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  • heenajoshi 11w

    After a lot of hard, harder and hardest work & deep, deeper and deepest research and studies, here is the 🔥free masterclass🔥 in your kitty.

    🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🤨 Raise your hands high if…

    ❓you want to write a book, but don’t know where to begin with?

    ❓you have the idea for the book, but you are clueless about structuring it.

    ❓you have written one book, but you are scared to move forward as you fear of running short of ideas for story?

    🙋🏼‍♀️🙋 if your answer is ‘yes’, let me tell you, you have got the solution ahead.

    🤔🧚‍♀️🪄 what if I got a magic wand for you?

    Writernaama- India’s First Ever Online Creative Writing Academy presents 🔥Free Masterclass🔥 on ❓How to become a plot generating machine?❓This masterclass is your 1-STOP-SOLUTION to learn the following things…

    ✍️ How to never run out of ideas?

    ✍️ What is plot?

    ✍️ Difference between a plot & a story

    ✍️ What is plot outline?

    ✍️ What is plot line?

    ✍️ Basics of characterisation

    ✍️ Tips & tricks to get unlimited ideas

    ✍️ Final Checklist for Book Writing

    What are you waiting for? Grab the chance to become a plot generating machine and shooo your worries away regarding getting ideas.

    For more details, check instagram handle @writernaama

    Get your 🔥FREE MASTERCLASS🔥 from the link given below.


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    Free Masterclass Announcement


  • heenajoshi 14w

    Hi all. I am back

    Hello my Mirakee fam. It has been ages since i posted here. Recently got to know that mirakee finally came to ios and that’s why i am here.

    Will begin posting more often. However meanwhile i have opened my own creative writing academy Writernaama.

    It is a one stop solution to every problem any writer faces. You can check the website writernaama.com or check the insta profile.

    Also my fourth book is in pipeline. Which is goin to be a non fiction for writers.

    Super excited to be back! Do drop some good prompt pages handles so i can just dive in. Lots of love

  • heenajoshi 77w

    Dear Wannabe Reader,

    You are like that football, who is kicked by everyone to get into reading. You have been kicked by the flamboyant book lovers, by desires to be like that role model, by free advice providers, by good speakers and conversationalists and so on. May be none of the kick was strong enough to get you started, but trust me! There is nothing to be ashamed of.

    And If you are thinking why should you believe me, then I have an answer. Who will know it better than a book itself, who doesn’t want to be named and is fed up of seeing you trying and failing every time.

    Please believe me, when I say that I am astonished by your efforts of keep trying. Your trials of getting into a bookstore with a long list which was recommended to you; you see, if this list is snatching out the confidence in you while entering inside, it’s not worth it. If after looking at the book, you feel that it’s not your cup of tea, just forget about it while sipping your own cup of coffee.

    I just keep wondering, why do you need to read by recommendations? You are equally a human having your own story and mindsets. You are what no one else had been and could never be. If What you have experienced is exclusively yours’ then how can you let the other person recommend you what will you want to experience further?

    I am just annoyed at your guilliblity of being so naive that you have almost forgotten that you possess a mind too, which is capable enough to decide what is meant for you.

    You know, we books are your first life partners. Second are the humans you marry. So choosing a book should go like you are choosing a human. An exclusively rightful decision of your own mind. To hell with those heavy read recommendations. Why light reads cannot share your pillow? Isn’t the decision to begin reading already playing heavily on your mind? I have talked to all the light read books and they are more than happy to be yours. Please go ahead.

    Do you know the perks of making books your first partner? Nobody will question your character, even if you keep falling in and out of love with as many books as you can. The list would in fact, be a keep sake unlike the case with humans.

    Now you must be wondering how to choose a light read without recommendation, right? Well I guess you have heard about blurbs, which we all books know as our spines. We have very small spines but they stand strong for us. They do the talking to readers and the best thing about them, is that they are not pushy at all. So do a swayamwar with book blurbs and choose the right one for you.

    Because dear wanna be reader, just don’t give up! Some book, somewhere, is made for you too.
    Lots of love- A book.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli #writerstolli

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    Dear Wannabe Reader,


  • heenajoshi 114w

    Dear Backspace,
    Your existance in our life is breathing. We do it all the time, without any second thought. Or we do you because of second thoughts. Isn’t it an amazing feel to delete something from someone’s life, and still never being blamed?

    I know that you are made to do such stuff. But with every deletion, you grew a bit more. Not in size, not in shape, not in colour, but in terms of being the best storyteller. Or shall I say, the best story-keeper?
    I am sure that it must have been a proud feel to contain so many unwritten sagas inside you, specially when you never looked for them. Being a writer, I envy you on this. Which sometimes, makes me think that sometimes, even if the whole Universe conspires to get things working for you, you should stop hoping and looking for them deseperately.

    Sometimes passion is not the key, but non-chalance is. Because magic happens, when you hope the least. Hope probably has a heart, sensitive enough to be ignored. The moment you ignore, is the moment of your story coming out of the backspace of mind.

    So you taught me non-chalance, which worked pretty well at times while writing stories, without looking for them. Just like this letter to you.

    #pod #mirakee_reposter #writerstolli

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    Dear Backspace


  • heenajoshi 114w

    Pattern of love,
    can be flattened,
    By misunderstanding.

    Pattern of hope,
    Can be flattened,
    By notwithstanding.

    Pattern of life,
    Can be flattened,
    By perception.


  • heenajoshi 114w

    The day we start doing hope,
    As verb.
    Than a noun,
    Hope becomes a habit.

  • heenajoshi 114w

    If this makes you think,
    Victory of love.
    It is not!
    It’s hope taking over,
    Heart and mind.

  • heenajoshi 114w

    Once upon a train,
    Love blossomed.
    Once upon a railway station,
    A bomb took refuge.

  • heenajoshi 114w

    #pod #mirakee_reposter #writerstolli @laughing_soul @rangkarmi_anuj @illuterate_punk @manasaa @noctunal_muse and many more whom I have not tagged, again in chasing the never stopping and ever ticking time.

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    Due to multiplicity of writing apps,
    I am facing lack of time management.
    And thus ducking out of Mirakee.

    Will be here,
    But won’t be posting often.

    As I have got few genuine, loving people here, who know who they are without me mentioning each one of them and then feeling scared to leave any, I felt it as a duty to inform you all.

    Writing is yoga of mind. So Happy Writing.

  • heenajoshi 114w

    Self pity is more harmful,
    Than self abuse.