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  • hiyaorhiyu 1w


    Our human body is has these elements I. E.
    Earthy, watery, airy and firey
    If associating ourselves with the nature
    Which is obvious
    As we a homo sapien being a living organism similar to flora and fauna is a part of nature only.
    For E. g fire
    If it's in balanced version
    Like when u sweat there is a urge of having water
    Like when u r hungry there is urge of having food

    When the is no technology as in no electrified version of cooking
    Like for cooking u need fire
    Like for having tea, coffee or hot milk or warm water U need fire
    Like for having warm water for bathing during winter U need fire
    Like for feeling warm U need fire

    But imagine when this firey elements
    looses it's balance it will definitely end up in ruining lives
    So the same with water, earth and air
    When they are balanced U 'll only avail benifits
    When they are not there is only destruction

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w


    No I am not
    Because since birth
    I am in relationship with me
    And with my family
    And yeah friends
    Which are not same
    I got this stronger bonding kind of friendship only when I was about to complete my school life
    Like there was no judgement
    U can being you
    They can being them
    They accepted you with your perfection and imperfection
    You accepted them the same way
    You had shared even though some moments or some memories but they are strong and beautiful enough
    As they leave beautiful impact on your heart
    Even though U are not together and may have no means to contact each also
    But by any incident U met the beauty still remains the same
    Honestly speaking I have number of friends whom I met during graduation
    After that I shifted to a different place for different purpose
    For fulfilling that purpose again I went to a institution
    There I am able to make friends
    But in touch with only 1
    And yeah because of some reason there was strong bonding
    And soo that thread of strong bonding still binds us
    Even though all of my friends are at different cities
    And up to different things
    Little do I know about their lifestyle as in timing
    But whenever we talk there is the same old love and care
    The memories in the past were not too sugary or too bitter
    It's like more of a sugary and less of bitter as we fought and we cried and sometimes we just got angry over each other
    I really hope that soon we all become financially independent and can have our get together like earlier
    Dunno about my future

    # well my relationship with me like a pulse rate
    Trying to balance it
    So the same with my mum and a younger sibling
    Well with papa it's neutral
    Time has passed and went through soo many changes
    And with some I was happy, sure and confident
    And with some of course not
    Soo no idea that in future I can go further in any relationship

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    This reservation thing

    This reservation should come to an end
    Because first of all it creates hatred at personal level
    And it's very obvious to have it
    Because u r also needy or u r also in need
    But ur needs are simply overlooked just because u don't fall under that category
    Secondly it shows like some weaker side or drawback or loophole of the system
    That if u don't use that reservation tag
    We will not consider u like other citizens
    Because normally u can't
    U might need to face security and safety issues
    U might need to face existence issues
    Like existence of you as a person
    But these people are also soo helpless
    That they have to ask for reservation

    Isn't this shows the hypocrite side of them towards a woman
    " We will keep you or considers you among the people who belongs from weaker section of the society
    I. E. Along with kids and age old persons "
    Yet for fulfilling our every small need we will keep on giving you the tag of being powerful like goddess or kind like mother Teresa etc. Etc.

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w


    Suppose there is a thing A about which u heard that if u do it u will get certain benifits in ur life
    And after some time u heard that if u link or associate this thing A with some B thing
    U will get double benefits
    Make sure that U knows thoroughly about both A & B things
    Like what are they exactly and what are their Do's & Don'ts
    And on what basis there is a link or association between them
    Because U r going to put all ur efforts whether physical, mental,emotional ,social and spiritual to have those benifits by doing all and in what manner those mentioned Do's
    And it's not some joke
    That in between U r trying to take care of your overall health
    U r trying to maintain balance in your life
    U r trying to maintain different relationships in life
    U r trying to finish ur daily chores on time

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    This balance

    This balance is soo imbalance no
    Like in our country
    When filling up the firm
    For women's - husband or father is mentioned
    Why it is soo?
    Well this is just the single thing as there are many more
    U are a human being - to those who are in power
    She is also a human being
    She is also a living organism
    She also has this seperarate entity because she is also a separate individual

    Did u even put a single effort
    To try to know
    Whether she wants it that way or not
    Whether she is happy or not with that way
    Whether she has something to say on that or not

    Can't help it
    Stigmas are there
    Taboos are there
    standards are there
    Personality traits are there
    Customs are there
    Traditions are there
    Rituals are there
    Judgements are there
    Mocking is there
    Bullying is there
    Racism or racist comments are there
    Sexism or sexist comments are there
    For an individual
    Being choose to be in a certain way
    Being has a certain personality
    Being choose this career or profession
    Being has a certain family background
    Being has this preference
    Being has this perfections

    # the difference between a man and a woman is natural and obvious
    If u considerd in that way
    When they bind their sexual activity with pure love during those time when there is high chance of conceiving a baby
    they end up in bringing a new life from themselves
    Because sex is a part of a relationship and not everything about it
    As it stops after certain time

