Too young to be old. Too old to be young. Watch closely. Do you see what I see? @iamrahulnaik ��

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  • iamrahulnaik 1w

    It's our big day @bhagyad my ranikuttyyyyy ❤

    #love #mine #life #forever #iloveyou

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    എനിക്ക് ഒരു പ്രാണൻ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ അത് അവളാണ്.. എന്റെ റാണിക്കുട്ടി ❤

    In search of Gold, I found Diamond.

    എന്റെ ഭാഗ്യ. My lucky charm. ❤


  • iamrahulnaik 7w


    Sometimes its okay to say its okay to oneself. ��

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    "I miss you." He said.

    He used to say this whenever he was away from home. He felt suffocating without her presence. He always wanted her by his side.

    She never showed him her side of this emotion. She always remained calm and composed. She never showed any trace of missing him which wondered him ask why and how. If she can help him get over like the way she did, he asked about her secret technique.

    "I don't want to hurt you more when I say so." She said.

    "What if it hurts when you don't say so." He whispered to himself.

    The tears rolled down his eyes which nobody could see cos. Only his girl could see those tears and she was nowhere near.


  • iamrahulnaik 7w


    Do you know what's most painful?

    It's when you realize that you have to pretend until your last that it didn't even happen. ��

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    She had many shoulders to cry on, many hands to hold her's tight and many others to wipe her tears.

    He had only one. Her.

    But she thought he didn't even cared.

    Coz his cries weren't loud, tears didn't rolled, hands tied back and stood upright and head straight. He stood numb with his pain.


  • iamrahulnaik 8w

    My whole world slowed down as she emerged. Stunned on her unparalleled beauty, my sight was stuck on her for a while. She smiled at me with those tender lips displaying her lil white teeth. Just as she reached near I realized I was still falling into her depths.

    Deeper and deeper into her unfathomable love.

    I don't see beauty anymore anywhere but in HER and HER only.

    She's my LOVE... She's my LIFE.... She's MINE. ❤


  • iamrahulnaik 9w


    She cried so loud, inside. ��

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    They asked her what's the first thing that comes to her mind when she thinks about HIM.

    She smiled and whispered, "PAIN".


  • iamrahulnaik 10w

    Never brew feelings unconditionally. Keep it within limits. Sometimes your efforts will go unseen and you end up hurting yourself. ��


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    Heyy!! You know what?

    Duh. What? ‍♀️

    Umm.. never mind. Forget it.

  • iamrahulnaik 12w

    And then she stared at him hopelessly.. tears rolled down and a shriek. Everything was in it; the pain she was going through. It was the moment she realized he didn't understand what her silence said. What she said unsaid.

    She was crushed by the pain caused by him. But still she held him tight onto her.


  • iamrahulnaik 17w

    Mine ❤️

    Do you remember yesterday we walked through the crowds to the end of the Broadway? You slithered your arms through mine and held my hand. Rubbed shoulders and laid your head over my shoulders. We walked amidst the crowd as the chaos rose to silence.

    Years later, I need us to walk again through that crowd. Get tired walking till the end. Buy some lime or ice cream or whatever you name it. Come back home and lay on the bed cuddled as to quench the thirst; until next day till we won't wake-up forever.

    I want to live with you until we die together. ❤


  • iamrahulnaik 22w


    Every moment.
    YOU ❤


  • iamrahulnaik 24w

    I breathe you. ❤

    I can hold my breath for more than 60 seconds, but can't think of a moment not thinking about you. I might suffocate.