" You're Dream is your Signature"✌

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  • heartseeks_manishamenon 13w


    Eyes are the kindest of all..
    Eyes see anything, as it is shown trusting as if it is everything..
    Eyes aren't the beautiful one, they are the only one which you can rely on..
    Eyes express beyond words could ever..
    The best thing about eyes is, they are not the same once they've known agony..
    Eyes lose the charm, once the soul is wandering...


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 13w


    You can't break, what is already broken..
    You can't unlove, who you already Love..

    You can't heal, which is already healing..
    You can't crush, what is crushed already..

    You can't escape, what is hidden..
    You can't build, which is already made..


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 19w


    You will live in me
    As long as I breathe


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 42w

    You can find someone,
    Who you lost!!

    Not someone,
    Who left you!!


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 62w


    Be careful of what you choose!!

    Sometimes when you pray for what you want..
    You lose what you need for lifetime!!


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 66w


    You always fall in Love with unexpected people, unexpected places, at unexpected time..

    The essence and the idea of Love is a mystery beyond imagination with no limitations..


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 70w


    Soul is not just a feeling to be felt..
    Soul is way more than you believe and feel..
    It's something that belongs to you and only you as long as you exist..
    You're existence, desires, happiness, sadness, and everything you posses is because of soul..


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 70w

    I really don't know how did I and why? I've come long way with you from minutes to hours, hours to days, days to months, months to years, and will the years pass on..
    All I could perceive tonight is, I've been caught like a bird or a cat in the name fame of Love..which promised me to love for what I am! But today I figured out I was no longer me after you came in with me..
    You've altered me to be someone who you've always admired of or urged to come across.. A more of your desire and less of real me
    If I ought to say what am I today, it would merely reflect less of me and more of you..
    All I yearn forthwith is me, which is forbidden beneath you..
    So shall I allow to myself to be concealed by you or
    Will I ever be able to soar again!!


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 75w

    She could see nothing
    Everything seemed dark for her

    She never realized that untill her heart reassured it to her..
    The Man she loves
    Caressed for
    Changed herself for
    Blinding her eyes by wearing a kerchief to hide his mistakes and scars..
    To realising that
    The Man she loves
    Never Genuinely loved her from the core of his heart...


  • heartseeks_manishamenon 94w

    Over Selfish

    To all the one's who have entitled me "Selfish"..


    I over Love people, who just love me..

    I over Care for people, who don't even bother to care about me..

    I over Understand the one's ,who never understood me ..

    I over Give, to the one's who just gives only when they need something from me..

    I over Respect people, who don't Respect me ..

    I offer endless Time to the people, who never had time for me..

    I have always Given more than what I have received..
    Yes it's true,
    Everything is Over from me !!