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    [ The Pumpkin ]

    How would you feel if they ripped out your guts
    And left you just a husk, a shell, empty cavity
    How would you heal from the loss and disgust
    To these actions unjust, in all of their vanity

    How would you cope if they carved up your face
    With stencils and blades, for their own entertainment
    Taking you from your home, feeling lost and displaced
    To be placed as a spooky arrangement

    Parts of you in a pie, for a family of five
    All topped with whipped-cream to the sight of a feast
    As they chomp and they chew, masticating you
    Forced to watch these devouring beasts

    Then baking your seeds, seasoned to their needs
    To meet their teeth with a crunch of delight
    To see such a deed with no means to be freed
    Could you ever imagine such frights

    Then sitting you on their steps, with no ounce of regret
    To show faintly a flicker that shines through the holes
    A Flamed silhouette, to show you as a threat
    Just a kindle to the wick of your soul

    Then leaving you all alone, to weather and show
    Your life and all energy draining
    All your hopes once aglow, have been left to corrode
    To wither, just waning and waiting

    For some young adolescent, who happens on by
    Just to give you the time of engagement
    The very last act, till your final goodbye
    Smashing you, left to rot, on the pavement

    Yes, how would you feel ‘bout the time of October
    Coming over and over, celebrated by all
    Maybe your drunken joys, would just start to sober
    If you knew my perspective of Fall

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ Business ]

    Religion is a business
    Meant to enslave you
    From state to the pulpit
    Synagogue to pre-school
    Any god could be ruled
    By-laws and steep dues
    A penance for a sin
    And then a tariff will take two

    Meant to silence your questions
    Make you cave to oppression
    Whether state jurisprudence
    Or a commandment from heaven
    Introduced with aggression
    To leave you in depression
    And the whole world submitted
    Leaves no viewer discretion

    Leaves a rues of succession
    No choice in the manner
    Indoctrinate it long enough
    Until the law is enamored
    Until the people are hammered
    To view your source as a glamour
    Until this false-authority
    Receives its praise in a clamor

    Just a product unhampered
    A sales-pitch in relation
    Choose a cross or an eagle
    And you could change a whole nation
    A few scapegoats and martyrs
    And a controlled segregation
    Almost every act of man
    Is part of this occupation

    It's a monopoly risen
    Through a crowd, egotistic
    Where you're treated as cattle
    Just a living statistic
    Just an offering held
    As though ritualistic
    Because in truth of the matter
    At the core it's sadistic

    Whether a preach or a speech
    A serminauguration
    It's a deceit they repeat
    Without any hesitation
    Passed down one from the other
    From our past generations
    Just a seed of a lie
    That has rooted with mutations

    You see, it's all just psychotic
    They want power and control
    They want what they speak
    To be all the world knows
    To be all that we think
    To be all that we sow
    To consume our whole lives
    To only serve to their roles

    You see religion's a business
    That tries to purchase the mind
    Tries to control your heart
    And just leave you in the blind
    Just leaves you in a bind
    So that you can never shine
    An identity lost
    To be conformed and resigned

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ Fortitude ]

    Life is a blessing
    But I won’t disguise when I feel beaten
    Won’t pretend all is well
    When I am feeling weakened
    Acknowledging your pain
    Is not the same as being victim
    It is leading by example
    And turning your pain into a wisdom

    For how much more joy is counted
    Then to those who’ve overcome
    From a sorrow overbearing
    Never letting their heart numb
    We have all felt these burdens
    To sorrows, once succumb
    But yet it’s through the time of healing
    That we transform who we’ll become

    So don’t you fret when feeling beaten
    Don’t you hide your pain away
    There’s a world that needs assistance
    That is looking for a way
    If you can’t be an example
    At least don’t be a dismay
    For that will lead you down a road
    That doesn’t lead to anything

    It’s about breaking free
    Not staying in the chains
    Not sitting there, wallowing
    Soaked by the pouring rains
    As hard as it may sound
    Only you can hold the blame
    Only you control yourself
    And how you respond is what you claim

    So I’m telling you, right now
    The fortitude is yours
    No matter your current burdens
    You can overcome this war
    By tending to your wounds
    Resting when you’re sore
    Keep rising when you fall
    Until the day that you’re restored

