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  • harbinger 83w

    43 000 women raped in one year

    16 000 men murdered last year and 3 000 women
    700 boys and 300 girls

    Crime at its all time high

    What the fuck is wrong with South Africa

  • harbinger 91w

    Why do you do the things you do?


  • harbinger 91w

    Her words
    It broke my heart
    Its echo
    It shatered my soul

    Her hair as dark as the looming night
    Her skin as soft and as white as the feather from heaven

    I am facinated by her thoughts
    That dwel
    Far beyond the island of our existance
    Into the depts of the unexplored ocean

    My heart melts gazing upon her shining beauty
    My eyes blinded
    My ears deafened by her whisper

    Her heart, as cold and as hard as ice, yet easily melts, flooding the world
    As I drown, I remember her eyes; shining gold within the rays of the son
    Dark as the bark of the old oak tree
    Her voice, the rustle of leaves in the wind

    Gazing upon the thunderstorm
    Her lightning ignites a flame
    But not long lasted

    As seasons change
    And the flame; diminished by the rain

    I realize nature cannot be tamed
    I am but a drop
    In the storm of her beautiful mind


  • harbinger 95w

    I forgot

    Then I saw
    what I once loved about you


  • harbinger 95w

    Pact øf Bløøđ

    With death in my eyes
    Shdows in my past
    Justice in my hands
    Vengeance in my soul

    a Pact made with eternal purpose
    My afterlife condemned to eternal pain
    But the power in life
    To live and fight for justice and reason

    Blood painted canvas
    Bound by flesh
    Signed with fire

    Love forever cast away
    Emotions forever doomed
    The pact with the devil
    An eternal sin

    Justice in my eyes
    Vengeance in my past
    Death in my hands
    Shadows in my soul


  • harbinger 98w

    The eyes
    are the windows to the soul

  • harbinger 98w

    Each created indivudual has a soul
    Each soul has a mate


  • harbinger 98w

    Between the lines

    -Four years
    These events taken place
    -Four years to find my path
    All fell in place
    -My path is clear now
    If not in place
    -I know that time
    Would have been for nothing
    -Time is my ally
    I must trust in him
    -My ally is God
    God is love
    -God showed me who
    Who I need to love
    -That person showed me God is real


  • harbinger 99w

    Your heart is pure, your soul is divine

    Your hypnotic ocean eyes
    a deep pool of pearls and stones
    Unending treasures

    Your hair flows like a river
    Its source within the heavens
    Shimmering golden water

    Your words heal
    Your smile cures
    Its the elixer of eternal life

    I am facinated by your thoughts
    That roam
    far away from the island of our existance
    Into the depts of the unexplored ocean

    I long your for your splendor
    Your wordless figure

    I am addicted to the thought of you
    Yet, just an illusion
    Caused by the drug of your exquisite beauty

    An illusion
    Just beyond my grasp


  • harbinger 99w

    Jou hart is skoon en jou siel is eg
    Jys soos n engel,
    'n Helder lig
    wat my verblind

    Jou hipnotiese blou-groen oë
    'n diep poel van pêrels en diamante
    Oneindige skatte

    Jou hare vloei soos 'n rivier
    Met sy oorsprong uit die hemel
    glinsterende goue water

    Jou woorde maak gesond
    Jou glimlag genees
    Dis die drank van die ewige lewe

    Eks gefassineerd met jou gedagtes
    Wat dwaal
    Ver weg van die eiland van ons bestaan
    Tot in die dieptes van die onbekende oseaan

    Ek smag na jou prag
    Jou woordlose figuur

    Ek is verslaaf aan die gedagte van jou
    Tog net
    'n Hallusinasie
    Veroorsaak deur die dwelm
    van jou onbeskryflike skoonheid

    'n Hallusinasie
    Net buite my greep