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  • hylzarie 62w

    I fell for his lies
    Only because
    They were the most truthful flaws I ever embraced...

  • hylzarie 63w

    I leave, before people could leave me because leaving hurts more than losing.
    I can't love properly. So I've stopped trying because everytime I try, I fail and I end up hating myself even more.
    I can't explain. So I've stopped explaining myself because every time I try, the things become more intricate than before and I spend many of my nights thinking about them.
    I get attached too easily. So I've stop letting people to come closer because it hurts like hell when they leave without any reason.
    I chose to be obscured. So that no one can understand me because everyone judges you no matter what you are going through they don't even care.

    And darling if you are still thinking that you know me so lemme correct you,
    "YOU DON'T...... "
    You don't even know a bit about me.

    I may hurt people who loves me to keep them away from this toxic sore and and it's alright if you hate me for this...
    I've built a wall around me so that nobody can love my flaws.
    It's better for you to stay away from me...


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    And darling if you are still thinking that you know me so lemme correct you,
    "YOU DON'T...... "
    You don't even know a bit about me.

  • hylzarie 63w

    He wore her thoughts,
    And she wore his words
    They were poetry
    #hindi #love

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    खुले आसमां के चाँद सा वो
    अंधेरी रात को रोशन करती दिये सी मैं

    सबकी पसंदीदा किताब सा वो
    एक अनसुनी कहानी सी मैं

    रेगिस्तां मे पहली बारिश की बूँद सा वो
    हाथों से फिसलते रेत सी मैं

    दोस्तो की मेहफ़िल की जान वो
    खुद मे उलझी पहेली सी मैं

    सब मे घूल-मिल जाने वाला वो
    बंद एक कमरे मे रहने वाली मैं

    अपने अल्फ़ाज़ों को खुल के बयां करने वाला वो
    अपनी कविताओं को डायरी मे छुपा के रखने वाली मैं

    खुद को mr perfect समझने वाला वो
    अपनी imperfection को चाहने वाली मैं

    हाँ सबका चहिता वो
    और उसकी दीवानी मैं।।।।

  • hylzarie 65w

    And after one hour of argument
    he hugged her soo tightly and
    she got to know he is not overpossesive it's just he loves her soo much as he doesn't even want to share her with anyone

  • hylzarie 65w

    We became strangers now but your verses are the string that ties us together

  • hylzarie 66w

    After a long time....

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  • hylzarie 74w

    Something are just not meant to be together, just like that, Some stories are supposed to be left incomplete . So as ours,
    but I had never thought that our story will end like this, neither I want our story to be in the book that no one reads. I only wished that our story to be made up of many
    unexpected surprises adventurous road trips( I remember your love for travelling)and full of tragedy and love that brings tears to one's eye but those tears are of joy.

    Unfortunately we can’t do anything. May be we are not meant for each other so destiny separate us but I don’t understand one thing why has destiny allowed us to meet if there’s no way for us to be together?

    I looked at our old photographs together, and I remembered,
    When we both walk hand in hand at night and suddenly when you put one of your hand on my shoulders in insecurities by seeing others to pretend I’m yours,
    I remember that moment cuzz it was very difficult for me to hide that smile from you, which came automatically by seeing your cute wiggles, but but as you know am too good at hiding my feelings and you know what when you put your hand on my shoulders at that time I felt more safer.

    I looked down at my hands , and I remembered,
    How you had hold them in the late winter night , trying to keep them warm . I remember how your hands always felt warmer then mine and the way you used to confess your love for me with a smile.

    When I saw our old conversations I remember
    How I used to sleep between our those late night conversation and next day opens up my eyes with a good morning text from you. I remember that blushing face of mine after seeing your texts.

    You remember when you used to say that “you are afraid of losing me” and with a smile in my face “I used to say that whoever is meant for you will never go away from you”. And and you know what is the reason behind that smile-“your unconditional love”. Your this much of love never allow to come the thought of separation in my mind, but see how destiny plays with both of us.

    May be "We're parallel lines who sure can walk side by side but never meet ."

    A long random rant :)

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    May be "We're parallel lines who sure can walk side by side but never meet ."


  • hylzarie 75w

    मेरे जज़्बात वो क्या समझता जो मेरे अलफ़ाज़ तक पढ़ नहीं पाया
    मेरी रूह से वो क्या जुड़ता जो मेरी आँखों मे छुपे अश्क तक देख नहीं पाया।।।

  • hylzarie 75w

    The more you care,
    The more it hurts...


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    Writing about his unconditional love
    Crying by reading those old verses

    *Misunderstanding spoiled everything

  • hylzarie 77w

    She has a beautiful soul,
    He has a beautiful heart.
    #random #hindi
    #love#poetries #mirakee

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    तेरी नादानियाँ तेरी आँखों मे हर पल झलकती हैं
    तेरे होंठों की वो झूठी मुस्कान हर बार मेरे दिल पर चुभती हैं
    रोता हैं तू तो आँखे मेरी भी नम रहती हैं
    चुप रहता हैं तू लेकिन तेरी ख़ामोशी भी मुझे बहुत कुछ कहती हैं ||