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    With love Kamakshi ����

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    Hopefully you all are real men and women!

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    Murder happened, investigation started,
    Mrs Papayawas indeed suspected,
    Mr Avacado found three evidences ,
    Which ensured Mr Mango surely was murdered!

    The place of murder was sealed,
    A knife, wooden board and Mango blood were seen !

    Mr kiwi , Mrs papaya,, Mr Apple and Mrs orange all got murder one bye one! leaving Mr. Avacado astronished!!

    Dum dish, hum hish all those voices scared him as he saw all the victims were chopped into for furit salad !! Ahhhhh!

    Dum dum dum he ran he ran in the sake of saving himself jumping into his bucket again !

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    Today its mother's day ,
    But we all forget our one mother who gave us life and birth and has the right to give us death!

    Never desires to see her kids do bad and has her own methods to make us right.

    She cares , hears and layers us with her unique love and patience. Opens every way for us and help us grow with her gold.

    We dig in her to get food and, but she always remains our dude.

    Distributes the prices of sadness and success based of our karma .

    Even though she is harsh she never forgets to forgive and she is the one and only our sweet hearted mother earth

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    We had decided to meet the day we met but i was not comfortable so i messaged him that i could not make it that day.
    As the days passd after 10 days he finally asked me again. Hahah.. yes I had build some trust on him by now so I agreed

    I was ready by 6:30 and waited for him. The half an hour that I had in my hand was spent swimming in his memories and words.

    *20 mins later*

    I hurried and went down stairs heading out of my room and went out of the house and stood near the footpath waiting for his car to arrive.

    Ten minutes later he arrived with his beautiful BMW.

    "Hey , looking beautiful in that dress"
    "Hey. Thank you "
    "Come on sit"

    His house looked beautiful. Its was huge and elegant at the same time.

    His mom welcomed us with delicious snacks.

    We went down to the basement for making our project. After half an hour we were tired of cutting ang pasting out so we decided to take break..

    He took me to his tree house. It smelled sooo soothing. Something like wood.

    "Do you know kiya why did we came here?" Said lev

    I continued looking at him
    Further he added
    "As a kid this placed seemed so personal to me. I never wanted anyone else to intrude me when I am here or never wanted anyone to enter"

    "You are the first person to come here. So welcome "

    I laughed throwing me head back

    " y me? " I said
    " Because I felt an instant connection the day I saw you"

    " I know Its been only 10 days but I feel ther is some connection between us that I never felt with any other girl "

    " aww thank you for saying so.. I am sure there must be a relation between us "

    " I just don't feel good when you go to other boys . I know we are not a thing but I cant help it out ... am sorry"

    "Hey , its ok . Dont be sorry coz I feel the say way you do"

    " amm.. so what do you think? Dinner tomorrow?"
    "Hahahah let me see if I dont have any plans tomorrow. "

    " sure and do text me soon. Coz I have to look for the best place for someone like you kiya.. "

    " lev .. I think you need to drop me home now!"

    " hahaha , sure why not!"
    I smiled .............

    ..... to be continued. Pls comment down you reviews.

    Sorry for such a late post the situations here at my place were not ok.. but now I wont disappoint you.

    Thank you for endless support. ❤

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    (Part 3)

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    @26rainbow_salt follow her guys..
    Thank you.

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    Guys follow @26rainbow_salt

    She is starting her page and support her just the way you do for me. Stay tuned at her page for comming up superlative content.

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    Hope u guys like it and read the 1 and 2nd part if u dint read it...

    I hope u guys are excited ����

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    Stay tuned for tomorrow as a release date for

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    I am so freeking out rn.. ita near to my place.

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    By unknown writer

    So true and beautiful!

    So always speak gorgeous to please everyone and when we please someone then happiness comes crawling towards us faster than the speed of light

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    At exactly 12 noon i rushed down the hallway which lead my way to the canteen. Pushing the wide class door I entered in , and coyly smiled at the thought of meeting him again. As I moved my eyes around I dint find him there.

    That time when I was still swimming in the thought of
    search for him ,suddenly someone pulled my arm with a force grabbing it from the wrist, my body got twised as a response to that unaware force and my hair flowing low in perfect round. Turning around I realized its him and my heart calmed .
    He held both of my hands with his comfortable fingers
    and we both made a perfect eye contact.

    Breaking that transitory and lovely movement raising his brows and said,

    " Am lev Cameron and you?"
    "I am kiya"
    " you are gorgeous kiya!"

    His words gave a chill down my nerves!

    " thank you"
    " well would you like to team up with me in poster making for the fest?"
    " ya ,sure I would love to " i said
    " Ohkay!! How about I'll pick you up by 7 in the evening? At my place?"

    " ya,am down "

    And he went off ,
    After taking a few steps he turned around and walked at me again , came near me , slightly touched near my lips, and said,

    " Did I tell you?"
    " Umm what?" I asked him giving an astronished look.

    " you have a mesmerizing smile, I wish it was mine" he said.

    He tured again and got out of the canteen ,

    What???? Really!!!!!!

    He said that ? Isn't it?.

    He really made me feel beautiful in my own skin
    And made me realized that I dont have to be envy anymore. This was a gut feeling and all kinds of butterflies flew in my stomach!

    To be continued!!!
    ( i know its going slow but this is how love works.. stay tuned guys and PLS COMMENT DOWN YOUR REVIEWS!!!!!!)

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    (2nd page read the first one to understand)