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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 1d

    Comment below! @writersnetwork ��✨
    P. S. - AQSA is my name. XD

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 3d

    Good byes of more than 300 students and passengers!

    "on the night of 15 April 2014,
    The sewol ferry departed incheon part, Korea. 476 passengers, including 325 students on a school trip to jeju island, were on board.
    Shhh... *On call - A ship is sinking"

    True story!
    A long heartbreaking and touching story in short!
    Some years ago 476 passengers and 325 students who were in their field trip , more than 300 students died in sewol ferry accident.
    The captain and crew told the students to stay inside and they'll come back, but they didn't,
    Instead of saving those students, they saved themselves and students listened to their Elders without any reluctance, they believed in them which caused their death.
    Passenger called to the operators and informed them about the titling ship.
    They came, but they only escaped to the captains ,
    When students were shifting in other boat, ship started to sink.
    And the who was supposed to be protect them was absent there. Students called there parents and there parents told them to follow the teacher's guidance. Which was their big mistake/regret . And when the ship was about to sink over, student massages their parents knowing they ain't alive anymore.
    The 'sewol' started to sink, when the captain escaped, more than half of the passengers were still on the ship.
    Instead of escaping the students and passengers government agencies repeatedly requested a camera to be sent for their internal reporting,
    "has the camera arrived, we are waiting for the images"
    But the camera was more important for them than those souls.
    Captain rescued himself without pulling the passengers first.
    Rescurers assumed the most of the people were out, not knowing that numerous students weren't. Coz they listened to their adults. "for some good things to happen sometime people have to disobey orders"

    This is a long and heartbreaking want to finish it.

    //mom, dad the ship is titled a lot, miss you GOOD BYE ~sewol students last msg~//

    A good bye with thousands of memories.
    Not any write up... But wanted to share it, maybe will delete it!. #temp
    Maybe #goodbye @writersnetwork @mirakee.
    Lastly wanna say that. -
    BTS- Spring day song, is dedicated to the families of those died students,.
    Recommending you all to listen it with lyrics.
    SPRING DAY /in my emotional playlist.

    My 50th post!
    Thank you so... Much, ❤ WN :)) @writersnetwork

    Written n posted on

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 4d

    If the deep luminous eyes speaks,
    then why not the tears screams ?

    What the gray winged fairy said -
    Your eyes are overwhelmed
    with assorted emotions,
    Tears not doth speaks,
    they ejaculate in cheer to mitigate your misery and morose
    and later, to give you bliss.

    I'm in depth of despair, then my eyes are finding overwhelmed heart, I lost it! where is it!?
    Emotions are in your luminous eyes, so is the heart!.

    //we can tell about human's heart by their eyes//
    Tell me my mistakes!
    #sensless #lame
    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee #rhetoric #wod

    Thank you WN ❤:))

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 1w

    Ode-to_diary - to my diary

    I write metaphors
    yet my
    soul in you;
    without you my
    are wordless,
    Eventually, they are
    Scribbled in you.

    Ode-to-pen - to my pen

    Like my mouth is
    my tongue;
    Thus, you're the one
    Which completes
    my hand.

    //it is not the hand which writes,
    It's your pen that directly makes connection with your heart.//

    #ode #wod @writersnetwork

    Tell me my mistakes! ●︿●

    Thank you WN ❤:))

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    // It is not the hand that writes,
    It's your pen that directly makes connection with your heart.//

  • im_the_star_of_my_life 1w

    collabration with @daunting_phoenix

    Looking at the shimmering stars on the black canvas,
    They are blindingly bright.
    Twinkling so as to hide the scars they bear.
    What lies beyond that vast space?
    A universe you say.
    Are you sure?
    Look at me falling into a black hole;
    Will I reach somewhere,
    Or just keep swirling,. With stardust and debris.?
    I envision to reach somewhere,
    But will I be able to reach there?
    I continued to deferre everything to later,
    What I did glean ?
    How do I get out from this prison?
    Falling, falling into the black hole,
    Screaming my missdeeds, what I did!?
    I lost resilience, I lost optimism,
    Falling into the hell with assorted misery and awe.
    My pain screams with me,
    Erosion of life comes on gradually,
    Will I survive?
    Or will I die?
    Or just keep swirling in this black hole which never ends.


    #creesreposts #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Tell us our mistakes.
    does it makes sense!?

    #writersblock #mindblock (+_+)

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 2w

    //Life without pain is the guarantee
    of true suffering //
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    { Fays - fairies }

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 2w

    @squared thank you ♥

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Morph - change (here)

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    Until I morph my alive poems into the dead poetries of tomorrow ,
    I would continue to live in the prison of misery and awful sorrow.

  • im_the_star_of_my_life 3w

    Collaboration with @vichus :))

    Those hushed whispers of zephyr,
    Evokin the fairytales of humanity
    that buried in the depth of my heart ,
    For when my soul pity
    on the enervated muse
    that mocking at those tears of humans,
    I may die thousand times
    in vain questioning why?! Yet
    greed rules the heart as it blind the eyes;
    to illustrate chaotic arts
    I may walk around the shades of darkness that break the serene smiles.
    And those serene rhymes about humanity
    That I always keep in my pocket of morals,
    For when my overactive ego
    that morphs me into the evil.
    My cruelty that snatch others euphoria and tranquility,
    For my repugnant behavior
    that hurt the hearts,
    And the ego which
    makes my eonia into envy, that can burn me, and morph me,
    into the demon that kills it's humanity over greed.

    'I'm the mere human finding humanity in the ashes of bliss.'


    #creesreposts #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • im_the_star_of_my_life 3w

    WHO AM I ?

    Who am i...?
    I HAVE a body, but I'M not a body,
    There is not any proof that we are our body.,
    I HAVE head, hands , eyes, and so On.
    I have these, but I'm not these.
    I have body... But I'm not body.

    Who am i...?
    Am I my mind?
    I feel I have mind, but I'm not mind,
    Mind that thinks, dreams, remembers...
    I have it... I'm not it.
    I have mind... I'm not mind.

    Who am i...?
    Am I the memory? (the memory often thought to be the part of the mind but yet)
    It remembers what I experience and
    It can recall everything that it records.
    But am I the memory?
    I have the memory, but
    I'm not the memory.

    WHO AM I?
    Who is that 'I' ?

    WHO AM I...?
    I'm not 'i'
    Who is that 'me' ?
    Who is 'me' ?
    WHO AM I ?

    Searching for me...


    @/shrey2310 - please give a read to one of his post (masterpiece) on 'WHO ARE WE ?'

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    Must read

  • im_the_star_of_my_life 3w

    @/fromwitchpen :))... We love you. ♡

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    Kbhi kbhi insaan phool ki jagah kaata bnjata hai, aur khilne ki jagha chubhne lgta hai.

    Kbhi kbhi Insaan phool ki jagah kaata bnjata hai, aur udne ki jagah, wo barish ki trah barasne lgta hai.