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  • humoursevanchit 25w


    उसके आँखों का काजल हूँ
    वो अगर रोई तो मुझे मिटना होगा

  • humoursevanchit 35w

    Pm Modi

    वो आयेगा आँखों में पानी लेकर
    तुम तरस खाओगे और वो तरसा देगा ....

  • humoursevanchit 35w

    जंगल ...

    परिंदों से कहदो यहाँ वापस ना आयें
    ये जंगल जिससे गुलज़ार था वो जा चुकी है.........

  • humoursevanchit 46w

    Free and floating.

    She is a free soul
    Wanting to float like clouds
    Without resistance and doubts
    But her legs are tied
    She feels a burden
    She looks down and sees chains
    Chains of expectations that she inherited
    Her mom teaches her to adjust to those weights
    Weights of stereotypes imposed by society
    Hindrances which are meant to be broken
    She is a lioness observing and noting
    Waiting to be a cloud one day free and floating....

  • humoursevanchit 47w

    Death is not the end.

    The beauty of life is death
    And life is a beautiful myth
    Difference between these two is slight
    But their existence is infinite

    I must say the significance of death is dying
    And we are the one who are defying
    That The true nature and beauty
    Relies in our duty

    This is not a thing to be amended
    It must be comprehended
    That a beautiful death is decided
    According to the duties presided

    The three elements life, duty and death are interrelated
    Their paths may be separated
    A man must understand
    That death is not the end.......

  • humoursevanchit 49w

    हे राधा सुनलो ये बोल मेरे
    की मैं जहां था अभी वहीं हूँ।
    क्यों ढूंढे है तू मझे इस जग में
    में तो तुझमे ही कहीं हूँ।

    न द्वारका में हूँ मैं विराजा
    न ही अम्बर ही में कहीं हूँ।
    हृदय में देखो प्रिय अपने
    अगर कहीं हूँ तो वहीं हूँ।

    हो गर राधा ये भान तुझको
    सकल चराचर भी तो तुम्ही हो।
    बस इतना सा तुम ध्यान रखो
    की तुम भी राधा, कृष्ण ही हो।


  • humoursevanchit 51w


    I am brave enough to tell her to go away......
    But i know
    She is brave enough to go..

  • humoursevanchit 53w


    She came close and whispered in his ears
    I will never leave you.
    He replied:- I know 'Loneliness'.

  • humoursevanchit 53w

    मैं अकेला यहाँ तू अकेली वहाँ
    इस अकेलेपन से क्या हासिल हूआ
    न तूम खुश रही न मैं खुश रहा
    इस उदासी से बोलो क्या हासिल हूआ.....

  • humoursevanchit 55w


    Nothing I say matters until I fit the definition of success, today I question my existence because until now I was everything my society wanted me to be.