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  • harsh97203 29w

    Puri duniya ke jazbaat ek taraf,
    Tujse pehli mulakat ek taraf ❤️

  • harsh97203 29w

    Aaj uska din he
    Jisse mera har din he ❤️

    Happy Mother's Day Mumma ❤️

  • harsh97203 30w

    "Aah ! I m so weird"
    She murmured...?

    You are my girl. How can you even except yourself to be normal.

    He winked at her ❤️;

  • harsh97203 30w

    Me bhi kisi ki baho me tut padhu..
    Koi haq se gale lgaye to ❤️

  • harsh97203 42w

    Cracking cheap jokes in public,
    Double meaning talks,
    Seeing everyone in notorious way,
    Shouting in the crowd and making me feel embarrassed,

    Are some characteristics of my squad !!
    Aren't we ❤️

  • harsh97203 42w

    She makes weird faces on video calls and he takes screenshots of all those poses.

    Both pretend like they are not in love but apparently, they're in love.

    How blissful this type of love is ❤️

  • harsh97203 43w

    Pulling her chubby cheeks.

    Pulling her out of every difficulty.

    He handled his relationship romantically and maturely.
    Not all the boys are same. ❤️✨

  • harsh97203 43w

    चेहरे देख कर दिल ️लगाया ही नही कभी,
    हां मुस्कुरा‍हटो पर तेरी कई बार जान लुटाई है हमने..!❤️

  • harsh97203 51w

    "As he moved forward,
    His lips met her stomach,
    gently brushing , then the
    space between her
    breasts. He raised her
    legs higher and higher ,
    rolling her hips and as his
    lips met hers, he
    entered her ,sliding
    deeper , 'till the last they
    were fully joined. she
    arched her back then and
    whispered in his ear ," I m
    yours . Take all of mine." ❤️

  • harsh97203 51w

    She woke to the morning sunshine. She stretched a little, enjoying the sensual feel of the sheets against her naked body.
    He was sitting in a chair near the window , reading , wearing just his shorts.
    She raised up on one elbow , the sheet falling away , exposing her breast.
    'Come back to bed Baby' ,she said "I need you ".❤️