I am here to express not to impress... In love with myself��

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  • im_unstoppable 2d

    Some days in my life , I want to be weak ..I want to be vulnerable , i want to cry and hug myself ,i want to be easy on myself , spoil myself a little
    I know I am very strong ...but it's just some days this strong girl wants to just sit back and watch the moon as it looks back at her and knows that she too has some scary dark secrets ...she too has scars ...but yet her heart is so beautiful...

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    Let me be ..

    I allow myself to be weak in this dark moonlight...
    Because,I know tomorrow as the sun rises I will have to wear my mask again ...
    Pretend to be the strongest version ... pretend that this world doesn't scares me... pretend that its judgement doesn't affect me..

  • im_unstoppable 47w

    Loving the scars....

    The journey of self love includes tackling a lot of hurdles...
    It has its highs and lows...Good days and bad days...
    You have to learn and unlearn a lot of things...
    It takes takes patience takes love
    This journey is empowering's liberating...
    It makes you see those beautiful colours of yourself ...which were blinded with insecurities and self hate...
    It takes you to a place where no hate , judgements can the destination is unknown but the journey is beautiful..

  • im_unstoppable 98w

    Behind every strong woman..
    There was once a girl..Who had many dreams..
    Some accomplished.. Some sacrificed
    These strong woman that you see.. Sometimes once said why can i be as free as men..
    Why am I a woman?
    It took a long path for a girl to become a woman
    To accept herself... To love herself..
    Be proud of your colour..
    Be a woman that inspires and express...
    Be your own kind..
    Happy women's day...

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    Where there is a woman..
    There's is family..
    There are many dreams..
    Some accomplished... Some sacrificed
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  • im_unstoppable 98w

    Sitting on my desk.. With a pen in my hand..
    Trying to write something on those who have affected me all my life...
    All I could think of was... That
    They broke me
    They stopped me..
    They pulled me back.
    They made me wear a mask...
    They made me into a person that I am not..
    Yet... All I did is hide them.. With a smile..
    The feeling of discomfort... Was all hidden behind those self-praises
    All these years all i did was mastered at pretending that I am ok..

    All... I could do was think... With my pen left unused and my diary with remnants of my tears...
    #my insecurities #mirakee #pod

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    My insecurities
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  • im_unstoppable 109w

    Stand in front of mirror
    And just ask yourself
    A honest question
    That whats stopping you..
    What's stopping you from being the person you want to be..
    Is it those stupid excuses
    Is it those dumb stories that you keep telling yourself..
    Or is it.... YOU

    Be honest with yourself...
    It doesn't matter what you did yesterday..
    It matters what you are going to do today
    Pull up your socks... And jump right in
    Fight for your goals.

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    What's stopping you ¿¿

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  • im_unstoppable 111w

    Every memory of your life is like a page of diary...
    A diary is filled with good and bad days..
    A diary is an honest review of your day ... a secret of yours
    You can't skip bad memories in your can't tare out pages of bad day...
    All you do is write about it..and move on
    Wishing tommorow you could write something good

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    Life is like a diary

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  • im_unstoppable 117w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Intense

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    With intense tone he said...
    Am sorry..this was fate

  • im_unstoppable 119w

    Smeared eyeliner..
    Swollen red eyes...
    Dried lips
    Broken heart
    And devastated soul
    Yet she looked in the mirror and said I am strong....

  • im_unstoppable 119w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Narrow

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    Experiences made my heart narrow
    But he fitted

  • im_unstoppable 121w

    #caption #challenge #mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pod

    Life is always beautiful..
    It's the way you look at it matters...
    Sometimes laughing unnecessarily is important..
    Sometimes dancing unnecessarily is important.
    Sometimes crying is important...

    You know why its happy-sad days...and not happy-happy days...
    Bcz sad days are important to make you realise what happiness is...

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    A perfect life??

    Smile a little..
    Dream a Little...
    Love a little..
    Laugh a little...
    Add some sparkles to your life...