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  • ikhalsa 16w


    Off Moody Can Define’s Your Real Moody.....


  • ikhalsa 54w


    Where life has just started for us. There I thought this is the end. Your thoughts push me to the darkest point of my life and MY life is not started yet.

  • ikhalsa 61w


    The happiest day and the saddest day.
    Where I met you after so so so many days and
    later on we disappeared again.


  • ikhalsa 68w

    Unsaid Feelings

    it's true that I love you and forever be but it's also true that I never did anything which can make you fell in love with mee.


  • ikhalsa 68w

    I’m not your friend, I’m not your best friend, even I’m not your bestie. But I will always be remembered as that one kameena who has unforgettable memories with YOU


  • ikhalsa 74w

    My word has emotions it’s not meant to be a laugh. One day you will miss like
    I miss you today.


  • ikhalsa 76w

    Do What You Love
    or Love What You Do

    If you are an intelligent person, you will try to do what you love most but if you are a genius, you will do just what is needed. See, idiots do things that they don’t like to do, suffer for their whole life because they think it’s needed or they think it’s their duty. Intelligent people do what they love to do. They enjoy their life to some extent. But a genius learns to do what is needed joyfully. That’s when your genius flowers, because it’s no more about you. Now there’s a limitless way of looking at life.

  • ikhalsa 80w



    Far from you but still with you.
    What a love it is never with you but still with you. Everyone changed with time but you not. Is it love, Is it care, Is it what!!.
    Which is not letting us Break.


  • ikhalsa 81w

    #lolji #You&mee #thought #i cant leave u

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    How idiot am I.
    I’m waiting for that person whom I blocked from everywhere and now I’m looking for her every single second like a idiot.


  • ikhalsa 82w


    I won’t answer you let the most valuable thing speak. “TIME” your every questions answer is TIME. I won’t say anything but TIME will say and
    proof every single word which I promised you is right.