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  • har11sh_ 28w

    In the bivouac of life, Only I will remain.

  • har11sh_ 41w

    Liberating yourself from mere bookish wisdom,
    Putting on humble earrings of the devotee of truth...
    Soar Freely...Soar Freely

  • har11sh_ 52w

    How long we will continue to weep in Despair?
    Continue to lose what belongs to us?

    Now, we must strive to change things by ourselves.
    Even if we must burn for it, to die for it.

    But, Now we must strive to change the things by ourselves...


  • har11sh_ 53w

    Before I go I'll let you know..

    Stars are only visible in darkness,
    Fear is evolving and changing me,
    And, I've been poisoned inside,
    But I,I feel Deadly and so Alive,
    And Nothing can stop me now.⚡

  • har11sh_ 53w

    O traveller.. where will you go..

    Learned people say,
    this world is a mirage
    everything is written on water
    it is seen by all, it is experienced by all
    (but) nobody could get/control it
    nothing is yours, nothing is mine
    so where will you go, o traveller
    better take a breather here, you may not get this cool shade again
    There is no one your own, o traveller
    there is no one yours..

  • har11sh_ 53w

    Humanity is insanely overrated.


  • har11sh_ 53w

    People are used to seeing tragic ladies, not men..

  • har11sh_ 55w

    "Hey, bright ray that shines even in darkest of the nighs,
    Which flow through the doors of my heart."

    "When at dawn I'm craving for a hug,
    You shine at me from a distance,
    It stuck me like an Arrow to the heart,
    And woke me up."

  • har11sh_ 56w

    The sick will recover
    Those who are missing will return
    These trails will relieve
    The sad become happy
    Just hold on all together.

  • har11sh_ 60w

    Life is a cosmic Joke,
    So laugh louder, a little more.