kamakshi sharma. simple smart, style. lovely combo #feminist

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  • hazel_factory 4d

    Dear Shambhavi ❤

    Wish you a super amazing birthday dear shambhavi ❤.. May god always bless you with loads of happiness , success and love . Reach great heights in you life. Thank you for being such a supportive , understanding and my helping hand . You in my life have a lots of value and I am blessed to have you❣. Your the first person to actually listens to me and helps me take wise decisions in my hard times. I may not be able to express myself in these few words but beautiful you mean a lot to me.. enjoy your day and have goodness throughout your life..
    With love,
    Kamakshi ( your adopted daughter) ❣

  • hazel_factory 2w

    Hey you!

    " YES YOU "


    THAT .......

    Your eyes are very beautiful, Coz you see beauty in every dam thing and in evey person!❤

  • hazel_factory 5w

    I would rather be "ANNOYINGLY" positive and OPTIMISTIC, rather than being "DESTRUCTIVELY" negetive and HATEFUL

  • hazel_factory 6w

    Confidence is the key to get ahead in life so when you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you ! """" BECAUSE PERCEPTION IS REALLY""" ❤

  • hazel_factory 7w


    People born during the fall are the greatest of lovers.
    Romance is their biggest quality and so is intellectualism.

    Kind is their heart , care is in their blood but once you mess with them , then there is and their silent treatment acting as gunshot to you!

  • hazel_factory 8w

    Never ignore the person who loves you, care for you, wants to have no complications with you, wishes to keep you happy and always takes small arguments on heart without you realizing it how much it hurts them.

    Coz one day you will realize that you missed the aura of moon ignoring it in counting billion of stars. Coz that night is never gonna come back and neither will that aura!
    It hurts to the person who love you Coz it's true love not fake. Don't loose it . Appreciate ❤

  • hazel_factory 9w

    I was just trying to be that perfect person that no one is! And so I realized that there are people no matter how good you are will not like you! And you know what? Being cool with it is wise and that brings inner happiness ❤.

    Also we are perfect with the right people❤.

    . so we are perfect but never can be perfect at the same time

  • hazel_factory 9w

    Be that charm that calms everybody ❤

  • hazel_factory 10w

    It was midnight ,
    and I was vibing in the darkness,
    When I realized that,
    darkness is a blessing in disguise,
    for it never questions or let you be questioned,
    but instead complements you for being in your natural self.

    As not even you can be a viewer of your own body , for it is the only place where you can be perfectly perfect , for it covers all your flaws and let your soul portray who you truely are!❤

  • hazel_factory 10w

    Sometimes you need to end the thing you started leaving away all the ego for the sake of everyone's happiness!

    And then you win!