    Come to be the pillar
    Bastioned and secured
    So when the waves are observed crashing
    All will marvel how you endured
    How you faced your struggles
    How you faced your fears
    How you never wavered
    Because you chose to persevere

    And when the storm has passed
    Though weak, you’re not weary
    You do not dwell within despair
    All clouded and dreary
    And instead still show of passion
    Hopeful and clearly
    Ready to heal from the wounds
    That have cut you severely

    Because you have the strength
    To rise back to your feet
    To stand your ground
    When the earth shakes beneath
    To not let hurt define you
    Even when it repeats
    To be a beacon to the world
    That will not fall to defeat

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen

    (Warning: Lots of negative things pertaining to government and society, read at your own discretion.)

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    [ Allegiance ]

    The evils of the government
    Are pretty much bottomless
    Yet people still submit their lives
    And worship of their confidants
    Trained to fear the world
    Rolling armies out in prominence
    Conjuring up wars
    That they expedite with confidence

    All caution to the err
    Dropping bombs upon the slaves
    Another third world
    Reconstructed to a grave
    Another resource
    Let us carry on for days
    With the illusion of a threat
    You're guaranteed the people's praise

    Oh, hallelujah
    Flesh melting from their corpses
    Their children turned to ash
    Please send in the reinforcements
    Broadcast that there is danger
    And just fabricate the sources
    No need to end a war
    When you're flooded with endorsements

    And if the foreign land’s exhausted
    We'll just increase the population
    Of the people of the prisons
    That refuse the be our patrons
    And everyone applauds
    Whose hearts hold ignorance and hatred
    And everyone's enthralled
    By televised assassination

    It's been a while since the holocaust
    Maybe time to script a sequel
    Let socialism run amuck
    And sacrifice its people
    They've submitted to the government
    And that act has made them regal
    The worthless toys and joys of tyranny
    And now it's time to burn cathedrals

    Nothing held sacred
    In the rule of the State
    No religious act more glorified
    Then unrestrictive hate
    Keeping life in constant tension
    As a means to easily create
    Division in the populous
    That leads to segregate

    With so many factions battling
    Uncivil wars waging
    Basing their beliefs
    Based on the media's staging
    Propaganda flooding minds
    Deceptive yet engaging
    Raising the vile and destructive
    To contention and raging

    Changing the multitudes
    Adapting into legions
    Drawing unity through violence
    While society weakens
    While society bleeds and
    Ignores all of reason
    For all humanity is lost
    While evil has allegiance

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

  • heartofbabel 1w

    [ A Decision of Love ]

    Have you ever felt rejection
    As you’ve strived for affection
    I have, and I’ll tell you
    To flee at the mention
    For some people are calloused
    In their heart, to no fail
    And they will beat you, and drain you
    In an endless assail

    But Love, True Love
    Is a treasure indeed
    With no restraint nor condition
    To set you to deed
    Selfless, in wonder
    Strength far beyond
    All the burdens we carry
    Just dissolve in response

    And what’s left, but a passion
    An intimate kiss
    That fells all your guards
    Till you cannot resist
    So you stay in eternal
    Knowing full well
    That outside of this Love
    Is only offered, a hell

    So find that Love
    To unlock the chains of your heart
    And do not let sorrow and shame
    Try to tear it apart
    Your hope is not slain
    By the wrongs you have known
    But instead lies in waiting
    Until its day to be shown

    So flee from the terrors
    Don’t heed to excuse
    For the actions of hate
    Just exhaust and abuse
    For you are a value
    And you shouldn’t feel pressured
    To perform for affection
    When you should be treasured

    So when, in love
    Has no answer returned
    That is the time
    Your heart should discern
    What is the purpose
    To hold to this way
    If love is so distant
    And your heart’s in dismay

    Now, love is resilient
    Love is never failing
    That is, if it’s true
    And not a curtailing
    And love could still tarry
    Past any old wrong
    But if love’s not returned
    It’s a solo of song

    So sing to a mirror
    Instead of a wall
    Look for love in reflection
    Not in withdrawal
    And whatever the outcome
    Whatever the choice
    Let love be the source
    Your decision employs

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ The Diplomat ]

