end appears, it's okay with me
    Let’s start from now on, keep running forward
    Running running, if I’m with you
    I can do anything
    Running endlessly in this rough world

    When life presses down on me
    And it becomes heavier
    The hand you held out
    Telling me to get up once again
    Sometimes, i cry
    Sometimes, i shout
    But there’s something i can never erase
    That’s my only focus

    To each other
    Let's throw a light
    One desperate dream
    Even in the dark night sky
    I can overcome once again, keep running forward
    (Keep running forward, I can be the one I want )
    (I love myself)
    I’m going to find my self again
    Running running, if I’m with you
    I can do anything
    For the day i will reach the place i desired.

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  • imao_bliss 3w

    Thank you guys for your warm wishes

  • imao_bliss 3w

    My daddy says that life comes at you fast
    We are like blades of grass
    We come to prime and in time we just wither away
    And it all changes
    My view with a looking glass won't catch the past
    Only photographs remind us of the passing of days
    Oh nothing stays the same from yesteryears
    See, I recall being afraid of the dark
    And holding on to teddy bears
    I'd wrap myself in blankets just to cover me from fears
    That was then and now I'm here
    And the night is mine
    So hear me scream
    I was too young to understand what it means
    I couldn't wait til I could be seventeen
    I thought he lied when he said take my time to dream
    Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen
    Oh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh, ohh ohh ohh ohh
    I'm Seventeen

    My mother said don't forget where you come from, where you've been
    Always keep your closest friends they can't slip away
    They keep you grounded
    Oh keep yourself surrounded with good advice
    And yeah I guess that sounded nice when I was ten
    Oh but never were there truer words
    In all my days I've ever heard
    And when she told me little girl the answer is love
    So those are words that I keep with me
    Though the seasons change so quickly
    Keep them buried in my heart
    And never far....

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    Seventeen ✨

  • imao_bliss 3w

    Boys are always playing dolls

    Looking for thеir Barbie

    They do not look like Kеn at all

    Need someone who falls apart

    So he can play Prince Charming

    If that is the kind of girl he wants

    Then he forgot

    This ain't Build a Bitch (A bitch)

    You do not get to pick and choose

    Different ass and bigger boobs

    If my eyes are brown or blue

    This ain't Build a Bitch (A bitch)

    I am filled with flaws and attitude

    So if you need perfect, I am not built for you....

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    Build a Bitch

  • imao_bliss 4w

    Who listens to songs while doing schools work?

    P.S - Suggest me some songs

  • imao_bliss 4w

    I write to keep my soul alive,
    but I end up hurting it,
    it hinders to forget and move on
    with the flow of life,
    it lingers with the memories
    I try to erase, it denies the fact
    that I’m shattered for it knows
    I don’t deserve the pain I’m left with.

    I write to keep my love alive
    for eternity, failing to let go
    of the past that hurts my soul,
    when you love someone,
    you unveil the beauty of hearts,
    and the love, it grew with you
    and it's growing without you as well,
    for you dwell in me and that’s
    what brings us together.

    I write to keep you in my life,
    and I never failed at it,
    the love I keep alive is soaking me up
    in agony and leaving a void in me
    yet I prolong to feel it,
    for it has eternally been you
    who I wish for.

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    And when you love someone, you unveil the beauty of hearts.

  • imao_bliss 5w

    Can anybody find me
    Somebody to love?

    Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little
    Can barely stand on my feet
    (Take a look at yourself in the mirror and cry)
    Take a look in the mirror and cry
    Lord, what you're doin' to me (Yeah, yeah)
    I have spent all my years in believin' you
    But I just can't get no relief, Lord

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    Somebody to love

  • imao_bliss 5w

    Can I call you baby?
    Can you be my friend?
    Can you be my lover up until the very end?
    Let me show you love, oh, I don't pretend
    Stick by my side even when the world is givin' in, yeah

    Oh, oh, oh, don't
    Don't you worry
    I'll be there, whenever you want me

    I need somebody who can love me at my worst
    No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth
    'Cause it's only you, nobody new, I put you first
    And for you, girl, I swear I'll do the worst

    If you stay forever, let me hold your hand
    I can fill those places in your heart no else can
    Let me show you love, oh, I don't pretend, yeah
    I'll be right here, baby, you know I'll sink or swim

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    At my worst...

  • imao_bliss 5w

    Rule: 2

    Never tell anyone what you are doing until it's done.

  • imao_bliss 5w

    You can't look me in the eye
    You can't even
    Act like you believe your own story
    Answering questions with questions
    Swear it's all the truth
    You swear it is
    But tell me why are you so defensive?
    All this cheap talk is expensive

    If you're playin' in the dirt
    Won't come out clean
    Now that you are being confronted
    Won't you just keep it one hundred?
    Baby, be upfront
    Keep nothing back, no lie
    One lie turning into another
    Honestly, I thought you were better

    If you gotta hurt me
    Don't take me for a fool
    Just hurt me
    I deserve that from you
    If you gotta hurt me
    By tellin' me the truth
    Then hurt me
    Don't love me, don't love me with a lie.

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    No lie
    One lie turning, no lie
    No lie
    Nothing left to lose
    And, no lie
    Know you feel it, no lie
    Stop tryna fake it, no lie
    Don't love me, don't love me with a lie...