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  • hayleyj 2w


    Little bee caught in a web
    struggles to be free.
    Little spider caught in the rain
    ignores the insects plea.
    Lunch is ready, wrapped in silk
    not for the bee but the spider.
    For give a day the bee is gone
    and the spider's a bee wider.

  • hayleyj 2w


    A king who reins himself more than all other
    Regal virtues, of many, devotion
    Invests in his people, his blood, his lover
    To conquer the world he spanned the ocean

    Searching for conquest worthy of force
    A queen with high walls and red flags emblazoned
    Effective first blows of sleepless discourse 
    Exchanging knowledge beyond the days end

    Breach the walls and make claim on your share
    While the hole in the chest fits no single key
    The outer pleads: caution, handle with care
    With the whole of his heart he shall find me

    The hands clasped, I wish you see it treasure
    For my heart filled with you sings forever together

  • hayleyj 9w


    Dark is where the scary things live.
    Best keep them there,
    so people don't get scared.
    And so you keep me in the dark.

  • hayleyj 12w

    Sunrise Sunset

    Sunrise, sunset. Day's start, day's end.
    Most live lives directed, like most; some pretend.
    Day in, day out, the question stays the same; will I do want I want? Or nothing, and remain.
    The answer endures unchanged, consistent like the sun. Lest selfish thoughts beget, careful work undone.
    Some can deal with days, they rise to deal with shit. But days for me are different; some rise, some sit

  • hayleyj 12w

    Sound of Silence

    Hello darkness, my old friend. Good to see you haven't changed.
    Like dark, still water right below me; the worst in myself that you show me.
    The nightmare that is, sound of silence. Turns my mind deranged.
    Alone to drown within my thoughts, the soul becomes estranged.

  • hayleyj 12w


    Light feather born from adrift.
    Descending heavens, floating admidst
    rough winds, change of course.
    Regrets journey, returns to source.
    Please feather, I wish for you.
    Be like me and continue through.
    You have no path, have no track.
    I have no guts, to turn back.

  • hayleyj 12w

    Teen Angst

    Disconnected, worlds apart. Frail thoughts brought asunder.
    Crave incense heart desire. Reminisce old time like breaking glass.
    Dreams forego words un spoketh. Little hearts, little dreams, broad story tellers tracking freedom.
    Less do unturned stones reveal truths than written atop the harsh surface by time. Canned feelings, open to reveal rotted by disregard. Nevertheless forget all that has been said; worthless is caring about anything. Here's my poem to you Hayley. Fuck you. Fuck you and everything you care about. That fact that your whole life revolves around others should give you a good idea of how pathetic you are. Worthless sack of shit. How poetic.

  • hayleyj 13w

    Donkey Kong vs King K Rool 2

    Cold. So cold.
    The wicked body of a lifeless reptile torn asunder.
    Finding peace only in nostalgia; an ephemeral respite.
    Once a proud ruler. Once free from struggle, yet
    reality strikes, seraphic form with movements that seems to flow and twine with the strings of reality itself. Crack. Thunder.
    Is this how it ends? Confusion. Despair.
    It is not a Monkey's place to think. I win because I am.
    I am the obstacle of complacency.
    The wall which stretches endlessly into the abyss.
    I infinitely look down upon you. Oh curious crocodile, how you endlessly scale.
    The higher you climb, the further you fall,
    such is the cyclic nature of it all.
    Just as certainly as heat rushes through my veins, the life leaves yours.
    I do not pray thee fall, it is no matter to me.
    I have always been above you, and always will be.

  • hayleyj 13w

    Donkey Kong vs King K Rool 1

    A poem for those with hopes held high despite in vain.
    A receptical of primate pain.
    Monkey fuck, donkey slam.
    Furry dick, chimera pram.
    Wide eyed naivity, warped by the abyss of despair.
    Shattering reality of fist shielded in hair.
    Fuck you fuck you fuck you, head bang now your stuck.
    I've charged it already, time for my mangled monkey mind machine super donkey spin charge punch boy fuck.

  • hayleyj 13w


    The frailty of form reflected thus
    Beneath control; above fate
    Eternally endeavoured is those loyal
    Eternally internally in turmoil
    Into the void of decision we are thrust