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  • harf__ 8w

    Maybe the real life is about accepting the failure and pain

    And the happiness is just illusion that distracts people

  • harf__ 11w

    What Do You Think ?

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    Apart From Everything That's Explicable Is Human

  • harf__ 21w


    Sympathy, Greatest Emotion Of Humans
    Or Is It Just A Way To Turn You Into No-one
    The More You Care The More You Will Feel
    The More You Feel The Less Likely You'll Heal

    They! They! They! Become Your Priority
    Their! Their! And Only Their Supremacy
    You Burn You Ignite You Rot Till Doom
    They Take Your Fire Your Sun Your Moon

    The Demon Within You Cares For You
    Angel Tricks And Turns You Into Shoe
    They Bite, Chew Then Spit You Out
    They Choke You So You Won't Shout

    Earth's Mightiest Species For What
    Maybe The Inflicted Agony A Lot
    Who Would I Be When The Time Comes
    I Guess That's An Augury Of My Poems

  • harf__ 22w

    Value The Freedom That You Have Got For Free,
    Try To See The Vision Don't Stare Just To See

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    Independence Day

    I Don't Know How To Celebrate
    The Day Of Freedom
    I Got It All Free Of Cost
    This Humongous Stadium

    People Want But Don't Value
    The Freebie That They Got
    When Asked Why
    They Stand Still, And Stop

    Go Ahead Lit A Candle
    Spread The Light
    Remember Our Values
    Might Isn't Always Right

    Land Of Vivekananda
    Gandhi And Tagore
    Truth And Cooperation
    Forevermore Forevermore

    I Won't Go Out
    I Won't Even Shout
    But Deep Within
    I'll Be Singing About

    How Much You Ask
    I Say Seventy Five
    It Has Been So
    It Shall Thrive

  • harf__ 22w


    Doesn't Matter How Hard It Becomes
    At The End, I Will Be Too; Succumbed
    Maybe Under The Ground With Mud
    Or Maybe I'll Turn Into Fragile Dust

    All The Lives Are What But In Between
    Admirers Of Truth, Yet No-One Has Seen
    Why? I Have To Fear, Whereaboutsbouts
    When I Know, The Whole World, Shouts

    It All Shall End With A Sudden Blow
    I Might Not Left Anything To Show
    I Know And Yet I Fear The Oblivion
    I Ain't The Devil Just A Pawn Or A Minion

  • harf__ 26w


    If You Think Institutionalism Is Old
    You Must Know Chaos Is Ancient

  • harf__ 27w


    Hold My Hands Tight
    I Am Afraid Of Dark
    Walk By My Side
    Don't Leave Me Afar

    Give Me Your Shoulder
    Let Me Drench You
    Cuddle, It's Too Colder
    Fill Me With Warmth Of You

    For Once And Forevermore
    Say You Will Be Mine
    What Else Do I Have Of Course
    Strength Of Only Thine

    The Sun Will Set Soon
    Then There Will Be Moon
    If You Ever Go, I'll Be Vanishing
    So You Must Come Soon

  • harf__ 29w

    Redemption II

    The Very Idea of It
    Scares Me Brutally
    Character's Assassination
    Their Agonizing Scrutiny

    However I Know
    That They Don't Know
    Yet The Thing Is
    I Have Nothing To Show

    Which One Is Me
    Illusory or Realistic
    Am I Really Free
    Or It's Just Mystique

    Will They Take Me
    As They Make
    Will They Erase Me
    And I'll Be A Fake

    Whatsoever Be The Time
    Whatever Be The Motion
    A Droplet Me Will Find
    Redemption In The Ocean

  • harf__ 29w


    बात उसकी नहीं, तो फिर क्या बात है,
    गुजारने से गुजर जाए, तो क्या रात है।
    भीगे हो बदन, बिना आग भड़के अगर,
    फिर कैसा मानसून, ये क्या बरसात है।

  • harf__ 30w

    Based On A True Story ❤️

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    तेरे शिकवों को तेरी पलकों से ना टपका दूं तो कहना
    तुझे गले से लगाकर बे इरादा ही ना रुला दूं तो कहना
    तेरी झुंझलाहट तेरी बेचैनी को मेरी मुलाकात चाहिए
    तेरी सिसकियों को अपने होंठों से ना गा दूं तो कहना