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  • happy_soul14 20m


    Break your soul
    Uplifts your mood
    Rings your body
    Touches your heart
    Unless I hear it from you!!

  • happy_soul14 1h

    To my Favourite series

    You are the one who is making me laugh harder
    The one who changes my mood in a flash
    The one who never gets bored
    cheering me up in a minute when even my favourite person can't do it
    Thanks for being there when I don't have shoulder to vent out
    What would be my life without seeing you!?

  • happy_soul14 5d

    Out of millions why does she likes you
    Why does she choose you
    Why does she believe you will like her back
    Why does she tries to impress you all time
    Hey buddy,it's not obesession,you impressed her in a way that none can replace you!!

  • happy_soul14 1w

    Her heart is flooded with sadness
    Her questions can never be answered
    Her devasted heart screams louder
    She couldn't control her flow of emotions
    Her eyes are pouring out like endless stream
    She beats herself over what if situations
    She stands stagnant where her thoughts are covered by you
    Unsaid words are piled up and reached its sky limit
    You think you could find someone better than her!?

  • happy_soul14 1w

    Mental illness

    Gushing thoughts
    War between mind and heart
    Hopeless path
    Wandering in lost thoughts
    Wondering why are you alive
    When their eyes convey people about their sadness
    When words are not enough to complete their sentences
    It's not easy to live in hell everyday,when they can't figure out what is happening around them!!
    The worst part is being judged by others!!

  • happy_soul14 2w

    Poetry is my last hope when her words are not heard
    She vents out her torrent of thoughts through her words
    She seems fragile but her fiery words cut through people mind
    People can shut her down physically but not her penning thoughts!!

  • happy_soul14 2w

    One chilly night
    Drizzle falls over her lips and tastes it
    He looks at the flow of drops which lands down from her
    Dazzled by her beauty
    He wishes him to be the droplets which sparkles in her lips
    Lips sealed and cloudbursted!!

  • happy_soul14 2w

    Why she can't have her own choice
    Why does you impose your own rules
    Is she caged born bird who can never fly higher
    Is she human or just a proud machine!?

  • happy_soul14 3w

    She wants to emote her thoughts
    Her desire for him beats loudly
    Her bleeding heart aches
    Fire inside her burning her into ashes
    Her faith over love is dead
    Does she deserve this pain!?

  • happy_soul14 4w

    Her eyes

    Alluring eyes which spins your head
    Her brownish eye balls gets you high
    Her eyes flutters fast when she talks
    It smiles brightly when she glimpses you secretly
    Those eye wings will drown you and there is no place to escape her striking look