I am a man I'm not human

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  • iambeyond 6h

    Back n forth lol

    Who is God?
    I AM..
    I AM Made in his image..
    Wait, so am I, but I am not God...
    Free Will to choose.
    How do u know your God?
    I choose to believe I AM. I AM...
    End of the day, enough titles.
    It's energy and it runs through us all.
    Imagination vibrations frequency.
    Possibilities are endless with Magical beans.

  • iambeyond 7h

    The sky opens and the rain falls down.
    The same cloud hanging around.
    Well I like to say I'm just like you,
    I love it when the sun shines to.
    Lately ive been completely gone.
    Can't believe my eyes,
    How much I've been wrong.
    The language, the laws, the words written out. The documents that I knew nothing about. How can a word mean so many things? I guess I need to up my game.
    It's only true cuz I believed it to be true.
    So I'm going to try believing in something new. My birth was an incarnation, some act of separation?
    I'm not the brightest color in the box,
    But I like to color alot.

  • iambeyond 12h

    Better for her

    Troubled waters,
    my precious daughter.
    Oh how I wish I was a better father.
    I hope she's smiling and doing good.
    As for me, not so good?
    How many years since I seen her face?
    How many since she moved away?
    It's so hard, but I do my best.
    I hope to God I pass this test.
    Yes I miss her every single day,
    It's the price u pay,
    if you're kid moves away.
    I want to lay down and die,
    But I just isolate and cry.
    Back up on my feet.
    I hope she's not missing me.
    I can see her in my dreams,
    She has beautiful wings.

  • iambeyond 1d

    Upper : kase

    One thought can make you cry.
    For the storm he came to ride.
    Ain't no mountain to high to climb.
    Coming down, he's justified.
    Past lives and minimum wage,
    Death certificates and hurricanes.
    Many things in his brain.
    And he's remembering other things.
    Learn to spell read and write
    Don't do that, that's wrong not right.
    And don't be late.
    A little child no food on his plate.
    When he is still the magic rolls in.
    Codes and things hard to comprehend.
    He's divine from another dimension,
    U would have known if you were paying attention.

  • iambeyond 2d


    Flowers in the sky,
    All I got is time.
    Where time doesn't exist at all.
    I get lost inside, inside my mind.
    A place where I can be it all.
    So easy to tell, where I tripped and fell,
    Contemplating on that old back road.
    Angels appeared the fear disappeared.
    And then I woke up again back home.

  • iambeyond 2d

    Bonds with Darkness

    I found alot of things I love about the dark.
    It is where I found the pieces of my heart. The darkness helped me find the light inside. My light is always illuminating bright.
    Sadness finds its way by thought,
    Magnifying its presence by bonds.
    Deals made with Governments Long time ago. Deceived by the words that we're wrote. My heart is not troubled anymore.

  • iambeyond 3d


    So it was the knowledge of love ,
    from what I can see.
    That helped me up those mountains so steep.
    A child's love can make u bleed,
    It's hard to understand unless your me.
    Can u become better at missing someone?
    If so, I AM the champion.

  • iambeyond 3d

    You should have probably got to know me before falling in love.
    Life is hard enough without someone to trust. Why take the chance if I never win?
    I've tried it before and end up losing.
    It has something to do with loving myself.
    If I don't love me I can't love anyone else.
    And what is love, our worlds a mess.
    I'm not intentionally going to add to the stress. If God is love then let me see,
    Cuz I don't know if I believe. I feel like I'm on the cross, being crucified for what I've been taught. What else can I do, if I don't love God then I can't love you. I think your nice and we can be friends, but until I know I'm not letting u in.

  • iambeyond 3d

    No Babble

    Watch the little babies smile in their sleep.
    Remember who you was before u could speak. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees. Remember what it was like to have a dream.

  • iambeyond 4d

    Is there one God?
    Is there two?
    Do you know anyone,
    who knows the truth?
    Magic words, Chem sprays.
    I say my prayers, But it stays the same.
    Contracts and poisonous letters,
    All the story's just merge together.
    What is truth when there is no proof?
    Imagination of cartoons?