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  • hopecey 7w


    My feet run miles and miles away
    Yet my heart refuses to acknowledge the distance
    Still craving for lost love, it wonders back
    Back to the time when love was alive....
    When pain and sadness were just disguised awaits for future smiles....
    Unable to digest the situation, I have an inward outburst
    And there's a river flowing inside me...
    Carrying away the joy I once knew
    Bringing deceitful smiles to hide my agony
    As I helplessly watch my world fall apart...

  • hopecey 9w

    Treat me right

    Show me loves
    for I've seen halves
    Halves of my heart
    Probably from my hurts

    Show me peace
    For I've seen pieces
    Pieces of my heart
    Peeping from my stitches

    Hold me close
    For I've had clauses
    Clauses in my loves
    That am afraid to hive

  • hopecey 10w


    I said no but my heart screamed....... Yes
    And when finally l got to say... yes...
    It became repulsive.....
    It neither beat to my rhythm nor his.....
    Instead, a new song was created....
    A song both merry and melancholic,
    One sung by me or rather one sung about us,,
    My imagination was far from reality,,
    And fantasy laughed at my confusion.

  • hopecey 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Burden

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    Too heavy a burden I turn to devotions

  • hopecey 13w

    Life's a path ardoned with roses......we admire it's beauty and at the same time anguish from it's afflictive prick

  • hopecey 14w

    Life's a pearl,beautiful and enchanting yet so ugly and repulsive.....

  • hopecey 15w

    Please follow me

    I yearn to be followed
    By all and sundry
    Thus a feeling of acceptance
    The greatest feeling of all
    One that makes my thoughts run wild
    With words dancing to my tune

  • hopecey 15w

    Love who you are❤️ there would have been no better version of you no one could have dealt with your fears much better than what you are doing...

  • hopecey 15w

    #peace# lost expression

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    I'd rather live in my fantasy
    Coz being me hurts
    Bitter memories follow
    Weighing me down
    Cutting through me
    Like a two edged sword
    My fantasy my haven of peace
    Let me loose myself in it

  • hopecey 15w

    Not everyone cares about you so try keeping some secrets to yourself