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  • her_story 14w

    Aaj bhi tasveer k kayi chehro mein sirf usi ka chehra nazar aata hai
    Aaj bhi kitabon ki beech sukhe gulabon ki mehek uski yaad dilati hai...

    Kabhi Kabhi waqt kuch piche sa chala jata hai
    Aur yaadon ki ek gehre samundar mein dil doob sa jata hai
    Leheron ki tarah aati hai aur kuch alag waqt kuch alag jahan sa bana jati hai

    Aaj bhi apne se zyada uska sheher pyaara lagta hai
    Aaj bhi uski galiyon mein jaane ko dil chahta hai

    Shayad Rab ki yahi marzi thi
    K aaj bhi uske awaaz dil mein goonjti hai
    Na kisi ka hone deti hai na woh apna kar leta hai

  • her_story 19w

    आज पुराने किताबों में एक खत मिला.
    खत में पता तो मेरे घर का था पर
    तारीख कुछ 5 साल पुरानी थी

    खत को परना शायद भूल गए थे
    सयाही अभी भी पक्की थी
    ख़त को पलट कर देखा तो कुछ पहचाना सा लगा
    एक अजीब सी मयूसी थी

    वही हल्की नीले रंग की कागज़
    वहीं गुलाब के फूल की महक
    वही काली स्याही से लिखी हुई कुछ शब्द

    मानो आसमान को पता हो मेरे दिल का मिज़ाज़
    बिन बारिश भी बरसने लगा

    खत को खोलने की हिम्मत नहीं हुई।
    लिखने वाले का नाम जो पता था

    खत के साथ एक तस्वीर थी
    शायद अखिरी कोशिश थी उसकी
    नीले से खत में स्याही के कुछ धब्बे भी थे।
    जैसे मानो लिखते वो रोया होगा

    लफ्ज़ कहीं अधूरा सा था
    जैसे के सोचते सोचते लिखना भूल सा गया होगा।

    तस्वीर में एक पहचाना सा शहर था
    जैसे वापस बुला रहा था
    या शायद अपना पता पहलियों में बता रहा था।

    कुछ लोग सीधे लकीरो से होते है
    साथ तो चलते है पर निभाते नहीं


  • her_story 25w

    Sometimes I wish,
    Muggles were real, which they are...
    And Magic was not banned, which it is.
    My favourite spell would be Silencio...


  • her_story 26w

    I know it..
    I know it all.
    The shattering of heart.
    The pain on which no medicine works..
    The tear filled eyes and the fake laughter.
    The counting of moments,
    Every date, Every day and Every call.
    The sudden smile reminiscing a memory long lost.
    The exact moment when she walked away.
    The last time she looked at me.

    Not once Not twice but thrice.

    Everytime I thought she is the one.
    Everytime I polished the family ring.
    Everytime that I gave up everything for just one incomplete wish
    Everytime I re-connected every piece of my heart and gave her all.
    Everytime it broke back into more peices than before.
    Everytime the sky looked darker and the rain felt healing.
    Everytime I stared at painted walls and my eyes were blank.

    I know it
    I know it all...


  • her_story 27w

    Sitting in the library just before exams.
    I thought of pulling an all-nighter.
    Amongst the various books on particle physics,
    Someone had left a book of maps.
    I took it out to put it back in its correct place
    Out fell the map of London.
    It had King's cross marked in Red .
    For a moment I stopped at the funny thought.
    Under my breath I whispered, "I solemnly swear that I am upto no good".
    I heard a whisper from behind "Mischief Managed"

    10 years later we got rings..
    Engraved, "Always"
    It was Magic indeed.


  • her_story 27w

    She was an Angel born out of darkness.
    Shunned by many feared by all.
    Roamed on empty streets.
    Knocked on every door.
    Prayed for acceptance till she could no more.
    All she wanted was to hear,
    Her named called out of longing and not fear.
    She could not fly nor could she weep.
    Her wings were clipped by darkness indeed.
    One night she found the magic.
    For centuries that was hidden..
    The Magic was inside her.
    On a full moons night her tears turned bright.
    Dazzling like diamonds, reflecting her inner glow.

