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  • iamagar29 113w

    Silence speaks a thousand words

    He woke up with a smile and send her a kiss
    All day at work and she was to be missed
    She was special to him all he ever know
    He never confessed it but their love was on a growth
    She also liked the little things he did for her
    She knew he was the one but she was in fear
    Fear to lose him fear that he might get disappeared
    But thay was a long time ago and now they are married
    They are still together, going stronger everyday
    They never confessed their love like they were cursed
    Because silence speaks a thousand words

  • iamagar29 113w


    Through these eyes I can look into your lies
    All the crime all the guilt that you tried to leave behind
    All the sin that you did when the devil inside you rised
    I am the mirror Are you afraid to look at you?
    So dont be afraid of me
    My response is just to what the action you have done
    So as the title suggested I am Satan

  • iamagar29 113w


    You can see people,I can see though them
    This is what this is and I am who I am
    Working hard all time am to pm
    All my goals are flying but I am gonna catch'em
    Like I am Ash and my goals are pokemon
    This is real me, my real dream
    Show your fakeness and i will be gone
    Gone like the smoke out of manala cream