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  • hersheyz 33w

    Dear Ex-boyfriend,
    It's because of men like you,
    men don't seem reliable..

  • hersheyz 35w

    A feather in your cap...

    You promised that you'll hold me
    whenever I'll fall for you...

    I was too scared to fall but
    eventually I did & you knew...

    Yet you lemme fall flat on my face
    silently watching me ache...

    Once who missed me in every breath
    now doesn't even seem to care...

    Heartbreaks aren't great but atleast
    mine would've added a feather in your cap...

  • hersheyz 53w

    Unka diya taufa..

    Unki zindagi me khaas hone ka ehsaas hi kaafi tha mere liye
    Kuch pal toh wo mere rahe, khayalon me hi sahi

    Khair ab toh baat nahi hoti unse par unka diya taufa toh ab bhi khaas hai mere liye
    Unse kehna koi aanch nahi aane di hai maine, unki di hui tanhayi pe

  • hersheyz 55w

    In search of you..

    You enter & disappear without a warning bell
    Leaving back all my emotions to rot in hell

    For my mind & heart often had a tough fight
    But my heart kept convincing me you are my 'Mr.Right'

    Asking why am I lonely bearing all this pain
    One fine day I was encountered by my sceptical brain

    I looked for my heart, it didn't come for my rescue
    Since it was wandering in search of you...

  • hersheyz 58w

    Heart Tales...

    Your simple act of caring was enough to melt my frozen heart..
    Well ok let's not call it fake but maybe you didn't mean it so much..
    Perhaps intentionally/unintentionally you made me fall for you & you knew it. You can't deny that you didn't..
    And when I finally fell, you started reminding me of all the terms of how you never committed anything..
    Huh.. Strange isn't it !
    That very moment reality struck me & I shove myself away from you as far as I could..
    My mind understands that "technically" you are right & I don't really have a choice except moving on..
    Yet my heart keeps running back to you like an abandoned puppy with the same twinkle in its eyes on sensing you around...

  • hersheyz 90w

    Carcass of the memories you gave me
    Are now wrapped in Golden Frost...
    Even my dreams have quarantined themselves
    For with you, also a part of me I've lost...

  • hersheyz 97w


  • hersheyz 98w

    Sometimes even a lot
    might seem,
    A little less than more...

    Sometimes the person
    you need,
    Needs you more...

  • hersheyz 101w

    I Wish I Knew...

    I wish I knew how to
    love u a little less...
    Perhaps life would have
    been a little less mess...

    I wish I knew how to
    be a little cold-hearted...
    You should've warned me
    before all these feelings started...

    I wish I knew how to
    care a little less about you...
    May be it's too late, for now
    the whole world knows You're my Boo...

  • hersheyz 104w

    Lafzo me jo bayan ho,
    aisa ishq nahi hai humara...
    Mehsus jab karne lago,
    chahoge jeena un lamho ko dobara...