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  • hearts_to_ink 9w

    Goodbye for Now

    Waltzing ahead, a new chapter in her tale
    Towards the glimmering horizon setting sail
    A moment of angst for the loved ones behind
    A ray of hope towards a better tomorrow in mind
    Never too far behind shalt halt her comrades
    Hand in hand forever, merry and loving parade
    One last glance around, bade everyone goodbye
    "Be back home afore thee blinketh thy eye"

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    A Chance at Hope

    Breath that shuddered between the smoke billowing
    The cigarette that scorched my skin still glowing
    Not a whimper, nay a man shalt not cry
    Lay in wait for the sorrow to pass by
    Man of High stature his skeletons lay hiding
    Deep inside the cabinet beneath them fancy clothing
    Not a whisper, nay a man shalt not defy
    His own father out of disgust and fie
    Latch the pain t'was present deep in my soul
    Hope to never become the man so foul
    A chance perhaps, shalt a man transform?
    A better human for the generations to come

  • hearts_to_ink 33w

    Where the mind wanders

    Where the mind wanders whilst sleep harks
    Towards a distant land set in a quaint Orient
    Far away from the madding crowd
    Far away from the hellish present
    Slumber beckons, down the valley of dreams
    Of desires and wishes unraveling from ages long
    Let it last till dawn's scythe rips it apart
    Like the solitary reaper's sullen song
    Cross the mighty oceans, ascend the tallest peak
    Be the warrior that you always wanted to become
    Before the smug rays of the Sun creeps past the bedpost
    Before you to the monotony of this life shall succumb

  • hearts_to_ink 38w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 7)

    Pain searing through my body, gold coursing outwards
    Blinded by the swagger, humbled by betrayal
    My heart seeking an answer for this outcome
    Was I to blame perhaps for what my daughter had become?
    Memories come flooding of times so blissful
    There she was! Her peals of laughter reverberating
    Chasing after her sisters in the Hesperides
    Unmindful of the sorrow that was to follow
    Curse the Fates for my eternal damnation
    Curse everyone for corrupting the mighty Titan that I was
    I shed a tear in repentance for my action
    Losing the trickle of humanity left, in this annihilation
    I gaze upward and long for a final moment with my dearest
    Maybe a few apologies, a final bid farewell
    Before I transcend into the unknown
    Disintegrate to infinity never to return
    She descends slowly, a picture of grace and disarray
    Weeping inconsolably for the deed she performed
    She falls into my arms in regret and repentance
    Only to see me in acceptance of my fate
    I am at bliss embracing my long lost daughter
    "It is alright my dear, it was never your fault
    I shoulder the blame for your action
    And from the depth of my soul accept the consequence"
    I wipe away her tears with the last of my strength
    "Forgive me mother Gaia for this massacre
    Protect my innocent daughter from my sin
    Let me sleep, set me free from the curse of Atlas"
    A final gasp of breath before the transit
    Into the pits of chaos and emptiness
    With the image of my daughter on my breast
    I close my eyes and give away to the darkness

  • hearts_to_ink 38w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 6)

    I let out a cry loud enough for her to hear
    Of angst that would the seven seas obliterate
    Endure the wrath of the curse of Atlas
    To lose hope after climbing the ascent
    Agony turns to pure rage as I turn myself
    To face the demon and award his peril
    But my greatest desire was my weakness after all
    Struck his blow when I let down my sight
    Blood spurts forth but so does my rage
    For pain is my ray of light, my will to fight
    I charge forward with an undeterred stride
    Hands banging past his flashing strikes
    Severely unmatched he turns to his brothers
    Poseidon and Hades arriving to pompous fare
    Perhaps a hasty move in his part to take
    In a blink they lay dead as I returned their fire
    "Is that all in your mighty arsenal, O Zeus?
    Shame enshroud the Titans who fell to your blows
    Let me end your miser-" was all I could say
    As pain struck me blind from the attack behind
    I turn to see the perpetrator of this fiendish scheme
    Jolted by the situation that lay at hand
    For bewitched is the curse of mine name
    To watch his own daughter reduced to maim
    There she stood, her eyes smeared by tears
    Hands quivering yet holding still onto the blade
    A sight of absolute melancholy is all she was
    A daughter in distress, a mother in chaos
    What led her to this gruesome act I ponder
    Perhaps a bait, or rather an illusion to misguide?
    Maybe led to conspire in return for her dead son?
    "You too my dearest?" was my silence breaking utterance
    I stumble from the sky
    I tumble towards the ocean
    Left in agony over the fate played upon
    Hitting the ground with a thud to rumble Rome till Avon