    She is still the Angel born out of darkness.
    Less feared as now she wears a crown- Her Halo.


  • her_story 29w

    इश्क के कई अफ़साने पढ़े |
    मोहब्बत में कई से महल बने |
    कुछ तो ज़ार-ज़ार हो गये |
    और कुछ को मक़बरे बने देखा ||

    अधूरे इश्क की तो अनेक नज्में लिख गए ग़ालिब साहब
    मगर कुछ को खून सा कतरा कतरा बिखरते देखा |

    अजब सा मंजर है इश्क का भी
    कुछ के मुकद्दर में ही नही होता
    तो कई मिलकर भी कहनियों में ही कैद हो जाते है ||


  • her_story 31w

    Does he even see them she wondered
    This was the 100th birthday message she had sent for the day.

    It was getting delivered, she knew.
    Probably the notification is off
    Or may be he didn't check
    May be he is celebrating...
    Then why does he show online.
    Has he put my messages on mute and archived.

    What is it and she pressed on the call
    She was restless.

    Whatsapp calling and his name appeared.
    It kept ringing and no one recieved.

    The tiny voice inside her head said," Move on, its been a decade now".
    And her 1 pound heart fluttered " Try Again its only been a decade".


  • her_story 32w

    The Tolerant, the Kindest , the Respectful, the Mentor, the Purest, the Polite.
    May not be so educated but certainly fit for the kitchen.
    Good at music ,Good at dance Good at everything but not what you want.
    The fairest of them all but Still has marks.
    That's how we are defined... Are we not ??

    Let me tell you another story.
    The story of a woman by a woman and for every man.

    A Teacher, A scientist, A social reformer, An acid attack victim who fights for her rights.
    The lady who didn't stop after being taken, trapped and raped, A prime-minister, a president.
    You say one and I name them all.
    Even the weakest woman knows to knife
    A vegetable or your throat.

    Women are not weak they are silent , they are waiting to rise and you my man need to de-stigmatise.

    Don't judge her by beauty be proud of her brains.
    Don't see her as a commodity, short skirts, makeup, fat, thin ,fair skinned ,ugly, beautiful and so many adjectives.
    Don't brag you run the family because believe me if you think you are the head she is the heart and soul.
    You owe her for your endless needs and it's time you respect her too.
    Happy Woman's day to the women I know and I am proud of each.
    Happy Women's day to the men because you believed in US.
    Happy Women's day to those men too who don't because everytime you pull us down you make us stronger.


  • her_story 33w

    Dew and Grandma

    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her
    grandmother's room.
    She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner.
    Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs.
    She looked at the photographs, smiled a little and laughed at a few and then she stopped at
    Tears started flowing.
    There was no sound in her weeping, but it echoed through her insides.
    She looked so much like Grandma and now Grandma is gone.
    Grandma... Her always so kind, so forgiving, the best cookie maker in the world was gone.
    All she had was her...
    Grandpa had passed away in the war. He was a soldier. All those letters tied in the jute
    thread were few from his belongings.
    Her Parents were no longer together. They were busy with their new families. No one knew
    that Grandma was no more.
    Jane was all alone in this big beautiful world as grandma used to say.
    With Grandma Jane learnt to rescue the weak and hunt the evil.
    Grandma was all she had. She kept looking at the photograph and kept asking Why
    Grandma and Why not her.
    The photograph was of her and Grandma with their first puppy "Dew".
    Dew had been so fussy that night. Dew was like her, had no one in this world except, Jane
    and Grandma.
    Dew left them too a long time ago. Jane was still healing from it.
    That was her only remembrance of Dew. She had been searching for this picture for a long
    time and look when she found it when Grandma and Dew had both left her alone.
    Her tears would not stop. She kept calling "Grandma" "Grandma".
    Her Eyes fell on one rather new kind of parchment with something scribbled on it.
    It was a letter from Grandma!!
    Teary Eyed Jane read it with breaking voice. Grandma had started to write it and then
    She was suffering from Alzheimer’s for a sometime now.
    The Letter read “Stay strong Jane. I love you always. Cookies in the Jar and ….
    Just like Grandma the letter would remain unfinished, untold