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  • hash_sassy 3d

    Feels like Home

    In your arms I feel safe...
    In your presence I feel warm.....
    In my head It feels like home...

  • hash_sassy 1w

    I suddenly start to imagine things "cause of you, .......
    I wish I could tell you this ......
    And I'm sooo sure you feel this way too...
    'Cause you see me like I see you.....
    Everyone today asked me why my mouth was full of teeth....

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    Thinking about you

    My mouth is full of teeth....
    My stomach is full of butterflies......
    My mind is full of your words and laughter

  • hash_sassy 1w


    Why dont guys see me?
    Like romantically
    That's cause you dont see them when they do.....

  • hash_sassy 1w

    Of you

    I find pieces of you in every song I listen to

  • hash_sassy 2w

    Goody shoes

    You'll be busy being a goody shoes
    While I'll be winning

  • hash_sassy 2w


    I'm not lazy...
    I just dont want to do anything......

  • hash_sassy 2w


    Hell is a better place then Earth

    So I'm told........

  • hash_sassy 2w


    Call me crazy
    Call me delusional
    Call me a dreamer

    I will always believe in fairytales.......
    I'll always believe in True love.......
    Just try and stop me

  • hash_sassy 3w


    You steal my heart
    You break it and
    then you crush it

    And then you steal it again

  • hash_sassy 3w


    Its hurts so much to admit it....
    But , cant avoid it for long , right?