    Liberal, Conservative
    Tolerant, unbiased
    A bunch of adjectives
    But none of which are Righteous
    Claim to be the best
    Just a god in the likeness
    Turns out that your religion
    Is the epitome of lifeless

    Elephants and asses
    Fighting under Eagles
    Underneath a steeple
    Preaching all that's fecal
    Teleprompter readings
    To indoctrinate the people
    Just to spark a civil war
    A distraction that is lethal

    Obey your Ten Commandments
    The government's expanded
    You wanna build yourself up
    But you just came openhanded
    Now everybody's branded
    Hurt, abused and stranded
    Felt the system gave you purpose
    But all meaning has disbanded

    Talk about an outcast
    The government has two class
    One controls the people
    While the other pays the sales tax
    That's quite a bit of contrast
    Begging for a hall pass
    Temperatures are rising
    And it's cloudy in your forecast

    A continual outpouring
    Eternities of warring
    When evil plays the victim
    You'll find none that are adoring
    So what's with all the roaring
    Actions so deploring
    Love is beaten down
    While hatred's set to soaring

    An empire of conquest
    Evil beyond contest
    Everyone submitted
    And blinded to false promise
    Now frankly lets be honest
    None of you are modest
    Submitted to a system
    That is eager to admonish

    Bigots set to blaspheme
    A nightmare of a daydream
    The walking dead amongst us
    Serving patriarch and regime
    Corruption of the episteme
    Lacking their own self-esteem
    Mutilating grace
    For the famine of the mainstream

    Republican or Democrat
    Any government at that
    If you support the system
    You have helped to form the epitaph
    Created your own golden calf
    Helped destroy the habitat
    In the likeness of a monster
    Just an advocate and diplomat

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ The Dreaded Parable ]

    Despair in your life
    Came a little premature
    But what you gonna do
    When things come unearthed
    You just sift right through the rubble
    Trying to find the treasure
    Searching for meaning
    When things are disturbed

    For there’s a whole lot to learn
    From the ashes and remnants
    With your structures destroyed
    As you just dwell without pleasance
    Destruction an art
    That never asks your acceptance
    To catch the truest emotion
    And expose your dependence

    Just a drop in the bucket
    Of an ocean of pain
    And not one man alive
    Holds a measure to claim
    For the waves and the tides
    Will rise and refrain
    And life will continue
    No matter how bad it rains

    So when the dam breaks
    And the lands are all flooding
    And you think to yourself
    That you’re left with nothing
    Frail and exposed
    In a fashion so grudging
    Know the waters will drain
    To bring a flower’s new budding

    And life will be grand
    And all will seem well
    When hope is restored
    And remains there to dwell
    And the tales we will tell
    Of our time in hell
    Where once we cried
    We’ll but laugh, as compelled

    And slowly but surely
    Our memories will fade
    We’ll forget of the pain
    How it once portrayed
    How it felt like the end
    That dwelling of shame
    And we’ll start to rebuild
    The same walls we were claimed

    And the flowers will bud
    But then so too the weeds
    And our comforts won’t afford us
    At all but to greeds
    And vain we will live
    Taking no heed
    While stretching all meaning
    For things we’ve no need

    And the cracks of foundation
    Will slowly start to spread
    And blinded in vanity
    We’ll not raise our head
    Ignoring the past
    All the same once again
    Until we feel the same loss
    And dwell in the same dread

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ Stars ]

    When I was a child
    I used to watch the stars
    Counting them in numbers
    All shining from afar
    Laying in the grass
    Gazing at the sky
    Mesmerized in silence
    On the night car rides

    But now I hardly see them
    With this city and its lights
    That muddy up the skies
    Veiling me from sight
    This life has lost its splendor
    To artificial glow
    And drawing me as dim
    To feel no purpose in the soul

    Try to make a wish
    Knowing it’s in vain
    This system is mechanic
    Meant to fashioning these chains
    Yet I’m told to keep on churning
    Strive to pave a way
    But as light and life diminish
    All that’s left is the grave

    Where are my starry eyes now
    Have they faded from existence
    The child I was once
    Just seems so far and distanced
    A memory that’s faded
    And almost inconsistent
    That I try to resurrect
    And yet my mind holds to resistance

