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  • hridaya 1w

    Let's be more grateful!

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    When there's a turmoil in your head and thinking gets tough, stop. Stop yourself before complaints roll out. Hold yourself from falling prey to rants. You see, we can whine and whine and go nowhere. Loneliness is bound to knock without a hint. Serve it some self-love, read it a good book, suggest it some soothing music, walk it down a quiet park, let it breathe in some air and sip a good coffee. But, don't wail and complain. For with it you'll be stuck and going will seem tougher, when in reality you are much stronger.

    - Hridaya.

  • hridaya 1w

    As a kid, I don't remember labelling my victories, as I kid, I don't recall strangling the desire to eat the extra cookie or as a kid, I can seldom retrace how I looked upon my choices as a sin. As time defied my innocence, cajoling expectations to blindfold what's true, the very comfort of a parallel reality made me make the bubble my home.
    A little more attention, extra words of affection, echoes of appreciation and momentary pleasures without a tinge of trauma or grievance were the only expectations. Expectations of him, her, you and them wrapping my life in fairy lights. Unwilling to be a star myself, unwilling to burn my desires of luxuries that never came for free, I learnt misery likes company. And wisely, all expectations have been shadows I didn't own.

    Dear expectations, I cannot blame you alone, for I paid you an ounce of my dignity to buy a penny worth of importance that cannot stand time's strain.


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    Dear expectations, I cannot blame you alone, for I paid you an ounce of my dignity to buy a penny worth of importance that cannot stand time's strain.


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  • hridaya 10w

    Smile please :)

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    You're imperfect, a complete mess
    Silly are your rants, immature are your excuses
    Childish be your smile, adulting be a myth
    In a puzzle called society, you are a misfit

    May be that's why you unravel your own paths
    Live with minimal regrets and greater joy
    There's empathy in your deeds
    You know not to judge for bliss

    You're magical in your broken way
    And thou shall be so until eternity
    For once a magic, magical forever you be.


  • hridaya 15w

    Hey! Appreciate yourself today, tomorrow and always a little. You are worthy of it :)

    Entire piece is not solely mine. More credits to a beautiful writer who agreed to spill her magic ✨

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    Potion of Self-Love

    Take a pot full of insecurities
    And keep it to a boil.
    In the heat of self-loathe
    Let your failures broil.
    Add a heap spoon of your frustrations,
    And equal amount of negativity.
    Don't forget to add a cup of your mistakes that you keep ruminating.
    Stir well until it turns green
    With broken spatula of self-confidence.
    Add your ego according to your taste.
    And sprinkle a hint of incompetence.
    And a few cups of self-pity.
    A step you could forget about ,
    Is adding your self- doubt.
    That keeps swirling in your mind,
    Like a whirlwind.
    Whisk and whisk while reading the magical spell
    Which takes you into making your own self.
    While temperature's set right
    The aroma of growing tickles a smile
    Ensure you don't whisk it tight.
    As the green shade begins to fade
    The potion turns translucent
    Add a handful of hope
    Sprinkle some kindness
    And wait till the kitchen
    Starts brimming with scent of confidence.
    5 minutes down, turn off the flame
    And bring upside down a tin of appreciation
    Garneshing with gratitude.
    Over the remains of mess, beautifully set
    Pour some encouragement
    With a pinch of faith.
    Now carefully set the pot aside
    Letting time ferment those emotions.
    Prepare yourself a candle light dinner
    Let out all those prejudices
    Wear that pyjama of yours
    And walk the aisle to self-exploration.
    With some self-love and tranquility
    Raise toast to yourself, for making it this far
    Rejuvenating the soul within
    And let moon be the witness.

    © U S Vidisha and Hridaya Rao

  • hridaya 18w

    He's timid, do I say so? May be I can, but
    Does it mean he's less of a man?
    Let's not be prejudicial
    I rather not refrain from acknowledging
    He's a man with heart beyond beauty
    Often a free soul, seldom loses his smile
    More kind and patient, less prideful
    Let not his vibes, good vibes deceive you
    He's the silent wave with a stormy heart
    His mind's a mess, fighting war of his own
    Striving to gun down his insecurities
    For he fears exposing his tears to mockery
    Of the clan that's too headstrong
    Give him some love too
    It shall not make you any less human
    Embrace his setbacks, be the wind to his wings
    Tell him, tell him sky isn't his limit
    He's a man and king of his capabilities
    And, and when you see him come back to life
    Rekindling his lost spark
    You'll see the gem caught
    Beneath debris of his inhibitions.
    That moment, applaud and listen
    Listen with care, advice less, compare nomore
    He's not less than any, but one of a kind,
    Truly and purely, himself.

  • hridaya 20w

    Specks of dust cover my skin,
    With yesterday and today's passing away
    I've grown a second, a minute, an hour
    A few hours, half day and a day older.

    Pain, empathy, sympathy, joy,
    dejection and everything else
    circles my head like a whirlpool
    Yet, yet I know hope runs in my veins.

    You stab me and it'll ooze out
    washing away your miseries too,
    Later can you thank me
    I'll take it all.

    They say I am too stubborn
    Guess that's why I have come so far
    For there's a vision blurring my eyes
    There's a purpose spilled in mind.

    No time to ponder and overthink
    All I have is a spoonful of courage to gulp
    With a glass of faith
    And be scaled by the mighty sunshine.


  • hridaya 20w

    Wondered why I lacked wings
    Always blaming the sky for disowning me
    Forgetting, I had made cage my warm home.

    Adhering to tunes of fear
    I had grown reluctant to change
    And I blamed the sky again.


  • hridaya 22w

    A childish write!

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    Dear Death

    My mother, the sole creator, often would tell, you would come someday, for me, for her and everyone who's not immortal.

    I see being immortal keeps you at bay, but so whom you embrace, experience gay.

    Dear Mr. Death, when you come by my door, come on, sit and sip my last tea with me. Let's look back and laugh together at the mess I shall leave behind.

    Not that any shall ever care, they'll cry, some shall sulk or none shall bother, I don't fear being taken away without prayers.

    But, Mr. Death, when you come my way, I hope you aren't disgusted by how I look or carry myself.
    What I wear, how I steal gazes from my kind, how I smile much less won't make you uncomfortable.

    I hope you'll take me as I am, love me and my intricacies without judgement. You'll see beauty in my dusky skin, over weighed body, scanty hair and pigmented face.

    Hope my round eyeglasses won't make you hate the nerd I am.

    Dear Mr. Death, do you mind befriending the old school soul I'm? Would you mind if I am not so intriguing or at all fancy. For I am just a not so smart soul with immense power to listen and hear the woes, but seldom share my own.

    Dear Mr. Death, could we ever be good friends? Or you carry terms and conditions and qualities I need to adhere to?

    From a soul unknown
    From unknown land.


  • hridaya 39w

    D E N I A L

    Creaking bench had stories to whisper
    Silent lake had confessions to make
    Mighty oak had reasons to wither
    Fireflies had aspirations to glow

    Just like

    We had humanity to learn


    We all chose to live in denial.


  • hridaya 40w

    Replaced his tears with ink encapsulating strength betwixt incomplete letters.