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  • harlynnoelle 5h

    To be a poet

    It is when one can no longer define normalcy,
    Can no longer hold back their tears,
    When the universe is nothing but a burden on their shoulder,
    Or when nobody understands their fears.
    Finally, when the people you love turn into the people you write about
    Only then will you realize,
    within all the words and all the ink you've spared
    that you're the poem
    and everyone becomes a poet

  • harlynnoelle 10w

    Floral melancholy

    Flowers wither, wither and fall
    The fragrant smell of their death
    while vibrant on autumn winds,
    brings forth space to breathe

  • harlynnoelle 11w

    Without You

    When I had to leave you,
    I left the words hidden far too long
    On a box we promised to open,
    In a future we forbade to give ourselves.
    Was it a present that we freed ourselves?
    From all the misunderstandings our lives brought.
    Jars of I-OWE-YOUS and paper stars
    Now probably getting dust at our once shared room.
    Music boxes shattered, couple portraits now in broken frames...
    The box of love letters burned as much as our anger brought up flames.
    I'd love to get them all back, I do
    But to do so,I'd have to bring you along with me too
    I'm happy now so I wish you are too
    But I know I'm better off without you.

  • harlynnoelle 11w

    Color wheel

    You told me how you'd love to slather me in your colors
    "We'd make the perfect shade after all"
    Like a lunatic, I jumped into your cold cold arms
    And in an instant I was swallowed with your deceitful lies
    The rainbows that we painted fading to a monotonous ever after...
    Was our hue not enough that we sought to be dappled in others?
    Or had we never meant to blend in the first place?

  • harlynnoelle 17w

    Set A: Stardust
    Set B: She fell from the sky

    #combination #miraquill #writersnetwork #poem #wod

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    Pyrrhic Victory

    She fell from the sky one evening
    Leaving stardust at her wake
    Her wings may have withered to ashes
    But for love its worth the stake
    And to earth she truly wishes
    For life to linger longer
    For what use is a sacrifice
    If not to make the others stronger?

  • harlynnoelle 17w

    Abandoned Building

    I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times...

    I would have teenagers scaring each other in my hallways, nudging each other, teasing if one is too scared in the many ghost hunts they arranged. And on the softest of nights where the breeze is light and the moon ever beautiful couples would come up to my worn yet sturdy rooftop to make wishes on falling stars. I have had my fair share of memories with the people that come and go. Making homes in my now torn and forgotten walls and now I only have the ghosts of people living their routines in the broken and door-less rooms. I know people won't dare come close to me specially now that I'm on the brink of collapse and bare of any signs of renovation but the memories I've kept of the people who had lived and the animals who greeted me as they go through life I'll always cherish right to the day I am to be turned to rubble and soon to dust. Once I'm away I hope the next building can also learn how to love the world around them, appreciate how one can hold so much memories in such a fragile body of wires and cement.

  • harlynnoelle 17w


    There was this man I saw at a place from long ago. He would take a few moments to look at the sky with a smile so graceful it could light up the darkest of nights that I soon forget how others would laugh and stare as if he's mad.

    He would never miss a day to sit on the bench and take a moment to smile at the sky. Whether its bleak and grey or vividly blue and soon my curiosity got the best of me and I asked him why he does so?

    He welcomed me like a long lost friend as I sat beside him. His smile still beautiful despite the dreary skies that day. He never did look my way. But he had plenty to say.

    "Why not smile at those that people had forgotten? Tell them that we're all still doing fine down here. Ask them to keep hanging our wishes on stars and for one mere moment reach for the skies that reminds us we're all just mere humans too"

    Then I realized how far too young this man is. How his smile held darkness as much as light and I wonder what has he gone through for him to age at such a short span of time.

    I never did get to see him again ever since that fated day. Although, every now and then I stare at the everlasting sky. I forget the people staring at me and smile.

  • harlynnoelle 17w


    You were like liquor
    I'd love to get drunk to
    Despite knowing I'm allergic
    Yet to you I still come home to

  • harlynnoelle 24w


    To my little firefly
    Never loose your little light.
    Burn the brightest stars tonight,
    And promise you'll take flight

  • harlynnoelle 27w

    On spring and freedom

    Won't you join me in the meadow?
    Forget the noisy world for a day
    Revel in bluebirds chirping
    For flowers always bloom in May

    Sway along to sighing breezes
    Dance barefoot in summer rain...
    There's beauty in flower crowns and lemonade
    When there's a whole new world to attain