    # more important in a relationship is
    Compatability like more of similarities which helps in making stronger bond
    Less of difference which help in balacing it
    Care like a family,
    Elasticity like a frienship
    Respect toward each other's personal space
    Growth with togetherness in all the spheres of life

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    Unless the same thing

    U read, see and hear soo many things
    But unless the same thing happened with you
    U will not understand it, realise it, feel it and enjoy it
    Whether it happened in exactly the same manner
    It is not necessary
    U r going to feel in the same manner
    It's not necessary
    U r going to experience it and express yourself and your emotions and feelings in the same manner
    It's not necessary

    U r going to see it in the same way
    It's not necessary
    U r going to survive in the same way
    It's not necessary
    U r going to learn in the same way
    It's not necessary

    Because happening of same things is may be possible
    But U both are individuals and that to be separate
    Soo it's very obvious that you both are having your own ways

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    Caste system and reservation system

    Why I am against it ; caste system
    Because it leads towards in humane treatment towards other homo sapien or human being
    Some people are soo in humane that they don't know how to treat with care, love and kindness towards the flora and fauna

    Why I am against it ; reservation system
    First of all for your normal existence
    Or to have active participation towards the overall development of your country
    Or to feel free and safe
    Or in order to express your efforts towards overall development of a country
    You need to take support of reservation
    Because other wise you can't
    Being a woman or physically and mentally specially abled or belonging to any caste or community
    Normally you can't
    Because that's how the system works in our country
    Further in filling up the form
    There is a difference in fee
    Do u think that every one belong from general category is rich
    Of course no
    What about cut off
    Do u think that every kid from general category is meant to score that much number
    Of course no
    Do u think that every kid from reservation category is meant to score only this much number
    Of course no
    Somewhere kid can't score
    Obviously the kid is not meant for such thing
    Or may be the kid need some sort of counselling or guidance
    Or there may be some other reason
    Somewhere u don't led kid to score

    #where is the welfare of the citizens ?
    Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and financially

    # financial/economic and social support is the need of every kid whose parents are strong enough in that part
    irrespective of caste and gender
    Accordingly whether a boy child or a girl child
    Both are equally important
    Whether from general category or reservation category
    Still they are poor and they definitely need aid or assistance
    So that once they become a grown up kid
    And get to know about their talents, who they are as in personality, strength and weakness wise
    Accordingly they can choose a career best for them
    All they need is support and assistance irrespective of gender and category

    # deep down even though a little
    But u got these hatred feeling
    Because when your needs are overlooked just because of caste or gender or community of physical or mental special ability
    See these things are obvious and they are in no way wrong
    Wrong is that behavior of the system and who are in charge of it
    I really wish that this things are limited to the filling in the details of the form itself

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w


    Ramadan /Ramzan has started
    From tomorrow onwards chaitra navaratri will be started
    Well this navratri comes between going rainy and coming winter also
    Different names, different way of worshipping as per the religion or culture or community or caste or race and
    One thing is common and that is fasting with pure heart and mind and soul
    And with the end day social gathering, wearing new clothes enjoying delicious food
    For e.g. karwa chauth and eid
    And for both moon is necessary
    Soo there is no sense in differentiating between flora, fauna, color, food etc etc on the basis of religion
    #please don't think that I am in any way supporting caste system
    As I am extremely against this caste system as well as reservation system

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    With the change

    With the change in time, place, people, environment and situation/circumstances
    You may feel, evidence and
    I am not sure about enjoyment
    That about a certain thing
    Like ohh this has this name also
    Ohh this can be done like that also
    Ohh this thing can be seen in that way also
    Ohh my opinion or thought or vision is changing about this thing
    In case you are feeling confident, happy and getting +ve vibes about it
    Then you will definitely have this feeling
    " Ohh god why it never came in mind earlier "

  • hiyaorhiyu 1w

    It's painful

    Its painful to have communication gap between parents and you
    Because its obvious to have age and generation gap
    Thank god if you have a sibling
    In case if you have a single child
    Then don't forget to thank god
    If you have friends who are like family to you
    You would be more Lucky
    If their family is like family to you too

    Further the most painful thing could
    If you are fighting with the inside you
    Like it's messed up kind of situation
    You don't know who you are exactly
    Whether from outside or inside
    You don't know what you want to be or
    What u want from life
    U don't know how to balance between both the sides of you
    The reason behind it could be any or many
    Cause of it could be shattered or disturbed
    Physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health
    # please heal yourself
    Because for this time u got only one life
    U r already born and u know
    U don't know about ur good bye time
    Please don't decide by your self
    Please don't take this decision by you

    # all you need is right person to talk about it
    Right place to visit
    Where you feel safe, comfortable and trust about your words, emotions and feelings
    And yeah some money too
    And it's worth it to spend those money