trying my best to love myself the way my Pyaari loves me

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  • hobo000000 9h


    The flooded river reminded me of that evening.
    When I was with you and my heart was overwhelmed with joy.

  • hobo000000 5d


    I don't know how to start a conversation but
    अगर कोशिश मेरी हो तो ही बात की शुरुआत हो पाती है,
    वरना इंतज़ार में सुबह से शाम और शाम से रात हो जाती है

  • hobo000000 5d


    The sun disappears behind the clouds,
    Exciting things disappear behind you

  • hobo000000 1w


    क्षितिज में छिपते सूरज की तरह,
    बेचैनियों से छिपता फिर रहा हूं

  • hobo000000 2w


    Once Son Goku said, "Power comes in response to a need not a desire.
    You need to create that need."

  • hobo000000 3w


    I read this somewhere
    "कोई आए और समेट ले मुझे भी,
    बहुत थोड़ा सा बचा हूं इस साल की तरह"

  • hobo000000 4w


    I was feeling down today so I went to my best friend to talk but he was watching a movie with another friend. I was waiting for him to finish when I fall asleep. When he came back he didn't said anything because he already knew why I was there. I like aesthetic music but he likes rap so he played an aesthetic rap playlist on YouTube and asked me to sleep and I know, I'll never get a friend like him.

  • hobo000000 6w


    उम्मीद झूठी ही सही,
    इंसान को टूटने से बचा लेती है

  • hobo000000 8w


    I'm not being jealous of anyone.
    I'm just sad cause I'm not being able to talk to you or make you laugh like before.

  • hobo000000 9w


    बहुत से कान तरसने वाले हैं,
    बस एक आवाज़ सुनने को