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  • harieth_3 22w

    No way out

    It's not quiet in here,
    Not even a little bit,
    Not ever.
    I can see but my vision isn't clear.
    And I always forget.
    that is,
    Just until I start to remember.
    I couldn't tell you the last time I was comfortable.
    Is that even a real feeling?
    Am I delusional?
    North, east, south or west?
    This place I'm existing in,
    is a dead end.
    All to real to be pretend
    So I close my eyes to rest,
    And let time continue as it doesn't exist.

    Timeless Is ticking with doubt.
    And there's still no way out.

  • harieth_3 23w


    Ain't it funny how life works?
    Is it irony or destiny?
    Funny how it violently got the best of me
    & Was intirely a test to me
    Never even been a guess to me just hell on me,
    Wealth and peace were held from me,
    & My stress is eased so seldomly.
    Have u failed to see all the help I need?
    This life dealt to me is just jail to me.
    Full of envy an jealousy I'm compelled to see,
    Will it be to hell with me or will heaven ring the bell for me

  • harieth_3 25w

    The Tree

    They say “everything happens for a reason”, “to better learn a lesson”. And I perceive this to be so obviously logical; painfully beautiful.

    When the sun is shining bright, I'm anxious until it's night. Still drowning from falling off a cliff without a name, conflicted inside the pain.
    Oh, the places my spirit spins...
    I have yet to reach the water though..
    If i hit rock bottom, I can't help but wonder where all my time will go?
    When the wind of the night whispers inside my veins,
    I'll know when this part is over; Free from chains... I can not grasp the feeling within my chest;
    My soul holds the rest, well I'm certain that it carries what is “best”. What would you do? I never wanted to feel what I feel for you, what I fell into, I swear I did not mean to... I love you.

  • harieth_3 25w


    What do you do when you lift your heavy head up to look up and see,
    A busy world moving around you like it always has. . . ?
    Now you know it's meant to be,
    You were just always hoping,
    that it might someday pass.

    Not lonely but alone,
    And this phone I hold inside my hands,
    Is the closest thing to home.
    When I love someone or something,
    I love with my all ...
    So it cut me deeper than words,
    After he made himself a memory,
    And carelessly watched me everytime I would fall.

  • harieth_3 25w


    Mirror, mirror on the wall;
    I am you and you are me.
    Conciously aware . . .
    It's one soul,
    It's us I see.
    When I call, you appear to share;
    Subconsciously, we will dare to stare.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, . . . Can you hear your own echoed calls?
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, please wake up before she falls.

  • harieth_3 25w

    My Soul

    I Can't quite fathom the words to say,
    Because every time I try to express how I feel..
    It becomes all so real.
    My "human-like" words play like the sound of a violin inside this place,

    This place, I mean my headspace;

    It's like being in a hurricane,
    You know..
    The one you make it out of,
    The one that leaves you a little insane...
    A body full of fear, with a heart left cloudy and unclear.

  • harieth_3 25w


    I could say that I don't like when my life's a mess but the truth is that I don't really know who I am without the chaos;
    So when it starts to get quiet, I feel a little lost.

  • harieth_3 117w


    Gifted yet a curse
    Her skin ice cold
    Which one was worse ?
    So when the love snuck inside her heart,
    Her winder panicked to try and start
    But her soul slipped and fell
    Leaving her trapped in a wishing wale