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I am an automobile designer by profession, based in England/ US.Writing is my passion. My book is available using the link..

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  • hiyasays 16h

    I lose myself
    Unwanting to;
    Over and over
    Again in the chaos
    Of this world..
    Just to find a better
    Version of myself
    In the calm corners
    Of the world...

  • hiyasays 1d

    Let your world
    Fall apart as many
    Times as it wants .
    For it will fall back
    Together again..
    And each time when
    It comes back together
    It is a little more beautiful
    Than before...

  • hiyasays 2d

    At times it feels
    Like it's far better
    Being lonely than
    Being disregarded
    And getting taken
    For granted by every
    Single person around me..

  • hiyasays 4d

    Loosing to your
    Own flaws amd own
    Anxiety over and over
    Amd over again..
    Is the worst kind of feeling...
    To overcome this vicious cycle
    You can only try to train your
    Mind to be stronger and above
    Your emotions..

  • hiyasays 5d

    At times I force
    Myself to forget
    How amd what I
    Feel just to remind
    Myself of what I deserve..

  • hiyasays 1w

    Let me be honest
    Just for a little while...
    At times I keep smiling
    Without a reason just
    To hide my pain and hold
    Back my tears from rolling
    Down my cheeks..

  • hiyasays 1w

    On certain days
    It feels the most
    Difficult to go
    Easy on my own
    Self and love myself

  • hiyasays 1w

    I feel like a genie in a bottle
    I'm trapped...
    Your every wish
    Is my command..
    Your every desire
    Is at my finger tips...
    You promise me
    That you'll set me free from myself..
    But you broke that promise...
    Now, I'm trapped within myself,
    Within you...
    Your heart is my handcuffs
    Your body is my goal to satisfy
    You left me trapped in this bottle
    Of yours that you left half empty!!
    First wish..
    Was to have me
    Poof you did!!
    Making sweet little promises
    With no intention to fulfill..
    Your second wish..
    Was to see all of me
    Poof I gave it all to you!!
    Sharing so much of me
    You saw something no one else
    Will ever be able to see again!
    Your last wish..
    Was to leave me like I'm nothing
    Poof you were gone!!
    Like my heart, my soul, myself!
    You took it all the day you left
    Then poof you reappear!!
    I get hopeful thinking you kept
    The promise that you made to me..
    But instead..
    You start wishing again..
    I fell like a genie in a bottle...

  • hiyasays 1w

    Never tell people
    What you are doing
    Or planning to do...
    Because of you tell
    They might steal away
    Your dreams and in a
    Way keep you hurt
    For long...

  • hiyasays 2w

    Every wound heals..
    Some heals in no
    Time and some take
    Years ..
    But all wounds do heal..
    Just let time work it's way
    Around the wound..