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  • himank_schatzi 6w


    For uploading late poems ...bcz my exams are going on ...and will have to study right now....
    Will be back in 10 days or 12 days !

  • himank_schatzi 8w


    More the depth of connection
    Less the picture together

  • himank_schatzi 8w

    Hold you in my smile

    Sweet moment, stay with me,
    and pray do not flee so soon,
    Let me enjoy the bliss of that
    first kiss beneath the moon.
    I wish to cradle this feeling,
    that has only just been found,
    A feeling that has unexpectedly
    turned my world around.
    Do not depart, Oh please remain
    within my heart awhile,
    So that I can savour you once more,
    and hold you in my smile.

  • himank_schatzi 8w

    Laughing is easy than smiling❤️

  • himank_schatzi 8w


    Everything is vissible
    my eyes needs only you ❤️

  • himank_schatzi 9w


    Trust is a very valuable thing
    We can not expected from chipest person

  • himank_schatzi 9w

    Hey gays

    Please tell how can i restore an account on mirakee ....which i have reported by mistake ....please help me !!!

  • himank_schatzi 9w

    Thinking of you ❤️

    I'm thinking of you
    With joy and pleasure,
    Remembering times
    I'll always treasure.

    When I think of you,
    My heart is light;
    You're a special person,
    A sheer delight.

    Thoughts of you cheer me up
    Whenever I'm blue;
    I'm always happy
    When I think of you.

    I think of you often,
    In the fondest way;
    I cherish you more
    Than I ever could say.

  • himank_schatzi 9w

    Love me

    If you will furnish love to my soal
    I will consider you my love

  • himank_schatzi 9w


    Its not how much we have
    But its how much we enjoy
    That makes happiness❤️❤️