    Society demanding
    That I look a certain way
    To walk the path long-worn and trodden
    And to never ever stray
    All the pressures on the efforts
    Where achievements build display
    And the world can gawk and ridicule
    Devouring the prey

    Trained to keep my eyes
    Focused on an object
    The illusions of success
    Where dreams are long since shipwrecked
    Lying to your mind
    And blindly I will accept
    While the stars remain veiled
    No longer seeing what they project

    I sit still in this fog
    Knowing it isn’t life
    To live within a shadow
    To never see the light
    And while the skies are darkened
    It’s but a fabricated night
    With murky, muddled visions
    Which I do not delight

    I long to see the stars again
    Where once I felt alive
    Instead of sitting here
    Where I feel I’ve long since died
    To live a life of freedom
    And not simply just survive
    To burn bright in all my brilliance
    Because I was born to shine

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

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    [ The Beating Heart ]

    The heart can be a rant
    Beating to a tantrum
    Blinded by emotion
    As the mind just cannot fathom
    Often that’s how we stand
    Pulsing to a spasm
    Losing touch with Love
    Giving chase unto the phantoms

    Until we’re held in darkness
    No direction to the light
    Servant to the mindset
    As it wanders out of sight
    Conjuring up demons
    Holding us in fright
    Divided from compassion
    And all of its delight

    Trapped within disorder
    Mentally deranged
    Shackled in deception
    Perceptions unexplained
    Calloused from the pain
    It has chosen to sustain
    Held within a prison
    Yet there’s always hope of change

    The heart can be a tyrant
    Divorcing self from love
    Craving but a vengeance
    Satiated but with blood
    Ready to devour
    Waiting for the flood
    Pressure building up
    To bang the gavel, as a judge

    Completely lost to purpose
    Torn away from passion
    Functioning to live
    But without any satisfaction
    Without the purest joy of love
    Just held within distraction
    Withered to the soul
    No longer holding an attraction

    The fruit has been exhausted
    The fields are laying bare
    From a heart that could have nurtured
    But instead embraced despair
    Letting all love fade away
    Neglecting over care
    So broken over time
    In dire need to be repaired

    Pushing love away
    Instead of being its reflection
    Called to be a beacon
    But dwelling in contention
    Silenced to the soul
    Letting corruption lead deception
    All recollection shattered
    Fading fast in disconnection

    Keep beating heart
    Awaken from demise
    Let love speak life again
    So you can finally reply
    Keep beating heart
    Release yourself from lies
    Be reconciled into love
    The absolute of your design

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel

  • heartofbabel 2w

    [ Holy ]

    What are you, but loved, my friend
    I hold no wrong in record
    For Love is all I will attend
    Consume me in all measure
    I once was lost within the blame
    Felt the burden of transgressors
    That held me blind within a shame
    And kept me from my pleasures

    My own belief a stumbling block
    Accepting but a lie
    When Truth had put me on the spot
    I let doubt be my guide
    A fool to turn his back away
    Salvation left denied
    And lo’ I stayed to waste the day
    While never asking why

    Now, such could have been my story
    Tragically remained
    A man veiled from glory
    Held captive by dismay
    But I was wrapped and fortunate
    Truth beaming to relay
    Identity beyond the trick
    That I had once conveyed

    And now a subtle whisper
    Can call me from despair
    To get my life right back to track
    To greet its kind repair
    Not shackled by the faults and fears
    Which I was so aware
    Blinded by a history
    Which I need not compare

    Eyes and mind are open
    The heart is wide awake
    And this discourse of love
    Is a resonance of fate
    The absolute of liberty
    A rapture right into grace
    For no matter what’s surrounding
    There is freedom to partake

    No, I will not forsake
    When the feast is right before me
    I will not feel ashamed
    Not let a lie keep me from glory
    For I’ve been shown a living truth
    Releasing me of worry
    Erasing all of fiction
    As it authors out my story

    And hope, for the first time
    Has overcome my life
    And seeing for the first time
    I finally have my sight
    Was blinded by corruptions
    And burdened by their strife
    But now the yoke is easy
    And the burden, it is light

    And what am I, but love, my friends
    As Love has come to know me
    And what have I but strength at hand
    As joy has come to show me
    Released in whole of all condemn
    No longer am I lonely
    To see and know truth apprehend
    Transforming me as holy

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel