Trying to escape but could't...This world is an assembly of strangers...Pouring my thoughts on paper....crying with flowing ink

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  • haritika09 74w

    You will loose me and you
    Won't even realize
    Everytime when you fight
    You want to win
    But i just keep quiet made you
    Think I'm easy to supress
    But you don't have any idea
    How much deep your act can depress

  • haritika09 74w

    Everyone is selfish
    There's no one who is not
    The difference is we think we
    Always think we are less selfish
    Than others but that's not true

  • haritika09 75w

    We all make mistakes
    But we always highlights others
    While hiding our own

  • haritika09 76w

    So many things
    I prefer to hide
    More than telling and
    Not being understood
    I choose to be quiet

  • haritika09 76w

    I don't feel happiness
    I don't feel alive
    Am just breathing air
    Until i die
    Am surviving the day
    Until it's night
    So i don't have to pretend
    to be happy and fake a smile

  • haritika09 77w

    We are living two lives
    One which is known to the world
    and other that is hidden
    in the darkness of night

  • haritika09 77w

    Stop forcing your decisions on me
    You are suffocating me
    Why can't you see ?
    That you're trying to change me
    I'm going to break apart
    Then you will say things are not
    just like as they were in the start

  • haritika09 77w

    I know you are too cold
    That's why I didn't came to you
    I know even if u miss me
    You won't let me know
    I know you hold so much anger against me
    But it's wasn't all my fault lately
    If I was wrong so are you
    More than elict you need understanding and trust

  • haritika09 78w

    Somedays I want to cry loud
    Whatever I'm holding inside
    I want to throw this out
    Everyday I'm taking steps back
    Bcoz of these self doubts
    I'm tired of letting myself down


  • haritika09 79w

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