stars are the one that guide us home in the darkest night..

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  • icarus18 5w

    Hey you,
    It's okay if you don't feel like doing anything..
    Snuggle with your blankets, pillows and do what makes you smile..
    I know few of us don't get to do all that..
    But it's alright na let's just make it happen for us.. Work on us for us..

  • icarus18 5w

    I wish..
    As the sun rises I could see your face, your sleepy eyes, lazy smile..
    To look in those beautiful eyes..
    I want to hear you laugh whenever you laugh..
    I want to be there when you cry..
    I want to be there when you are sad or just when you don't feel like doing anything..
    I want to hug you, hide you from the world when need be..
    I want to be in your arms whenever I feel like crying..
    I don't want to share you, your time with anyone else..
    I know its very selfish, very selfish and its not good..
    But I can't help it, I have tried to distance myself let you be but that only makes us miserable..
    I just can't loose you.. I can't..
    You are in real everything to me..
    My friend, my soulmate, my love, my heart every damn thing..
    I can live without you of course I can..
    But then it won't be me, I lhave lived every moment thinking about you, my time with you in future, when we meet, how we will be in future..
    I can but I don't want to..
    I love you might be very small for what I feel for you..
    You just are my life.. Vo hindi mein kehte haina.. Jaan ho tum meri..❤

  • icarus18 9w

    Hey people,
    Back after long time...
    Hope you all are good and fine..
    Let's keep sharing and enjoy the vibe..

  • icarus18 18w

    I was waiting for the stars to guide me,
    Lead me to the right way..
    But was it to you or away from you!!

  • icarus18 19w

    Hey little birdie...
    Time have been tough as of now..
    But please hold on..
    Nothing stays for forever..
    We all are worthy of much more than this..
    So keep hustling for you dream..
    Do your best..
    You are worthy, you are loved and you are enough..

  • icarus18 20w


    No pain, no gain..
    Yet you were the ultimate reason of my reign...

  • icarus18 20w


    Somedays I am extrovert cheerful, happy and energetic... Spreading my energy and vibes to others making them smile and enjoy the moment..
    Somedays I am an introvert gloomy, sad, wanting to hide cuddled up in corner, not be bothered...
    Somedays I am hurt, yet smile anyhow.. Over thinking things, overwhelmed with too many emotions.. Times as such I write, about all the unease, frustration, anxiety, fear.. My words are all gloomy and painful.. Angry on things I can't control, angry on myself for not being able to keep my emotions in check..
    Somedays I am strung up tight, fighting with traitor tears to not let them slip easily.. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't.. When I succeed I feel numb for a while, throat all clogged up and raw just to keep myself from screaming... Jaw set tight to keep myself from speaking something hurtful..
    But at times I slip.. I let that facade of being strong slip, I cry myself to sleep, I break things, punch the walls say hurtful things when angry.. There are also days when I can't put a smile on anyone's face nor mine.. There are days when I just want to sit in a corner away from everyone but still being held by someone..
    There are days when everything seems beautiful, I forgive quickly no matter how offensive the things are.. I make everyone around me smile, draw, sing while in shower or in the kitchen while making something delicious... When every little things make me happy.. And a cup of tea brings a smile to my face.. When I call almost everyone, talk to them, make them laugh and bid goodbye..
    But what I find strange is why everyone prefers me who is always smiling.. Why no one wants to understand the other parts of me.. Why am I always there for everyone no matter in what frame they are.. Why am I called a nuisance when I stay away from everyone and talk less..
    Somedays I am like the brightest Sun,
    Somedays I am pale like the moon...
    Somedays I am pleasant like the autumn wind..
    Somedays I am cold like winter frost bite...
    And Somedays I am just a mere human, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a lover, tending to the needs of my people, Iistening helping them cope with there problems, trying to help them as much as possible, trying to lessen there burden by just being there..

  • icarus18 24w

    It's rainy season,
    Season when the heartbreak sets all over again..
    Season when a moment of happiness is found all over again..
    I don't like this season...

    Why?? You ask,

    Because I feel like the nature around me crying..
    It leaves me with strange emptiness, hollow feeling In my chest as if something is missing..
    Everything is so green, plants grow all over again..
    But somewhere in this I sense a strange sadness hidden,

    As if the ground, plants, birds are missing the sun,
    The warmth it provides...
    How the first ray of its shines waking the birds, helping the flowers bloom slowly...

    Even at night,
    We miss the sky full of stars and moons soothing light shining over us..

    And this is how I relate all this to you..
    Because you were like that to me..
    It's not been that long,
    But I don't cry over it instead I just smile a bit at that feeling, and continue doing my work..
    Hoping that maybe we will meet someday again..

  • icarus18 24w

    She was like an open book but a mysterious puzzle..
    You would know her by her words but never with heart...

  • icarus18 25w

    You left a gaping hole in my chest,
    Alive yet dead..
    Felt like the air couldn't reach my lungs,
    But I was being sucked inside..