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  • im_red 45w

    Love matters

    Don't love anyone too much, giving your heart, time and energy. Because then they forget that they have to do the same for you.

  • im_red 74w

    God's Land

    They say its better to collapse in God's will than to prosper out in the world

  • im_red 93w


    Would you like to build a snowman?
    From the season of my heart?
    From the snow storm in here
    Where the skies are never clear?

    Would you like to build a snowman?
    From the icy places of my heart?
    The snow is enduring its fall
    Its a notion that time has a great call.

    Would you like to build a snowman?
    From the snowy roads of my heart?
    Where you can lie down,
    In my frozen lands with wings
    enough to get you a crown....

  • im_red 100w

    I just realised i'm safe in no man's arms.

  • im_red 102w

    Writing a letter to ur heart
    I wrap it in shiny pink
    Glittered paper
    And envelope the words of love carefully
    That rest on the ground
    Of its lonely soil
    My ink was fully supportive
    And my love was not
    In loss of words to tell you
    My tears did not battle
    My soul did not oppose
    My heart did not grieve<br>
    Instead happiness was by my side
    The mirror screamed beauty
    The sun wrapped its arms
    Radiating warmth
    Radiating light
    The letter carries my love
    But i keep it here unrevealed

    #love #heart #life #thoughts #poem #lovehearts #loveyourself

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    The Letter

    I ask my hues to deliver this to you
    (Poem in caption)

  • im_red 102w

    Yo, guess what?
    I'm totally hateable!

  • im_red 102w

    I see a dream
    Where these roses grow
    They pearl out
    Hues that show
    No affliction
    No harm
    No sense of hurt
    Nor deceiving charm
    Its a wish to live
    In this land where
    Beauty abides with no intention
    Its bloom is not an affair
    Its attraction is not a sin
    Nor is it obliged to color grin
    All this is just a wish
    To escape from a dartful dream
    Jealous of this pleasant green
    Where i cannot myself esteem
    Oh its just a wish ..
    In this ending scene


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    A wish...

    She dreams of this beacuse she can't have it.
    (Poem in caption)

  • im_red 102w

    I've entered a room
    Pitch black is its essence
    Its smell it's stain
    I find myself
    Drowining in my pain
    As i slowly enter
    I see darkness
    Unfolding itself
    In ascertain calmness
    Deceit and danger
    Running through its vein
    Directing me to corner
    Where turning back
    Is a sin
    And a mistake is a grin
    Holds its edges
    Where im stuck
    I sit in the corner forced
    Wanting to scream
    But only whispers adored
    Its voice turning mine
    To its soft frightening melody
    And from the light confine

    Tears forfeit
    I've lost the battle
    I hear a thousand knives
    A stiched silence
    Seen in delight
    They drive through my body
    In a stroke hitting the vessels
    Bleed is the new dream
    Eatin away a little.of my flesh
    Each time it bursts
    The pain is exhausting
    The knives polished with a pointex edge

    I ask myself how am i
    Still alive
    Why am i
    Still alive
    Then i realise this is hell
    Where my body may hurt
    But my mind does not die
    Hunger does not drive me crazy
    My own voice does
    Not the haunting wind
    But my dream does

    I hope you can
    This nightmare through
    I stand on thin ice
    That is waiting to be
    stepped upon in time due...


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    It is begging to be noticed....
    (Poem in caption)


  • im_red 105w

    Your Lover - it's a risk

    A casket full of insecurities
    I leave on your doorstep
    Opening up a vulnerable mind
    That was kept in dark neatly alligned

    Thay were weaved with selfish waves
    They were stiched by uncanny hands
    Like a forest that burned without fire
    Setting aflame all the conspires

    Will you accept it?
    Like an orphan left before your door
    A burnden left unknown, to wish
    For a better philosophy to nourish

    I know its hard
    It is too much to ask
    But a desperate father has learned life
    The hard way
    For every step he leads he has to search the right clé

    The casket is not filled with treasure
    But scrapped pieces of failure exist
    In that tiny heart and mind
    She claims to be an artist

    But her canvas sometimes looks empty
    Her eyes stop dreaming
    That heart gives up on emotion
    A dark dangerous obsession

    It may not be something
    You could handle..or you could  use
    You will have to look her eye to eye
    Facing your fears till you're nigh

    Then you will know
    Where the shadows recide
    You will see the joy inside
    The road of thorns has ended
    Now you can in peace abide

  • im_red 105w

    A silence's reward

    Write on ur countenence
    The Uncompromising  promises of life
    Until your Trajectory changes
    And ur behavior becomes sublime
    Believing we have gone
    Beyond repair
    Weaving something unpure in our souls
    Under the same roof
    Our hearts reside
    But none knows what to do
    Never come to terms with that mindset
    Never be a rebel
    i wish ego was useful
    The last line i leave you for an amble
    Pride knocks at every door
    And we do choose to open it
    Cause we go with the flow
    Take the easier road...

    Nothing special about emotions
    Nothing new about a poor life's view
    A humble cry for a nicer world
    Where violets are loved like roses too