  • hearts_to_ink 38w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 5)

    A trickle of gold teasing along the sides of his face
    His feature weathered by bruises yet alert
    Yet he manages a look full of complacence
    "I must thank uncle for this exercise after all these years
    For thousands of years have the Gods awaited
    With bated breath for a challenge like this
    I pray you pose a challenge that suffices our thirst
    Until the next lamb for slaughter arrives on our porch"
    "My dear nephew seems to be presumtuous of his victory
    Let not mine previous defeat give you the rush that it does
    I arrive after slaughtering your younglings in war
    Unlike your conceited scheme killing my young in cold blood"
    He stirs for a moment over the sudden proclamation
    Perhaps in shock but he recoils almost immediately
    It is no surprise for he tried to kill his own himself
    A cold-hearted entity lowly than the lowest evil
    His grip tightens and the impending war looms in sight
    I let my focus around to scout for hidden surprises
    I now realise that the sky has not fallen since I let go
    I turn towards the hill and gasp in utmost horror
    There she was bright and tender as the day
    I saw her last before leaving for the war
    Her hair swept by the winds along the north
    Her petite frame burdened by the sky's weight
    Our eyes meet, father and daughter after eternity
    Her appearance portraying a tale of pain
    But more so of melancholy, of separation and heartbreak
    Years of sorrow tearing down my beloved Elektra's face

  • hearts_to_ink 39w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 4)

    No more this burden on my shoulders lay
    Let worlds collide as I lay ichor to waste
    Hero or God, hellhounds or sea nymphs
    Any soul that dares Atlas' might shall sink
    Skies turns ochre as the Gods slowly fall
    Lands that bleed of every hero's corpse
    Let mine fury strike fear in your hearts
    A flamboyant Titan fighting his old cause
    Appollo, Artemis, Ares and Athena
    Sincerely futile attempts to control my pace
    They lie at my feet, all blood of my blood
    Decimate your beloved and let seas flood
    We meet at last, Oh nephew and nemesis!
    Thunder claps and lightning bolts in service
    Know the might of the all-powerful Titan
    His mere presence shall annihilate his victims

  • hearts_to_ink 39w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 3)

    Never in the least to guess what ahead lay
    Thread the Fates chose to spin around me
    A moment of haste was all there could be
    To stab my father and snatch his place
    Oh Kronos! You vile fiend, who poisoned
    My soul to slay mine own blood for power
    Was I perhaps human, to err and later repent?
    No I shant sway from the path of vengeance
    But my dear Elektra, how I wish you were here
    A father may never love any daughter more
    A blot it may be for I favoured you the most
    How I grieved as you were taken by that imp!
    That thug who calls himself King of the Gods
    Who laid his hand on my child and left her
    For many moons you grieved over the battles
    How I wish I were there to wipe your tears!
    Zeus!! For long have I bore your fornication
    No longer will tyranny thrive in Gaia's bosom
    Lord Ouranos' will coursing through my body
    My bare hands to rip all the gods shall suffice

  • hearts_to_ink 39w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 2)

    Of deceit and charlatance, jealousy and greed
    Till the brim filled as to rip the soul of his kin
    Stranded from my blood for all eternity
    The curse of Atlas I endure in silent agony
    Millennia has passed since the war ended
    A guard over the purgatory of land and sky
    Stand the test of time, witness man's ascent
    A life of pleasure within reach yet so distant
    T'was a time when repentance came flooding
    Perhaps my trial by fire, of penance resolute
    Rage took over for amnesty overlooked
    Await with bated breath to turn over the tide

  • hearts_to_ink 40w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 1)

    I gaze yonder, over the crimson red sky
    Nyx stalks from afar as Helios gallops away
    I gaze yonder as the sun sinks into the valley
    Tease a fleeting image and a sly embrace
    Artemis marches alongside her mighty horde
    All sixty thousand archers resplendent bold
    Over the valley, under the bridleway
    On the tallest mountain that on earth lay
    I gaze over the land scintillated by the stars
    Stretching as far as the eye could perceive
    Yet rooted to my place I stand impaled
    Hold onto the hemlines of the sky as it sway
    Curse of Atlas draconian, a vile atrocity
    Spiteful as the unending pits of Tartarus
    Millennia I endure in muffled suffering
    A petty act, contrast to he who nailed the iron