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  • ibthinking 39w

    What am I supposed to be writing under these?
    #love #spokenword #life #notthemovie #peace

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    Tell me you can see me sensing danger looming near. Tell me you can see me shinning like a lumineer. Tell me you can see me when the dark becomes the fear. And I'll show you I can see you. I am not as I appear. As my heart is growing cold all I know is what appears. Tell me you can see me sizing up a group of peers. Because im Paranoid I keep a bible with my shears. Tell me you can see if you're really standing there. Tell me you can see me  repeating what lead me here.  Is it fair? Or is it life? I cannot tell.

  • ibthinking 39w

    Remember the name.
    I got my wise being dumb I remember the pain. Lie and say you dont feel the same. I took some dark routes, but I'm never feeling ashamed. I can tell you cry in the rain. You try to hide your fears but you're never winning this way. Lie and say you dont feel afraid. You tied the noose, knowing that the knotting was frayed. You'll never lose.
    If you step away from the cage I'll break it loose. We all need a helping hand let's make a truce.

  • ibthinking 39w

    Beauty is in
    Eye of the bee
    Holder you know this
    I'm her keeper like goalie

    Keeping my focus
    If you don't me
    Get from around me
    This is my sweet heart
    She is my brownie

    She is my 1st
    And right now my only
    Used to be lonely
    Now im just hungry

    She gone eat wit me
    My baby got munchies
    My chunky monkey
    Joke if you want to

  • ibthinking 41w


    Remember the name.
    I got my wise from the wise men and the mothers that came
    I sow hope so my seed do the same
    With the strength of Sampson, girl you carry my name
    I'm speaking to my next, know the kin ain't the same
    My daughter is a solider she was made in the name
    My daughter is a solider so I teach her to shoot
    Catch us speaking groot to the family roots

  • ibthinking 41w

    Sometimes little girl

    Baby things fall apart

    Ain't nothing in this world

    That can tear us apart

    Know that daddy gone remain

    When the drama do start

    my daughter is a work of art

    'Troduce me as a artist

    The hardest haunting om a mic

    Since tyson cleared the garden

    My step back has hardened

    So imagine what I step to

  • ibthinking 41w

    My mind state is as free as the north say. Following your north star dont mean it's a cake walk. I needed a real talk. That "I can still feel" talk. You planted a seed for my journey to embark. If I trust you with my seed can you promise the soils fertile. Speak it how I breathe all I need is to drop the girdle.

  • ibthinking 41w

    My inspiration isnt one that you can try to  bother. I vow before my bow to be my daughter's favorite author. I found my Pen of Zeus. Found my lightning in the bottle and my daughter is the proof. Her Dr. Seuss fills the lullaby with the truth. We'll teach my baby well.
    Did I mention that her dictions up to Orsen Wells? Oracle told your story til I knew it well. I been waiting for you for a minute in a cell. Adore her with my verses she will know this I can tell.

  • ibthinking 44w


    I can keep going stay armed with arms ready
    My skin felon my reign is con-fetti
    Look how i fell in to these scars I'm worried and I'm paying for my sins cause then i sincerely
    Had a blade to the throat they use to call me Celi. I said Im breaking through the ceilings they still call me silly

  • ibthinking 44w

    Too tired for tags #frustration

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    There was that., lost feeling
    Other emotions, there was pain, I was angry, there was shame, but who could blame me?
    Well I could blame me. Because I knew better and that's what kept me angry.
    Im working to control the flesh.
    My hands on less still my focus getting hazy. I confess that I'm a mess and I wear it on my chest like a dirty apron.
    Nothing in my sleeves this vest is my only saving.
    But in the process it seems I found this lost feeling
    This, but at what cost feeling

  • ibthinking 44w


    Baby the scene is in 3-D
    My sense since you came,
    Seems nonsense left me
    My thoughts maintain
    Your crown reigns heavy
    My pen paint portraits
    Of your posture stay steady
    Baby the home is now 3-deep