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  • iexist 12w

    We can create a rainbow if we know the art to balance the sun rays and the rain droplets....

  • iexist 13w

    Happy Teacher's day

    The one who can see the truth
    In my guilty eyes
    The one who can look through
    My millions of lies
    For my sake, her night and day
    She can sacrifice
    A person who is there to heal my pain
    She is a fairy in disguise!
    The one who will hold my hand in trouble
    Who will squeez it tight and sympathize
    Brushing the tears off my face
    A person whom I idolize.
    From blackboard to share screen
    From offline to online
    The mighty lord has gifted us with
    A creation so divine!
    When most others will demoralize you
    She will encourage you to shine
    President, officers, all kneel before her
    Of the humanity, she is the spine.
    She will enter the classroom
    With a smile sticked upon her face
    Despite all the pressure and trouble
    She will not let the gloom overcome her grace.
    In our life, she holds a sacred position
    But never do we express our gratitude
    She has the answer to every question
    Answer to every dispute
    For the efforts that you make
    To all the teachers, we give a tribute.

  • iexist 14w

    O fairy, the queen of eternity
    Clasp my hand, erase my fragility
    Your words that emit alacrity
    Can take away the darkness of my obscurity.
    The stars, you wear as bracelets
    Silk gown worn by you, glimmers in the dark
    Nurturing the mortals, cuddling them in your arm
    Your tender words make you the mighty matriarch.
    I have heard it so very often
    That you possess the cure of a broken spirit
    Shattered heart and splintered hopes
    All the scattered parts, you can knit.
    O fairy, the queen of eternity
    I seek your help today
    Will you mend all that is hurt inside
    Of the world of dead, will you be my guide?
    Embrace me once again
    At death's door, I stand
    Erase the darkness of my obscurity
    By clasping my trembling hand.

  • iexist 16w

    Saffron, White and Green
    And a blue circle in between
    Looking at the Indian flag
    The only thing I can feel is patriotism
    The freedom fighters who fought
    Without even a single scared thought
    We truly are thankful
    For their altruism
    It was a day when people faced their fears
    An end to their sufferings and tears
    As the trumpets blows, as the national anthem thrills my heart
    This is a day of pride, celebrated without any criticism
    Salute to the tricolour
    Our culture our armour
    So diverse, and still united
    The only thing I can feel is patriotism.

  • iexist 21w

    Clasping hands with gloom
    Holding it tight, but why do we?
    Why do we let the frustrations dwell in our minds
    Knowing that it'll destroy us, cannot we foresee?
    Hugging the sadness tight to our chest
    Never giving it the liberty to part
    But why don't we bid it a farewell
    Just before it breaks us apart?
    It resides in the deepest passages
    Where seldom our mind ponders
    But when it does, it cannot find its way back to happiness
    In the lonesome streets, the mind wanders.
    Just let all the burden and pain that you carry
    Flutter it's wings and travel far away to hundreds of miles
    For it truly is better to stay in denial
    For sometime, it's fine to stick a fake smile
    A day will come when the grief would reshape itself into anger
    So never let the sorrow inhabit your mind for long
    For the aggression would force you to destroy all the bliss that is left
    Abolish the pain and misery from where it does not belong.

  • iexist 23w

    A Dip in the Mighty Sea

    The sea seemed like her destination
    Ever since her birth
    The cool sea waves danced near her little feet
    Up rose the scent of the damp earth
    Though however beautiful the sea was
    However attractive the tranquil colour of turquoise
    Was she brave enough to risk all she had?
    Just because of it's serene voice?
    Remembering what she had learnt
    That self doubt would tear her hopes apart
    Taking in a deep breath, the petrichor hustling towards her nose
    While pulling together her trembling heart.
    Striding towards the mighty sea
    Mist sheathing the shore
    All she wished for was to
    Feel the water trickling her leg evermore.
    Leaping in, hands fluttering like a butterfly trying to soar up high
    Treading in the water, feeling so light
    Legs osscilating back and forth
    Luxuriating her buoyant flight.
    No more was she her past self
    When she returned back
    Lying down on the sandy beach
    Admiring the sky, painted with the colour of lilac.
    Confronting obstacles, staring them in their eye
    Is what hurdles taught her
    Never let those stumbling block like arrows
    Peirce through your strong and tough armour.

  • iexist 24w

    Happy Father's Day

    Having faith in my abilities
    Believing me, when no one would
    Trusting my decisions, emboldening my confidence
    The real icon of fatherhood.
    Battling every trouble of life, with a happy smile
    His personality so bold
    Faithful, can trust him with all my secrets
    In front of him, there’s nothing I can behold.
    Never leaving my laughter alone
    His laugh always accompanying mine
    Illuminating the lonesome streets of my heart
    Of my family, he is the spine.
    From teaching me physics
    Till teaching me to read a clock
    From teaching me tennis
    Till teaching me to hold a shuttlecock
    My tower of strength
    My every little effort, he admires
    No matter whether I win or lose
    Every second of life, he inspires.
    Consoling me when I fail
    Advising me on my mistakes
    Embracing me when I cry
    Calming me down during earthquakes.
    My confidante, my mentor
    I know he would never betray,
    So much gratitude I feel for him
    Wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

  • iexist 25w


    Just like an undiscovered galaxy,
    A mixture of infinite qualities, he is
    Moments that I spend with him,
    The real definition of bliss.
    He guides me on every step of life
    Becoming the glasses of this blind
    A person so trustworthy
    With every secret i can confide
    Pulling my braids
    And tickling me with all his might
    Whispering silly jokes in my ears
    During dark and sleepy nights!
    From teaching me table tennis
    To teaching me Fortnite
    From telling me the good and bad
    Till telling me the wrong and right.
    When with him, I want to stop the time
    Wishing it to freeze
    For with him, my life looks so serene
    Like a sunny cool breeze.
    During chilly nights, becoming fire for me
    To hide my mistakes, becoming a liar for me
    In difficult situations, becoming an advisor for me
    To make me happy, can build an empire for me.
    These words cannot express my love
    So many talents you portray
    So thankful i am, for a brother like you
    Wishing you a happy birthday!

  • iexist 27w

    DOCTORS are like the roots of humanity. Maybe there will be instances when a feller would try to cut this root, but just spare a second and think what would happen when this root is untethered.. Wouldn't the tree fall?

  • iexist 27w

    What my Brother is like

    He is like the flower that blooms
    Amidst the thorny bushes
    He is like the plant that stays rooted
    During the harsh wind gushes.
    He is like the feather that floats on the river
    During the ferocious rains
    He is like the airplane that survives
    Even in those massive hurricanes.
    He is like that bright leaf
    Which isn't scared of falling, evergreen
    He is like that raindrop which falls down
    And turns my anxious world serene
    He is everything I can ever wish for
    He is like no other
    For he is a blessing of God
    In the form of my elder brother