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  • heartfully 8w

    You know what I adore? That feeling of oneness with everything around you. Flowers, the sun, the clouds (I'm especially in love with the sun and cloud, it always amazes me)

    Someone said, if you look at it with love, it becomes beautiful. And I felt that������

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    Just want to live in a place
    I can call mine.
    My safe space.

    Just want to soar with the wind
    And gaze at the skies.
    Makes me feel so alive.

    Have you seen the moon
    And stars at night?

    Have you seen the sun
    And clouds in the day?

    Feels like they call my name.

    Maybe I'm obsessed
    Or I'm just always amazed.

  • heartfully 8w


    And baby
    Just Maybe
    If u could believe
    A little bit more

    If only u could hang on
    For a little while longer

    You'd realize
    Where ur happy place lies

  • heartfully 8w

    Someone posted this on their status so I decided to share.��

    I personally believe that people should constantly work on themselves, and I do that. And that's one thing I love about myself; my willingness to improve and accept my mistakes. Growth is a concept I've totally embraced������

    No one is perfect, I agree but you can improve. Accept ur mistakes, own up to them, improve, grow, learn, unlearn, change, evolve. I'm all for self development❤❤

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee #miraquill #growthmindsets #growthmindset #growth

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    "The purpose of being single is to discover yourself so deeply that you don't loose yourself when you find the one". She smiled. In short, know thyself.

    That love and affection that you're waiting for someone to come around and shower you with, you have to shower it on yourself first. That great turnaround in your life you're waiting for someone to do, do it yourself.

    There are so many expectations on a spouse, so many unrealistic ones and we forget they're human too. Know yourself, embrace yourself, work on yourself so that when "the one" comes, it's a compliment to the amazing piece of work you are".


  • heartfully 9w


    Forever is us
    But u left me feeling empty
    Now I just look back and laugh
    I believed the lie you told me
    What a clown I am

    Now I just marvel
    At how quick things could go south

    Today best friends
    Tomorrow strangers


  • heartfully 9w


    What she saw.
    Hesitant, she replied,

    A wide bridge
    Paved with gems
    With the handrails
    Covered in flowers.

    A walkway
    With roses above
    Beautifully entwined
    Forming a perfect shade
    To welcome visitors.

    What beautiful sight that is

    Why don't I see the same?
    Why do I see thorns
    And thorns
    And thorns?

  • heartfully 9w


    So, in my previous post, I lamented on how I wasn't able to upload a profile picture to my profile. It's sorted out now��
    Thank you @shadowofthoughts_ for helping out ����

    #mirakeeworld #writersnetworks #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    Can I paint my name
    On the walls of your territory?

    Am I allowed to write it like henna on your palms?

    Or could it be engraved on your heart forever?

    I ask of you
    Let it be engraved on your heart forever.


  • heartfully 9w

    Today makes the eighths day of me writing here. It feels great to be able to pour out my thoughts����

    I'm not an expert poet but I must say, I'm not too bad either ������

    [P.S]: the reason you might not see a profile picture on my profile is cos I tried to do it but it's not working��
    Any ways, we move!!��

    #personification #wod #writersnetwork #writersnetworks

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    That which throbs
    A throbbing heart,

    Disturbed and tired
    Scared and sad

    Restlessly roaring
    At the sight of uncertainty

    Throbbing, pounding,
    Throbbing, pounding,

    What can cure a throbbing heart?

  • heartfully 9w

    I can't help but look back and wonder where it all went wrong.

  • heartfully 9w

    Write a letter to your younger self telling him/her something he/she would have appreciated hearing at that time ��

    Try it��

    If you end up writing a poem after the experience/experiment, you could tag me. I'd love to read your poem❤

    #writersnetwork #writersnetworks #mirakee #livelife #healingjourney

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    My love,
    Did I not tell you
    That you would be ok?

    As broken as you felt
    As shattered as you were
    As lonely and dead inside,
    That you will be alright?

    So I hope the next time
    I tell you
    How that too shall pass
    You will find it easier
    To believe my words,
    True and sincere.


  • heartfully 9w

    If you're reading this, I hope you'd finally be able to heal from whatever it is you've gone through. I hope you'd be able to find courage to rise up once again and grow higher ❤❤❤

    #healing #healingjourney #growth #breathe #livelife #wod #writersnetworks #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    A soul,
    Embracing the calmness of nature
    And the beauty of solitude

    The wind gently brushing up
    Against her skin

    Can you see her?
    Gently! Very gently
    Setting herself free

    As she begins to let down the luggage
    That has been weighing her down