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  • hylzarie 19w

    समझ बैठी थी तुझे हम-नफ्स
    तेरी झूठी हसरत लिए बैठी थी
    मोहब्बत कुछ इस कदर की थी तुझसे-
    तेरी बेवफ़ाई भी मक्बूल थी तेरी हर गलती हमे क़ुबूल थी
    वो जो तेरे बे-माना उज़्र थे वो भी क़ुबूल थे
    फिर भी मेरे हर लफ़्ज़ मे तेरे लिए तफ़क्कुर थे।।।
    पर तेरी मोहब्बत मसनूई निकली
    जितनी शीरी उससे कई अधिक तल्ख़ निकली
    या यूँ कह लो शायद मेरी ही तवक़्क़ो कुछ अधिक थी
    समझ तो पहले ही आ गया था हमे
    वो तेरी मोहब्बत नहीं महज़ मेरी ग़लतफ़ेहमी ही थी
    इसीलिए तुझे रोका नहीं जाने से उस दिन मेरी आवाज़ कुछ सहमी और आँखो मे नमी सी थी
    नहीं हैं तुझसे कोई भी अदावत मेरी उन्स ही इतनी गहरी थी
    तू सलामत रहे हमेशा तेरे जाने के बाद यही आखरी दुआ मेरे लफ़्ज़ों मे ठहरी थी।।।

  • hylzarie 20w

    गलतीयां बहुत करती हुँ
    गलतियो पर समझाओगे ना
    अगर मैं रूठ जाऊँ मुझे मनाओगे क्या??

    गुस्से मे कह दूँ दूर जाने को
    फिर भी मेरे करीब आओगे ना
    थोड़ा सा डाँट कर गले से लगाओगे क्या??

    नही आता अपनी बातों को समझाना
    तुम समझ तो पाओगे ना
    नही कर पाती मैं भरोसा
    भरोसा करना सिखा पाओगे क्या??

    गिर जाऊँ मैं अगर तो
    हाथ थाम के मेरा पूरी जिंदगी चल पाओगे ना
    तुम मेरा साथ आखरी सांस तक निभाओगे क्या??

    हाँ थोड़ा डर जाती हुँ
    हाथ पकड़ मेरा मैं हुँ साथ ऐसा कह तो दोगे ना
    नही बोल पाती हर चीज़ मैं
    तुम बिन कहे मेरी ख़ामोशी पढ़ लोगे क्या??

    मेरी इम्पर्फेक्शं को पसंद तो करोगे ना
    मैं जैसी हूँ एक्सेप्ट करोगे क्या??

  • hylzarie 20w

    लोगों को रुख बदलते देखा हैं
    साथ रहने की कसमें खाने वाले
    मैंने उस सख़्श को भी अपने वादो से मुकरते देखा है।।

    दिन के हर पहर बदलते देखा हैं
    अंधेरो से डरने वाले
    मैंने उस सख़्श को भी उजालो से भागते देखा हैं।।

    समय को हाथ से फिसलते देखा हैं
    लोगों को रिश्ते तोड़ते देखा हैं
    मैंने प्यार को नफ़रत मे तब्दील होते देखा हैं।।

    करीब होकर भी सबसे दूर होते देखा हैं
    मैंने अल्फाज़ो को खामोशी मे बदलते देखा हैं
    मैंने खुद को भी इन पहलियों मे उलझते देखा हैं।।

  • hylzarie 22w

    Nowadays I'm feeling like
    my words are not with me.
    My heart is overflowing with lots of emotions
    But I'm not able to put them in words.
    I'm scared
    to rip my heart open in front of someone,
    So I hold my heart firmly
    and don't let it slip away.
    Every time I hold my pen
    to lay down my emotions
    But I end up creating scenarios in my mind.
    Everytime I try to pour my heart out
    in front of someone
    But I end up the conversation
    with a smiling face.
    I find myself wallowing
    in a puddle of Bitterness.
    To define these emotions,
    I'm chasing all metaphors
    that are rusted with sadness
    with a stare on that dull wall
    as if they are lingering
    In the cracks of sanity.
    There are many questions,
    floating in my head.
    ||Breathing but not alive,
    Lifeless but not dead.||

  • hylzarie 36w

    On a late night walk
    You and me
    Under the stary sky
    I wanna hold your hand
    With our fingers intertwined
    Let our heartbeats rhyme

    Without any judgements
    Sharing each and every secrets
    Your voice is music to my ears
    My all time favorite

    I wanna dance with you all night
    Until you get tired and hold me tight
    I wanna kiss you beneath the milky twilight
    A tight hug to feel your warmth under the moonlight

    I wanna do all the crazy things
    Just to see your cute smile
    With you I can walk
    Miles and miles

    On a late night walk
    In the presence of a thousand stars
    I wanna confess my love for you
    And tell you how damn lucky I'm
    to have you in my life

    You are the one,
    The only one.
    I owe you my heart and my soul
    You're mine and I'm all yours

    Our love will irresistibly blooms in the pool of moonlight
    The most beautiful walk can illuminate a lifetime.

    #mirakee #love

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    On a late night walk
    You and me
    Under the stary sky
    I wanna hold your hand
    With our fingers intertwined
    Let our heartbeats rhyme.

  • hylzarie 42w

    He and Calmness
    She and Madness

    #mirakee #hindi

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    तेरा नाम लिखा तुझे खाश लिखा
    तेरी आँखे लिखी झील कोई
    तेरी बातें लिखी तुझे प्रिय लिखा
    तेरी हँसी लिखी मरहम कोई
    तेरा प्यार लिखा तुझे ख़्वाब लिखा
    तेरी आवाज़ लिखी गीत कोई
    तेरे होठ लिखे उन्हें शीरी लिखा
    तेरी मुस्कान लिखी नशा कोई
    तेरा साथ लिखा मन्नत लिखी
    तेरी मोहब्बत लिखी जन्नत कोई
    तेरी याद लिखी जजबात लिखा
    तुझे हर पल अपने पास लिखा
    मैंने तुम लिखा मैंने मैं लिखा
    मैंने हम लिखा तुझमें अपना रब लिखा ||

  • hylzarie 42w

    Falling for someone is so beautiful until you know that falling can hurt you too.....
    You would lose a loved one and it would hurt like a cold blizzard across the face.
    Time would fly by in a jiffy but that pain of losing closed one is always with you.
    If we talk with someone our feeling get attach with them and after that it's hard to forget all the memories we created together.

    It's not like that you'll always get hurt in love.
    On the other days, you would meet someone that reminds you of songs and butterflies. It brings you happiness.
    From there a new journey of your life begins.
    You have someone who understands you, who understands all your mood swings, who is with you no matter what, you don't need to worry about others because you have someone who stand by you even through the worst of times . You became completely a new person that one person will change your life completely.

    For me loving someone is so hard because people have a habit of leaving and I have a habit of holding onto things as tightly as I can. Yeah I admit it I afraid of falling for someone literally I do. I have a bad habit of Overthinking, I overreact sometimes and I can't fully trust anyone.

    But It's not like that I'll never let anyone come into my life.
    Ummm I don't know, there comes a day I do.............
    With your "MAI HU SAATH TERE"
    **Our stars will align and magic happen.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    But It's not like that I'll never let anyone come into my life.
    Ummm I don't know, there comes a day I do.............
    With your "MAI HU SAATH TERE"
    **Our stars will align and magic happen.

  • hylzarie 45w

    My heart seeks for you
    As a bird searches for it's tree,
    I don't even know
    How you become this much important to me.
    I never wanted to make anyone smile
    As much as I wanted to make you,
    Tears comes in my eyes
    By seeing the efforts you do.
    I'm ready to take the sadness
    Right out of your lungs,
    You made me fall for you
    Many times not even once.
    Darling you're perfect
    I want to say,
    My love continues to grow
    With each passing day
    I hope we really are meant to be
    I hope you know, you are the world to me,
    I know our love is so pure and true
    I'm where I belong, And that is with you.

  • hylzarie 49w

    I may hurt people who love me
    I may keep hurting them bit by bit,
    To keep them away from this toxic sore.
    And and it's alright if you hate me for this
    Cuz darling I don't even think to hurt you ever...

    I've built a wall around me so that nobody can love my flaws.
    I've scars on my wrist on my back they are deep as dark night,
    I hide them beautifully so that nobody can see those scars of mine,
    And if you see those scars even you also start hating me.
    I don't understand why you start falling for me,
    For you there must be an angel who would love you more than you.
    Soo don't love me, leave me alone
    I belong to this loneliness
    I'm not worthy for your love.......

    *Why the hell you don't understand
    "I'm not worthy for you
    It's better for you to stay away from me"..

  • hylzarie 51w

    हमे चाहते जरूरी थी
    और वो ज़िद के फ़कीर हो गए
    साथ चाहते थे जिनका
    अब उनसे दूर रहने को मजबूर हो गए।।