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  • i_lannie 9w

    I love you;
    Not because you're beautiful,not because you've been a source of joy,not because you know the right words to say when I'm down,not because time seems to stop when i see you smile,not because your voice gives me goosebumps.
    I love you,because I LOVE YOU

  • i_lannie 15w


    I never really got to know her
    I have less vivid memories of her on the sofa
    I don't know the right words to describe her..

    I've really grown up but i never knew much

  • i_lannie 16w


    A beautiful song
    Astounding notes of joy
    Aided by its sweet soft crescendo
    As light dances in the sky
    Amazingly illuminating the starry night

  • i_lannie 17w

    Beautiful contrast

    You once told me it was going to be fine;
    I tried waiting and my stitches haven't saved nine
    I've been running in circles round a straight line
    Blurry stars;twinkling clouds;A beautiful contrast,
    My confident gloom.

    The sky opens up ;sun and rain on my skin
    I'll hold on to your words and endure the pain
    Even though the mere thought of it seems insane

  • i_lannie 17w


    What if tears were never formed?
    What if imperfections were never made?
    Will all my sorrow be turned into a serenade?
    The end was never obvious
    The beginning was very dangerous
    I'm starting to have more clearer assumptions
    I want to be free
    I want to break the walls
    But I guess I'm stuck.
    Stuck inside this beautiful enso


  • i_lannie 17w

    /If happiness was shelter from the raindrops of sadness, our roof is broken /

  • i_lannie 17w

    "First love never lasts but we got broken even before we had a chance to start"